Anti Covid Measures Protest Leicester 29 October 2022

Before we get into this, the content I took of this protest is my first censorship on YouTube. This is for breaching the ‘medical misinformation’ policy, i.e. speakers suggesting that individuals have died from the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’. For the record, I have 19 subscribers on there, so apparently that is a threat to their narrative:

While the video called ‘Vaccine’ Deaths was about people ‘dying suddenly’ and other related things, the Debbie Hicks video was not primarily about the jabs, but about the NHS denying people care under the pretext of ‘Covid’, which I have experienced myself so know for a fact did happen. She only mentioned jab deaths as an aside from the main argument, so I am not sure if it is the aside on the jabs or the questioning of Our NHS(TM) that got the video censored.

Needless to say, I will no longer upload any Covid-related videos to YouTube and all footage from the Leicester protest on there has been deleted. I don’t want my account banned purely because I don’t want to make a new account to have to follow people on there. My Covid protest footage will now be only available on Odysee, Bitchute and Rumble.

The Tribe of Leicester are a group that run weekly events outside the Clock Tower in Leicester city centre. Here’s a selection of some of the protest signs that they use at events:

I’m sure this Muslim woman is a white supremacist according to our media.
Covid ‘Vaccine’ victims.

Today they had a couple of outside speakers at the event. Debbie Hicks (the woman who filmed an empty hospital in Gloustershire) and Piers Corbyn. Dr. Mohammad Adil was due to speak but was advised not to by his lawyers (for the unaware, Dr. Adil was suspended from the NHS early on in the ‘pandemic’ as he doubts the existence of the sars-cov-2 virus). I knew Hicks was due to speak but I did not know Corbyn was.

I have a lot of footage from the protest uploaded. The main themes were the deaths and injuries caused by the ‘vaccination’ program and the ‘died suddenly’ cases, the importance of cash and fighting back against digital currency and the World Economic Forum. Piers Corbyn spoke about several different topics, climate change, covid-19, Just Stop Oil and the RMT strikes.

Video footage is available on my channels, just don’t go to YouTube.

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