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Covid 19 Narrative

06/11/21: The Sacraments of the Covid Cult and Their Connections to Transhumanism

02/10/21: Government Not Scrapping Vaccine Passports: New ‘Plan B’ for ‘Mandatory COVID Certification’

26/09/21: Vaccine Passports ‘Scrapped’ and Forced Jab for NHS Staff Consultation: Outlining the Plan

19/09/21: World Wide Rally for Freedom 4.0: Birmingham

30/08/21: Unite For Freedom March 28 August 2021

22/08/21: Dr. Fauci, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Big Pharma

15/08/21: The Unmooring of Identity and Klaus Schwab’s Promotion of Transhumanism

07/08/21: It’s About the Vaccine Passport

30/05/21: ‘Wait Two Weeks’: The Reason Behind This Constant Refrain

08/05/21: Big Pharma is no Different from any other Capitalist Corporation

27/04/21: Let the Bodies Pile High

06/04/21: The Covid 19 Narrative us about Destroying Our Links to the Natural World (part 2)

23/03/21: The Covid 19 Narrative is about Destroying Our Links to the Natural World (part 1)

24/02/21: Boris Johnson’s ‘Roadmap’ and Covid 19 Psychological Warfare

20/02/21: The Modern Left Has Lost Touch With Reality: Part 1 – The Covid Narrative

03/02/21: Mandatory Masks are Disability Discrimination

25/01/21: Trans Rights Activists Vs. Branch Covidians

19/12/20: How Belarus Exposes the Lockdown Lie (Hosted at OffGuardian)

Women’s Rights, Lesbian Rights and Transgenderism

18/07/21: The Censorship of Women for Stating Biological Truth and the Contradiction of Left-Wing Independent Media

31/03/21: The Modern Left Has Lost Touch With Reality: Part 2 – Transgender Ideology

30/12/20: The Reality of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria: A Personal Essay

06/12/20: LGBT Charities Response to Bell/A. vs. Tavistock is Disgraceful

Julian Assange

31/10/21: The ‘Case’ Against Julian Assange is Still a Fraud

12/01/21: Julian Assange Activism: What Now? (Hosted at Shaziety)

05/01/21: Assange Extradition Ruling: What Does it Mean?

18/11/20: The Importance of Julian Assange Activism (Hosted at Shaziety)

Syria Conflict

17/01/21: The Douma Primer Part 3: Establishment Denial

03/01/21: The Douma Primer Part 2: The Avalanche of Evidence the ‘Attack’ was Staged

22/12/20: The Douma Primer Part 1: The Official Narrative

Israeli Apartheid & Free Palestine Action

24/07/21: Why The Left is ‘Obsessed’ With Palestine

10/07/21: Boycott Puma Day of Action

14/06/21: Free Palestine 12 June 2021

06/06/21: The Problem with the Anti-Woke Right: The Demonisation of Anti-Imperialism as ‘Woke’

15/05/21: Free Palestine Birmingham (and a little bit of anti-lockdown protests)


11/09/21: A Critical Assessment of the Feminist Case for Occupying Afghanistan

Post-Soviet Space: ‘Colour Revolutions’/Regime Change

15/05/21: Belarus: Regime Change Target

Universal Basic Income

09/04/21: The Modern Left is out of Touch With Reality: Part 3 – Universal Basic Income

19/06/21: Birmingham Clean Air Zone Through the Lens of Techno Tyranny

Kill The Bill Protests

01/05/21: Kill the Bill Birmingham 1st May 2021

17/04/21: The Kill the Bill Achilles’ Heel (Hosted at OffGuardian)

Black Lives Matter

22/05/21: Black Lives Matter is a Transgender Organisation

Other Protests

10/10/21: Youth March for Jobs 9 October 2021

07/05/21: Birmingham Protests 5th June 2021 (Free Osime Brown/Birmingham Leaseholders Action Group)

‘Conspiracy Theories’

30/06/21: Tinfoil Lizards: An Essay on Conspiracy


10/05/21: Election Nonsense

Humour & Satire

24/10/21: Zombie Russians Part 2: Steele Beats a Dead Steed

19/04/21: Zombie Russians