‘Wait Two Weeks’: The Reasons Behind this Constant Refrain

Believers in the Official Covid Narrative – the idea that Sars-Cov-2 is a uniquely deadly virus that means lockdowns, mandatory masks, and mass vaccinations are necessary to prevent mass death – often revel in predictions of doom and gloom. We can call this the ‘Wait Two Weeks’ phenomena, as any time that a mass gathering has happened in the UK, a Covid Narrative believer pops up in the comments making the argument that in two weeks there will be a massive spike in Covid-19 cases.

The Argument

This argument began to emerge around 9 May 2020, with the celebrations of the 75th Anniversary of V.E. Day. It increased in frequency near the end of May and beginning of June 2020, with people flocking to beaches to enjoy the warm weather and the Black Lives Matter protests following the death of George Floyd. (Though, of course, the big dollop of hypocrisy from many on the BLM issue should be noted, as some defended BLM protests while condemning everyone else as ‘spreading Covid’.)

The argument has continued to be posted underneath every Twitter image that showed people ‘breaking the Covid rules’. It has particularly been employed as an argument against every single anti-lockdown protest, with narrative supporters claiming that this would lead to a huge spike in Covid cases and probably another lockdown.

The Reasons Behind The Argument

Needless to say, none of the people who make this claim have provided any evidence of a Covid spike caused by these events. Indeed, the very large anti-lockdown protest in London in April was a month ago, but zero evidence exists that this event caused a spike in Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations, or deaths. So why do people keep making this argument, when the argument has failed every single time to be substantiated by evidence two weeks later?

The first reason for the continuing repetition of this argument is that it has become a mantra of faith in the Covid Cult. Similarly to all other mantras, such as ‘Stay Safe’, it is repeated as a sign of loyalty to the cult.

Secondly, there is a sense of superiority when it comes to this mantra. The author of the post saying ‘wait two weeks’ is signalling that they would never be so devoid of virtue as to break the government’s regulations. There is also a large element of snobbery to this argument as well. It isn’t the virtuous middle class – who the author is part of – that is breaking the rules, it is those nationalist, Brexit-voting proles that want to celebrate V.E. Day. It is those ignorant working-class people who flood the beaches when there is nice weather, rather than staying at home in their non-existent garden.

We also see a perverse craving for the prediction to come true in these statements. They almost want the mass deaths from Covid to happen in order to validate their narrative. They long to say ‘I told you so’ to narrative critics, even though it would be much better for people if the narrative critics are correct. This desire comes from the denial of death. According to the Official Covid Narrative, death is preventable so long as we all follow ‘the rules’. This is what Covid narrative believers want: death to be preventable.  If death is contingent on the rules, it allows the speaker to deny their own death (as they do not ‘break the rules’) while at the same time perversely obsessing over the deaths of other people. This ‘death denial while obsessing over death’ phenomena is at the heart of the contradictory nature of the Official Covid Narrative.


It has never been demonstrated by Covid Narrative believers that Covid spikes occur after outdoor mass gatherings. However, they repeat the claim that mass gatherings mean mass death constantly. This is because they have other psychological reasons to believe in this claim rather than its truth.

Free Palestine Birmingham (Plus a little bit of Anti-Lockdown protests)

It looks like there have been protests all over Europe in support of Palestine, from Dublin, to Amsterdam, to France. There have also been protests in the UK as well, including in London.

The actions in the UK happened to be on the same date as anti-lockdown protests. I was not aware of any organised anti-lockdown protests in Birmingham, because although the weekend of the 15th May was the regional protests as well as London, there was no Birmingham protest mentioned on the list I saw.

I went into town because I wanted to pick up some stuff, though I was on the lookout for any protest actions. At 2:30pm I started hearing a lot of noise and had a look outside, there was a reasonably large group of anti-lockdown protesters near the Waterstones bookshop.

Protesters were holding banners and signs saying ‘No More Lockdown’, signs defending children and one woman with a sign reading ‘There’s nothing more unattractive than a muzzled up obedient man’. There was also someone with one of those smiley face flags that I saw in the London protest imagery.

I assume the protest took place earlier in the day and dispersed after this because I did not see them about afterwards. I finished what I was doing in town and then decided to look around to see if there were any protest actions still going on, I started walking towards Victoria Square. I could see a large number of Palestinian flags so I moved in that direction.

As I walked towards the square, the crowd began to walk in my direction. The crowd was way larger than I expected.

Crowd of protesters leaving Victoria Square

The march route. I believe it was this. Marked on the Wikimedia commons (ancient) Birmingham City Centre map:

The crowd must have been made up of a few thousand people. This was surprising to me because when I have been to or seen Free Palestine events in the past they have been small.

It took about an hour for the crowd to get round that route and back to Victoria Square. Here are a few more photos.

Colmore Row.
Near Station entrance (old Pallisades)
Approaching Victoria Square.

The crowd reached Victoria Square and there was chanting but there wasn’t any speeches or anything like that. There is thus not much to comment on in that regard.

Here’s Victoria Square.

It was good to see such large protest events in support of Palestine around the country and the world. The size of such protests compared to in the past perhaps warrants further examination as to why but would require further research.

Belarus: Regime Change Target

[A note on names. People did not like the Belarusian spelling Lukashenka that I used in my previous article. I did not use this spelling for any other reason than that I am used to spelling it that particular way. I have used the Russian spelling, Lukashenko, in this article to take this into account.]

[Another note on flags. For those who aren’t aware the opposition uses a different flag of Belarus to the government, referenced in the drawing above. The actual Belorussian flag is the one on the left (green and red). The flag used by the opposition is white-red-white.]

On the 17th April 2021, news broke of a planned coup against the leader of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko. Russian intelligence released videos of the plotters discussing plans to eliminate the Belorussian leader during the 9th May Victory Parade. This failed coup, however, is far from the first attempt to have Lukashenko replaced. There has been more than one attempt to remove Lukashenko through the Colour Revolution method due to his rejection of privatisation and neoliberal economics. The 2020 presidential election created another opportunity for regime change operators to cultivate a protest movement against the result. However, it appears that this movement has failed, leaving only the possibility of a coup to remove Lukashenko.

The History of ‘Colour Revolutions’ In Belarus: A Story of Failure

Due to Aleksandr Lukashenko’s overwhelming election victory in 1994, Belarus maintained a quasi-Soviet economy despite the collapse of the USSR. The ‘commanding heights’ of the economy, such as large industrial plants, remained under state ownership. The Belorussian system maintained high levels of employment, stable jobs, and comparative income equality. Lukashenko’s policy contrasts with countries such as Ukraine, where neoliberal privatisation led to the creation of a class of oligarchs. Furthermore, Belarus has aligned more with Russia than the West geopolitically, although there is more nuance to Russian-Belorussian relations than portrayed in Western media. Thus, the West has long been hostile to Lukashenko’s government.

The Colour Revolution model has been employed by Western leaders to remove governments that resist their ideology and demands, particularly in the post-Soviet space. This model ensured pro-Western leaders came to power in neighbouring Ukraine in 2004 (the Orange Revolution) and 2014 (The EuroMaidan). This model has also been attempted in Belarus. The approach has been simple: back a particular candidate against Lukashenko in elections, claim that that candidate lost due to fraud, and attempt to use the ensuing street protests as a means by which to get rid of Lukashenko.

Prior to 2020, the clearest example of a Western regime change operation in Belarus took place in 2006, that is, shortly after the successes of other colour revolutions in the post-Soviet space. The 2006 elections were contested between Lukashenko and Aleksandr Milinkevich, a pro-Western, pro-economic liberalisation candidate. The West gave some backing to Milinkevich, both in terms of funding for ‘democracy promotion’ in the country and working with Milinkevich’s election team. The New York Times reported that:

The Bush administration, which has labeled Belarus the only “outpost of tyranny” left in Europe, spent $11.8 million last year on democracy promotion and plans to spend $12 million in 2006. The National Endowment for Democracy, the Congressionally financed nonprofit organization that promotes freedom overseas, is spending $2.2 million more on 49 grants related to the Belarus election.

The leaders of the democratic opposition of Belarus were there to discuss politics with Terry Nelson, the national political director of Bush-Cheney 2004. In that campaign, Nelson oversaw the president’s strategy of creating a vast get-out-the-vote network by organizing volunteers. “We have neighbors talking to neighbors, and that’s the way to win a close race,” he said at the time.

The official results of the election gave Lukashenko 84.4% of the vote whereas Milinkevich received only 6.2%. The opposition immediately called the election rigged. There is no evidence that Milinkevich won the election, though the margin of victory may have been exaggerated. For example, in this poll after the election 58.2% stated they voted for Lukashenko.

The protests after the election were dubbed the ‘Jeans’ or ‘Denim’ revolution, the term deriving from one person using denim as a flag. This term was not only designed to invoke other Colour Revolutions, such as the Orange Revolution and the Rose Revolution, but also the idea of Westernisation (denim is often associated with the West in post-Soviet countries). These protests took place between March 19-25, 2006. US funded pro-regime change outlet Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFERL) estimated the protests as being between 20,000-30,000 at the largest. These protests were able to be successfully dealt with by the government, including the use of arrests, and they did not at any point create a real threat to Lukashenko’s rule.

The 2020 Election: The Latest Attempt at Regime Change

The 2020 Belorussian election provided another opportunity to try to have Lukashenko removed through the colour revolution method. Lukashenko has broadly continued the same economic and geostrategic policies that caused the West to be hostile to his leadership.  

However, 2020 also offered another compelling reason to be rid of Lukashenko. As outlined in my previous article on Belarus, Lukashenko employed a limited response to Sars-Cov-2, rejecting lockdown policies as a solution. Furthermore, Lukashenko claimed in July 2020 that the International Monetary Fund demanded he carry out these policies, and he made clear that these terms for any loans were unacceptable to him.

Lukashenko stated:

The IMF continued to demand from us: bring forward quarantine, isolation and a curfew. What is this stupidity? We will not dance to anyone’s tune. The demands appear: you, they say, should do in Belarus what Italy did in the struggle with the coronavirus. God forbid, I do not want Belarus to repeat what happened in Italy. We have our own country and our own situation.

In terms of the reasons for his removal, Lukashenko is most analogous to President John Magufuli of Tanzania. Magufuli rejected the privatisation of mineral wealth as well as the Official Covid Narrative. Magufuli disappeared and then was pronounced dead several weeks later. He was replaced by Samia Suluhu Hassan, who seems to have the approval of Western capital and global institutions such as the World Economic Forum.

The mechanism for attempted regime change remained the ‘contested election’ model. The West’s candidate in the race was Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, celebrated in the media as the ‘housewife taking on Lukashenko’. Tikhanovkaya claimed to have limited aims. The BBC stated that:

The women have no political programme, just one plea: vote for Svetlana to oust Mr Lukashenko then she’ll call fresh, fair elections and free all the political prisoners.

Now deleted webpages seem to show, however, that economic privatisation and joining the EU and NATO was part of the opposition’s agenda. It is also worthy of note that although Tikhanovskaya became a candidate due to the arrest or exile of other figures, she speaks excellent English, making her well positioned to deliver press conferences to a foreign audience.

The election took place on August 9, 2020. The official results showed a landslide win for Lukashenko, with 80% of the vote, Tikhanovskaya receiving 10%. The opposition claimed that the election was rigged, and that Belorussians should get out in the street to overturn the fraudulent result. The actual truth of the result is not the main concern of this article, although the Russian opposition outlet Golos states that in the 1310 polling places available for analysis, Lukashenko received 61.7% and Tikhanovskaya 25.4% (though they still believe this to be doubtful, they do not present any further evidence on the question).  

Regardless of the truth, there were significant protests after the election result. Looking to US regime change publication RFERL again, it refers to more than 20,000 people on August 14‘tens of thousands’ on August 13, but referred to the protests on the night of the election as ‘difficult to estimate’. The opposition also created a ‘co-ordinating council’ as a government in waiting. There were calls from Western leaders for Lukashenko to step down.

What is the evidence of Western involvement in Belarus? USAID, one of the key operators of the American regime change complex, has given funding to several ‘partners’ in 2019-2020 in order to undermine the Belorussian government. These include many organisations that are interconnected with the US state. For example, Freedom House was one of the organisations that received the most funding. This money went towards things such as ‘supporting a free media’ and ‘developing political parties’. Another key member of the regime change complex, the National Endowment for Democracy, gave out multiple grants in Belarus during 2019. This included, for example, $16,000 to ‘sponsor an independent periodical’ and $50,400 for ‘strengthening independent online media’. The EU has also announced funding for Belorussian activists. The EU announced back in November that they were going to be spending money on bloggers, ‘independent’ media, and students.

US ally Poland is also playing an important role in undermining the Belorussian government. According to Covert Action magazine, Poland “became the base for two popular Belarusian-language news channels which have been leading a propaganda onslaught on the government in Belarus.” One outlet, Nexta, appears to have some financial backing as it is able to produce a large amount of content despite allegedly being a grassroots operation run by four people. Some of the individuals involved in these media outlets have links to the far right. One individual, Roman Protosevich, has significant connections to the Ukrainian fascist movement, including personally taking part in the Maidan protests. There have also been allegations that Ukraine has been involved in promoting disorder in Belarus made by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Lavrov claims that 200 far right extremists from Ukraine have been carrying out provocations in Belarus, and that these individuals have been part of training camps for such purposes in Ukraine.

The West is also seeking to assert leverage over the country through the mechanism of sanctions. For example, the European Union has placed sanctions on Belorussian officials, putting a travel ban and freezing their economic resources. The UK and US also have sanctions regimes in place against Belarus. As of yet, it seems these sanctions have been largely focused on officials, but Biden recently announced he would be putting sanctions on 9 Belorussian firms, indicating a possible ramping up of pressure on the government. 

The End of the Colour Revolution and Plans for Murder

This regime change effort initially looked superficially promising for the West, due to the significant turnout at protests and persistence in the presence of protest events. However, the regime change effort has not been successful.

Lukashenko was able to deal with the protests through some use of repression. The members of the ‘Co-ordinating Council’, designed to transfer power from the Belorussian authorities to itself, were either arrested or fled abroad. There was never a point where the government was significantly weak to be at risk of collapse or overthrow. Nor have there been any divisions within the Belorussian authorities that could have benefited the protesters. The far right – vital in the success of the EuroMaidan coup – is less prominent in Belarus than Ukraine. There have also been some protest events in support of Lukashenko. Significant numbers of Belorussians are aware that Lukashenko’s replacement with a pro-Western candidate will likely lead to huge economic problems for their country, mass unemployment and the creation of a class of wealthy oligarchs.

Opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya admitted that the protesters had ‘lost the streets’ after a decline in events in the beginning of 2021.

However, on the 17th April, there was a new development. Russian and Belorussian intelligence claimed to have foiled a coup planned for Victory Day, and Russian intelligence released video evidence of the plotters discussing having Lukashenko eliminated.

One of the videos, presumably recorded by a Russian bug, shows a meeting in Moscow, involving oppositionists Zyankovich and Feduta, along with figures believed to be Belorussian generals by Russian intelligence (an English transcript is available here).

In the clip, Zyankovich does most of the talking, outlining in detail what needs to be done to cause regime change:

Task number one is to eliminate the main leader [it is clarified later this means physical elimination]. Task number two is to block internal troops, to block OMON [riot police/anti-terrorist police]. Task number three is to occupy several symbolic locations in the city centre, in particular, radio station, television station, so that we can read out our address…and preferably – to block Minsk in order to prevent the bringing in of foreign troops.

How many people would need to be quickly interned is discussed, as well as the possibility of disrupting the power grid. They want to use their power to carry out reforms, such as judicial, constitutional, and within local government.

The plotters also show contempt for ordinary Belorussians, as Zyankovich states:

Our task is to transform society and the state. Because if now we were to hold an election, instead of Lukashenko, they will elect [another] Lukashenko, and we will still be in the same position in twenty-five years.

They even discuss possible ill-gotten gains belonging to ‘Our Sasha [Lukashenko]’ that they could ‘quietly take’ if available, and where they might be stored.

Other videos show Zoom meetings, where a possible transfer of power in Belarus is compared to the case of Anwar Sadat in Egypt (implying assassination). One of the alleged plotters in the Zoom meeting footage, Pavel Kulazhenko, stated that it was not a coup plan and it was simply a discussion about “the same things that are discussed every evening in every Belarusian family – how to speed up Lukashenko’s retirement.”

Lukashenko claims that the US Government is behind the attempted coup. While this claim is not proven, it does fit with past US behaviour of removing leaders that resist American hegemony. It is beyond doubt that the US would have immediately backed any post-Lukashenko regime that pivoted to the West.

It is also worthy of note that on the same date the coup plot was discovered by the Russians, the Czech government attempted to revive the Skripal narrative by bringing back Boshirov and Petrov, claiming that they were responsible for an ammunition dump explosion in 2014. The sheer ridiculousness of this story – for example, the idea that the Russian secret services just happened to deploy the same two agents for two completely different ‘missions’ – suggests that it was invented at short notice as a distraction from the coup story.


There is a concerted effort to have Aleksandr Lukashenko removed from power and replaced with a leader more pliant to capital. While claims from any leader and intelligence service cannot be taken at face value, and this applies as much to Russia and Belarus as it does the West, the evidence in this case makes it likely that the West is involved in fomenting discord against Lukashenko and possibly even in plotting his liquidation.

Election Nonsense

I suppose that I had better comment on what went on in the UK on Thursday, an election in which we had the grand choice between the pro-lockdown Conservative Party and the pro-lockdown Labour Party. And if you live in Scotland, you can toss the pro-lockdown Scottish National Party into the mix as well.

The Media Blather

The media was quite excited about the fact that the Conservatives won Hartlepool from Labour in a by-election. Hartlepool is a traditionally Labour constituency, part of the so-called ‘Red Wall’ that went partially Conservative in 2019 due to Jeremy Corbyn’s failure to stand up to the centrists sabotaging his campaign and endorsing a second Brexit referendum.

Of course, many liberals in the media claimed that if Labour got rid of the ‘loony left’ Jeremy Corbyn and replaced him with the ‘moderate and forensic’ Keir Starmer they would be much more likely to get elected. Now of course it’s good to poke fun at the media for promoting this nonsense. But really, what difference would it have made if Labour would have won this seat? None as far as I can tell – we would have a pro-lockdown Labour politician instead of a pro-lockdown Tory politician.

How Many People Voted for House Arrest?

I think what is significant about these elections is the amount of people who voted for pro-lockdown candidates, i.e. people that were willing to put their vote towards job destroying, working class impoverishing lockdowns. The answer seems to be: quite a lot.

I will focus this analysis on a couple of mayoral elections, simply for reasons of space and patience.

Let’s start with the London Mayoral election. The standard 4 pro-lockdown options were available: Labour (the utterly dire Sadiq Khan), Conservative (Shaun Bailey), Liberal Democrat (Luisa Porritt) and Green (the uber woke Sian Berry). However, there were several other candidates: The anti-lockdown, anti-woke actor Laurence Fox; the independent media personality Brian Rose (who I have to say I am not familiar with, though I have heard of London Real and am aware they oppose the ‘pandemic’ narrative); the anti-lockdown, climate change critic and vaccine sceptic Piers Corbyn; and the anti-lockdown, socially conservative David Kurten. In terms of other options, there was also a Rejoin EU party candidate (yawn), a Women’s Equality Party candidate, and some random joke candidates.  And some others.

Sadiq Khan was re-elected as London mayor, but that’s not really my main concern here. I am going to add up the vote for our four main pro-lockdown candidates. 1,013,721 for Khan (seriously?), 893,051 for Bailey, 197,976 for Berry, and 111,716 for Porritt. This puts the pro-lockdown vote at 2,216,464. The anti-lockdown candidates (the four mentioned above), when totalled, add up to 110,374. I do find this to be utterly depressing, especially as mayoral elections have first and second choices so you can still vote against Lab/Con for your second choice and pick an anti-medical tyranny candidate for your first choice. However turnout was only 42.1%, so nearly 60% did not vote at all.

I will look at one more mayoral election, the West Midlands election. In this election, there were 5 candidates, the four standard pro-lockdown party candidates and a Reform UK candidate who is anti-lockdown. The total for the four pro-lockdown parties was 600,722. Pete Durnell, the Reform UK candidate, scored 13,568 votes. Turnout was even lower in this election at 31.2%.


These elections show that there are a heck of a lot of people who are willing to vote for the destruction of their freedom, the destruction of their mental wellbeing, and the destruction of their children’s education by supporting pro-lockdown candidates (yes I am aware they may not have voted for the candidate on the grounds of their support for lockdowns, but there are some things that you just don’t endorse at the ballot box). I am hoping that the lockdown sceptics are more prominent among the non voters, because given the London protests, there has to be quite a lot of us.

Big Pharma Is No Different From Any Other Capitalist Corporation

A left-wing perspective offers a structural critique of capitalist firms, arguing that they are focused only on profit, and not issues such as safety or the common good. In reality, however, the modern left has failed to sufficiently apply this critique to Big Pharma and their operations in creating medications – although they will sometimes acknowledge it in a haphazard way. What is not taken into account is the way that Big Pharma – in allegiance with the state – creates new medical ‘needs’ and new markets based on these needs, particularly in relation to the Covid-19 vaccinations.

The General Anti-Capitalist Viewpoint

The concern of any business is to make profit. The only way for any corporation to make profit is to effectively exploit their workers and extract excess labour from them (or to extract excess labour from other people’s workers – for example, banks). Other concerns must be subordinated to the need for profit. For example, product safety is not in itself a concern for a business. It would only become a concern to the extent that it affected profit – for example if people refused to buy a such a product, or if a government fined the company more than the profits made on the product for producing something unsafe.

In order to keep making profits, capitalist companies must create new markets. It is in the inherent nature of capitalism that it must keep expanding. The entire history of capitalism demonstrates this, as it expanded from Western Europe to the whole world. This is also why the capitalist world was locked in a death struggle with the USSR: not only because the socialist USSR offered a viable alternative to capitalism but also because the USSR and its allies represented untapped markets and resources. New inventions and the creation of new ‘needs’ can also be seen in the history of capitalism. Items like automobiles and mobile phones have become ‘necessary’ to human life in the West despite not actually being necessary in the technical sense.

Big Pharma and Capitalism

This logic applies as much to Big Pharma as any other corporation. One of the most important points to make specifically regarding Big Pharma is that the main market in Western countries is the state rather than individuals or private companies, due to state run healthcare services. This is different in the US due to their health insurance system. The relationship between the state and Big Pharma means that the attempt to sell more products will be centralised rather than dispersed, as it is with consumer products (this is similar to the arms industry).

There is a certain amount of genuine health issues within a population, whether caused by genetic factors or environmental factors. These health issues create demands for medications and other products sold by Big Pharma. While on the surface, the idea of a health issue is objective, in reality there is an element of subjectivity. This allows for the creation of new medications to treat these issues. If one wants to get more cynical, we can consider the idea of iatrogenic conditions, i.e. those that are created by medical treatment. This can create a market for more medical interventions to correct these iatrogenic conditions.  

The construction of the deadly disease ‘Covid-19’ has multiple uses, as I have discussed in previous articles. It is without doubt that this narrative massively benefits Big Pharma. Capitalist companies have ‘developed’ Covid-19 vaccines as quickly as possible in order to cash in on the market of selling these vaccines to the state for mass distribution. The Covid-19 narrative also promotes the idea that every single person in the country needs the vaccine which creates a massive market.

However, the Covid 19 narrative is more than just opportunistic. One function of the construction of this narrative – along with the pushing of transhumanist totalitarianism – is the transfer of wealth upward from ordinary people to capitalists. As has been known since the days of the early bourgeois economists such as David Ricardo, the rate of profit declines over time under a capitalist system. As capitalism has existed for centuries at this point this tendency has become significantly advanced. The recovery from the 2008 crisis was weak.

The ‘pandemic’ narrative was used to justify lockdowns, which have been an absolute disaster for the working class in terms of lost income. Importantly, lockdowns have helped to destroy small businesses, which has increased wealth centralisation. Under capitalism, capital becomes concentrated in fewer and fewer companies, banks, etc. as more successful firms drive weaker competition out of business. Lockdowns accelerate this process in several ways: closing small firms’ premises so forcing people to buy online, channeling purchases through a small number of businesses; causing small businesses to go bust so their assets can be bought on the cheap; and encouraging small businesses to take loans to ‘weather the pandemic’ which will mean their assets will be appropriated by banks.

The Covid-19 vaccinations then are just one part of transference of wealth into the pockets of a few large firms created by this narrative. Some might question this argument by saying that the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine was not developed for profit. However, as explained by Whitney Webb, AstraZeneca plans to make their profit further down the line through boosters given to people who received the original AstraZeneca jab. Their hope for profit was based on getting a wider spread of the vaccine due to the initial lack of profit, then doubling up on profit later – just another means to the same end.

Isn’t This Obvious?

Yes, I would consider the points raised about Big Pharma profiteering to be rather obvious. However, it seems that the Left needs a reminder of the realities of Big Pharma, and that they do not care about individuals’ health, only profit.

This is because many on the Left have fallen hook, line and sinker for the Official Covid Narrative, advocating any and all forms of capitalist ‘health’ authoritarianism so long as the government justifies it as ‘protecting us from a deadly virus’. Furthermore, the left has mocked anyone who questioned this narrative as a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

This puts the left in awkward position in terms of the profit motive behind the vaccines. The left has really pushed the idea of endless lockdowns, to the extent that it is difficult to see what would satisfy them (welding us in our homes, maybe?) This puts them in a position of having to support the vaccine because they are going to look ridiculous if they advocate for 50-year lockdowns until there is no more Covid (though of course, that doesn’t stop some of them – see the ‘Zero Covid’ fanatics).

People who question the vaccine, according to the left, are thus put in a bucket of being ‘Conspiracy theorists’, despite the obvious point that there is a certain motivation behind these vaccines that the left would have to admit: profit.

The left resolves this by unconsciously/cynically (take your pick) recognising the fact that profit is important for Big Pharma but only in terms of denying people the vaccine if they do not have the money to pay for it. The narrative involves criticism of Big Pharma in the sense that they have patented these vaccines and will not let generic versions of the vaccines be marketed because of their profit margins. The idea that the vaccine itself could be contaminated by profit motives is not considered.


The Covid-19 Narrative has created a windfall for Big Pharma, which is minimised by the left because they have fallen for the Covid Narrative. Although this minimisation is required given the support for the Covid narrative, it also warrants further explanation.

Let the Bodies Pile High

A new claim has been leaked to the British media about alleged comments made by Boris Johnson about lockdowns. The Daily Mail reports that:

Boris Johnson said he would rather see ‘bodies pile high in their thousands’ than order a third lockdown, it was claimed last night.

The explosive remark is said to have come after he reluctantly imposed the second lockdown, sources told the Mail.

Covid-19 Psychological Warfare

The Official Covid Narrative – that is, the idea that Sars-Cov-2 is a uniquely deadly virus that means that lockdowns, mandatory masks, social distancing, and vaccines are necessary to avoid mass death – has been a narrative that has been sold to the British public through the use of mass psychological manipulation.

Obviously, one significant part of that is the media. The media ran non-stop scare stories about the ‘deadly virus’, the idea that ‘the hospitals will be overrun’ was spouted endlessly, and in general, we were just all going to drop dead.

However, Boris Johnson delayed the implementation of the first lockdown in order to get the left and liberals, who hated him because of Brexit, to support it. This was exposed in an excellent article by Neil Clark:

Why did they [pretend they didn’t want a lockdown]? Well, put yourself in the shoes of Johnson and his top aide Dominic Cummings. If a Conservative government, and one which has already been denounced as by the liberal-left for being pro-Brexit, and anti-free movement, had said openly in February that they were planning to lock Britain down there would have been an outcry. The big question for the government was: how can we lock the country down, without stirring the liberal-left still further and provoking mass public opposition. What if the answer then was: pretend that we don’t want a lockdown? Then the binary, groupthink ‘culture warriors’ would be sure to press for one! They would end up calling for the government to do exactly what the government had planned to do all along! High-fives all round at Number 10.

I also pointed out in a previous article about the Modern Left’s support of the Covid Narrative that Johnson deliberately made himself look unsympathetic and callous:

The Left generally likes to think of itself as a compassionate group of people, caring about the rights of minorities and the working class, as compared to conservatives, who are apparently racist and homophobic. The idea that ‘lockdown is the compassionate position to save lives’ made the left buy into it, especially as Johnson made it appear as if he was ‘uncompassionate’ (for example, stating that some people would lose loved ones to the virus – assuming the virus exists, a simple statement of fact) which made the left get up in arms about how he wanted to ‘kill people’.

Johnson’s Comments Assessed

Johnson, of course, has stated that he did not say this. However, the argument about whether he actually made this comment is really beside the point. The actual discussion is about the purpose of this leak and what it is meant to achieve in terms of the continued psychological warfare on the British public in relation to the Official Covid Narrative.

We can already begin to see the strategy behind this leak from the quotes above. It seeks to portray the second lockdown in the same light as the first – that is, Boris Johnson as the reluctant, lagging lockdowner who is willing to cause deaths rather than save his country from a deadly virus. It portrays Johnson as callous and heartless, not caring about death.

Why would this be necessary? Other evidence, such as Chris Whitty openly talking about a new wave in late summer 2021, or the India narrative, suggests that Britain is being psychologically primed for another lockdown. This leak supports that contention, by showing that the government still has a need for further psychological manipulation on this issue.

Firstly, the ‘incompetent and callous Boris who locked down too late’ imagery can be used in order to justify more lockdown. Johnson did not do a ‘proper’ job on lockdowns so we need more of them because of his incompetence. Some people have suggested that Johnson is now ‘tainted’ and will be moved out of the way for another leader (who will then be able to do even harsher lockdowns by using this evidence of Johnson as a ‘weak lockdowner’). I make no predictions on that score, but it is possible.

Secondly, liberals, left-wingers, Labour MPs, etc are outraged by Johnson’s alleged comments. This is more psychological priming by the Tories in order to get left-wing people to accept more and more lockdown, exactly as the government did in March 2020. If Johnson is for less lockdown, well, we better be for more lockdown.

This leak was intentional in order to justify more murderous lockdowns, with Johnson at the helm or not.

The Covid 19 Narrative is About Destroying Our Links With the Natural World (Part 2)


In the first part of this article, I discussed the Covid-19 narrative in the context of nature. The article concluded that there were significant signs of an agenda to detach human beings from nature: firstly, in the denial of the reality of death, and secondly, through the normalisation of mRNA and adenovirus vector vaccinations.

However, the discussion of the connection between devaluing nature and the Official Covid Narrative does not end there. There are further significant links which are helping to make Klaus Schwab’s “fusion of our physical, our digital, and our biological identities” a reality. This part of the article will discuss the normalisation of nanotechnology through use of the Covid Narrative, as well as the coming ‘Smart Cities’ being pushed by the World Economic Forum.

The NanoTech New Normal

A 2004 report from the British Royal Society can serve as an introduction to the concept of nanotechnology. This report states that:

A nanometre (nm) is one thousand millionth of a metre. For comparison, a single human hair is about 80,000 nm wide, a red blood cell is approximately 7,000 nm wide and a water molecule is almost 0.3nm across. People are interested in the nanoscale (which we define to be from 100nm down to the size of atoms (approximately 0.2nm)) because it is at this scale that the properties of materials can be very different from those at a larger scale. We define nanoscience as the study of phenomena and manipulation of materials at atomic, molecular and macromolecular scales, where properties differ significantly from those at a larger scale; and nanotechnologies as the design, characterisation, production and application of structures, devices and systems by controlling shape and size at the nanometre scale. In some senses, nanoscience and nanotechnologies are not new. Chemists have been making polymers, which are large molecules made up of nanoscale subunits, for many decades and nanotechnologies have been used to create the tiny features on computer chips for the past 20 years. However, advances in the tools that now allow atoms and molecules to be examined and probed with great precision have enabled the expansion and development of nanoscience and nanotechnologies.

Institutions such as the US Government have been interested in nanotechnology for several years. The National Nanotechnology Initiative was launched by Bill Clinton and the organisation has received funding from Congress.

The cumulative NNI investment since fiscal year 2001, including the 2018 request, now totals more than $25 billion. In addition, more than $1.1 billion has been invested cumulatively since 2004 in funding for nanotechnology-based small businesses through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs of the participating Federal agencies. 

At first, the kinds of technologies that are being advocated for seem benign or positive developments, such as to improve the functioning of computers. The benign uses of such technologies can mean that they become more accepted in society.

However, certain uses of nanotechnology that are desired by the elite are considered to be taboo by ordinary people. In particular, the integration of nanotechnology within the human body. Much like concepts such as Genetically Modified foods, many people consider interfering with nature in this way to be immoral and playing god. A lot of people still maintain some connection with nature and do not desire nanotechnology to be used within the human body. The inculcation of mass fear around the Sars-Cov-2 virus, and the idea introduced through this fear that nature is the enemy, is a way to get around this problem.

The Covid-19 narrative is being used to slowly normalise the idea of ‘implantable biosensors’ that will monitor your health. Back in 2018, a company known as Profusa claimed to have developed these small injectable sensors that can be used to monitor all aspects of body chemistry, marketing them as a step up from fitness trackers and other wearable watch like products. Their sensors overcome issues with the body rejecting such interventions as foreign and causing inflammation in response. These sensors – injected at the surface of the skin – can be scanned via smartphone devices in order to retrieve the data they have collected. The research carried out by Profusa is supported by the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), one of the main institutions pushing techno-tyranny as a ‘solution’ to Covid-19. DARPA have been interested in the notion of ‘predictive health’ for a long time and have been examining the issue since at least 2006.

The link between these technologies and Covid-19 is made explicit in this article. Profusa has developed another sensor that allegedly detects sickness with a particular virus before the person shows symptoms, a concept that Ryan Cristian has usefully called ‘Medical Precrime’. The article acknowledges that some people might be wary of the idea because of privacy concerns but brushes that aside, claiming that the sensors can only transmit information when they are scanned.

The idea of Medical Precrime ties into the War on Death, discussed in the first part of this article. Accepting the need for these sensors to tell you that you are sick involves rejecting the truth of your own body. This is a step up from the focus on RT-PCR testing to see whether or not somebody has Sars-Cov-2, even if they have no symptoms, and the whole narrative around ‘asymptomatic transmission’.

Dissociation from your own body is required to get you to accept transhumanism. If you accept your body as part of nature that you are in touch with and related to, you will not want a transhumanist future. The elite, however, want this transhumanist future whether you like it or not, so they have to develop bridging ideologies and constructs to get ordinary people to accept that future, and The Official Covid Narrative is one of these.

Endgame: The Totalitarian Smart Cities

According to the Smart Cities Readiness Guide, a smart city can be defined as such:

A smart city uses information and communications technology (ICT) to enhance its livability, workability and sustainability. First, a smart city collects information about itself through sensors, other devices and existing systems. Next, it communicates that data using wired or wireless networks. Third, it analyzes that data to understand what’s happening now and what’s likely to happen next.

Another key aspect of the Smart City is the Internet of Things, which connects all devices – from kettles and fridges to computers and mobile phones – to the internet. This kind of system would require 5G to function because otherwise there would be far too much latency within the system.

Searching online for ‘Smart Cities Covid 19’ brings up a multitude of links relating to the issue. For example, this article states that:

Density – it’s part of what makes cities bustling cosmopolitan hubs for transnational commerce and mobility. It is also what makes them particularly vulnerable to the risks of outbreaks such as COVID-19, with some experts arguing it will force a significant rethink of urban planning if we are to achieve long-term survival in a pandemic world.

This article portrays the Smart City approach as a positive way to ‘control the pandemic’ by using the ‘collective intelligence’ of people in relation to the high level of data collected by the sensors embedded within the smart city.

Another article links Covid to Smart Cities through a false ‘green’ agenda, stating that the lockdowns have reduced road traffic and that smart city technology can be used to continue this reduction in pollution and carbon emissions. For example, they claim that AI can be used to reduce congestion through steering traffic. The article then uses this idea as a lead into normalising alarms going off if people are not ‘social distancing’.

The World Economic Forum, and other elites, are deeply invested in promoting this smart city vision, and using whatever concerns of the public – from pollution to pandemics – that they feel will get people to accept this agenda. While we are allegedly living in the ‘deadliest pandemic in a century’ the elite are concerned about pushing this technology more than anything else. In November 2020, The World Economic Forum selected 36 cities to pioneer these kinds of technologies:

Cities are facing urgent challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic and other major disruptions, which are expected to culminate in a budget crisis that could reach $1 trillion in the United States alone. They need data and innovation to become more resilient, responsive and efficient. Yet there is no global framework for how cities should use these technologies, or the data they collect, in a way that protects the public interest.

In reality, despite the PR lavished on Smart Cities, such a system would be a heavily controlled one, where there would be no ability to dissent from what the elite want. Every move and every possible piece of data would be tracked. AI would begin to control more and more of people’s lives through the processing and analysis of the endless data collected from the multitude of sensors. There would be no privacy, and the elite could make rebellion essentially impossible, by cutting off every single device that an attempted rebel owns – even their heating or fridge. And there would be no room for things that the elite are not able to control in this new dystopia – including the natural world.


We must defend the value of nature and the natural, as well as our own connections with nature and the cycles of life, in order to fight the Covid-19 Narrative. This narrative begins with the denial of death as a natural process but ends with everything in our lives being controlled through the mechanism of technology. In a smart city where everything is controlled through sensors, monitoring, and artificial intelligence, there is no room for nature and the natural. Even humanity itself will become modified by mRNA gene therapy and concepts like Elon Musk’s Neuralink which will connect people to computers and thus into the Smart Cities themselves. Here we end up at Klaus Schwab’s dreaded “fusion of our physical, our digital and our biological identities.”

The Covid 19 Narrative is about Destroying Our Links With the Natural World (Part 1)


One of the main functions of the Official Covid Narrative – the idea that Covid 19 is a uniquely deadly virus that requires the use of lockdowns, masks, and social distancing as well as vaccines being given to the vast majority of the human population – is to destroy the connections that human beings have with nature.

Human beings are inherently reliant upon nature to survive and traditional societies had a clear awareness of the cycles of nature and had spiritual beliefs based on natural processes. Modern industrial societies, that exist in the Western world, have reduced the connection with nature to a large extent. For example, human beings used to act within the natural light provided by the sun and divide up their days based on that, whereas nowadays we use times more suited to regimented industrial production.

However, even in our world with a large number of unnatural features, there are certain ideas that human beings naturally baulk at and consider to be immoral or disturbing. There are certain uses of technology that people consider to be going ‘too far’ and that many people who practice a faith consider to be ‘playing God’. Even if they cannot articulate a clear objection when asked, they feel in their gut that it is wrong. These aspects involve issues related to genetic engineering (including genetically modified foods), and anything related to transhumanism: from implantable sensors to becoming cyborgs.

Individuals such as Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, want to completely sever the linkages humans have to nature in order to create a techno-dystopia. Schwab has openly referred to the Fourth Industrial Revolution as “a fusion of our physical, our digital, and our biological identities.” Most people are deeply uncomfortable with this idea and will need to be softened up to accept it and not put up mass resistance to it. Schwab has been open about the fact that he hopes to use the Covid-19 narrative as a means to completely reshape the world, in order to create his techno dystopia.

Here are the techniques that the mainstream media, the government, and psychopaths like Schwab are using to get people to reject their nature and accept transhumanist control. This article will discuss the first two aspects of this: ‘The War on Death’ and the nature of the Covid 19 vaccinations.

“The War on Death”

As has been pointed out by CJ Hopkins, the Official Covid Narrative essentially amounts to declaring a War on Death. This is self-evidently absurd:

We can’t let these […] coronavirus-sympathizers confuse us. They want to convince us that Death is, yes, scary, and sad, but inevitable, and natural. How utterly heartless and insane is that?!

No, we need to close our minds to that nonsense. People are dying! This is not normal! Death is our enemy! We have to defeat it! We need to hunt down and neutralize Death! Root it out if its hidey hole and hang it like we did with Saddam!

The Covid Narrative talks endlessly about death, death figures, and how many have died after a positive test. Yet, perversely, while the Covid Narrative obsesses over the reality of death – it also seeks to deny it. Every death is blamed on some sort of violation of the ‘pandemic restrictions’: ‘The Government didn’t lockdown early enough’, ‘people didn’t wear their masks’ and so on. The unspoken implication of this is that death is preventable so long as people obey the government. This is obvious nonsense, and magical thinking to the highest degree. This monomania is seen at its height in the ‘Zero Covid’ movement – a bunch of fanatics who want to completely eliminate Covid-19 from the earth without caring about the cost of the endless lockdowns they demand.

The fear of death is something that is present in all human societies and there have traditionally been societal means of managing this fear. Historically, religion has been one of the key ways of doing this, but there are also others that do not depend on faith in a deity (such as the idea of leaving a contribution to society behind). However, the global elite are more than aware of the psychological weaknesses that make human beings vulnerable to manipulation on this issue. For example, the UK Government has a ‘Scientific Pandemic Insights on Behaviours’ group specifically designed to manipulate the public so that they will obey the government. These individuals are aware that people’s fear of death can be used to get them to accept authoritarian governance and desire conformity. Psychologically, people are soothed by the idea that they can prevent death by following orders. The structure gives them something to focus upon: a way to avoid having to think about and accept the inevitable.

The government are attempting to detach people from the nature of life and death with this narrative. However, so far as this goes, this could still just be a form of authoritarian opportunism designed to get people to accept more government control. In order to see that this ‘war on death’ is part of a broader narrative to detach people from nature we must go deeper into the heart of the narrative and explore the vaccines.

The Nature of the Vaccine Saviour

From the beginning of the alleged pandemic, the idea of a vaccination was promoted as the solution and the only way to return to normal. This is despite the fact that natural solutions were and are available to mitigate the ‘pandemic’, even according to their own narrative.

According to the Official Narrative, Covid 19 is an upper tract respiratory virus, similar to influenza and the common cold. We already know the most important ways to lower risk of getting sick with such diseases. One of the most important of these is Vitamin D, which improves natural immunity. Rather than encouraging its citizens to help their immune system fight off the virus by getting Vitamin D, the government did not mention such solutions. Instead in fact, governments in the Western world locked down their populations in March and April 2020 – likely reducing Vitamin D intake when people could have been going outside in (at least here in the UK) glorious weather.

Of course, there are reasons why the government and pharmaceutical companies may downplay natural solutions that do not relate to the idea of attempting to disconnect us from the natural world and promoting transhumanism.

The first one is the profit motive. Vitamin D does not provide large amounts of profits for pharmaceutical companies as it can be got through diet, exercise, and cheap supplements. On the other hand, a vaccination has the potential to create billions in profit for these companies. We have already seen significant corruption of this type during the alleged 2009 ‘Swine Flu’ pandemic that turned out to be essentially completely fabricated as Swine Flu proved to be much less deadly than ordinary influenza. The World Health Organisation declared a pandemic because of this virus, but it turned out that many people declaring this ‘pandemic’ had connections to pharmaceutical companies that were producing a vaccination. This question was even investigated by the Council of Europe. The GlaxoSmithKline vaccine for Swine Flu, Pandemrix, turned out to be very harmful, causing a large number of narcolepsy cases.

The second reason is that the vaccination can be used as a mechanism for control. From the beginning of this narrative, the idea of vaccine passports has been floated by the elite. The World Economic Forum have been positively portraying vaccine passports and more recently the British government have launched a consultation on vaccination passports, showing that they are seriously considering them.

Both of these arguments are entirely valid and correct. However, I believe the aims of the vaccination go beyond these two goals and are designed to promote the transhumanist agenda. Both the profit motive goal and the control goal can be achieved by traditional vaccination. Traditional vaccination can be defined as interventions that inject a dead or attenuated virus into the body to prime the immune response. These new vaccines do not fit this category, and in fact fit into an ideal that allow the normalisation of changing humanity and bring us one step closer to transhumanism.

There are two different types of Covid-19 vaccination. The first type is the mRNA vaccination, and this type is the one that has generated the most discussion and criticism among alternative media circles. The vaccines that fall in this category are the Pfizer and Moderna injections. These jabs contain a piece of mRNA, messenger RNA that will enter into your cells. The mRNA will then get these cells to produce a ‘spike protein’: the protein that is (supposedly) on the surface of the virus Sars-Cov-2. After the cells at the injection site have created the spike protein, the immune system will produce antibodies to this protein. Theoretically these antibodies will then be able to fight off the virus if they come into contact with it.

What about the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccination? This does not use the mRNA technology. However, the vaccination cannot be considered traditional, either. This is because it does not contain dead or attenuated Sars-Cov-2 virus. Rather, it contains a chimpanzee adenovirus, which has been genetically modified in order to have the Sars-Cov-2 spike protein on the surface.

There is an interesting article published on the ‘Alliance for Science’ (whose “primary source of support is a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation”) called ‘Yes, Some Covid Vaccines use Genetic Engineering. Get Over It.’ This article promotes the creation of hybrid viruses and reprogramming some of your cells as ‘way cool’, as if it’s just a special effect in a science fiction film. Of course, according to the article, everyone who is a bit sceptical of this is a lunatic anti-vaxxer. The article also links this scepticism to anti-GMO views – explicitly criticising those who prefer natural approaches.

The classification of such interventions as vaccination means, to quote Dr. Andrew Wakefield, “we now have genetic engineering put in the category with vaccines”. This is obviously a very concerning development. The creation of these vaccines also show us what these scientists really think about nature and natural processes. They view natural processes in a completely instrumental way, rather than as complicated and interlinked processes that can be heavily affected by changes in one part: they think problems can be solved in a mechanistic manner. This also demonstrates the extreme hubris of these scientists – and their backers such as Bill Gates.

There may be one final argument against my position, and that is that many if not most people are not aware of the real nature of these injections, thus the vaccine cannot be said to normalise transhumanism. It is true that many people are not currently aware of the nature of these injections. However, as these people have already accepted their vaccination there will be a powerful incentive for them to rationalise that choice when the reality of the injection becomes more clear. This rationalisation, of course, will end up amounting to the idea that this sort of messing with nature is actually good, or fine, or ‘nothing really went wrong and the scientists know what they are doing’.


The story so far has demonstrated that there is an agenda to declare war on the nature of our humanity and to promote genetic engineering when it comes to vaccination. The next part of the story will take up the issue of nanotechnology and its relation to the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’.

Boris Johnson’s ‘Roadmap’ and Covid 19 Psychological Warfare

22nd February was the day that everybody in the UK was waiting for. It was the date of the long-awaited Boris Johnson announcement that is supposed to be the ‘Roadmap out of Lockdown’. This announcement, however, is just the next step in the psychological warfare that has been conducted against the British public since the beginning of the ‘Covid 19 Pandemic’.

The Covid Cult and Parasite Stress Theory

One of the best articles written about the Covid 19 Narrative is ‘The Covidian Cult’ by C.J. Hopkins. The article begins by saying that:

One of the hallmarks of totalitarianism is mass conformity to a psychotic official narrative. Not a regular official narrative, like the “Cold War” or the “War on Terror” narratives. A totally delusional official narrative that has little or no connection to reality and that is contradicted by a preponderance of facts.

The Covid-19 Narrative, as outlined in Hopkins’ article, fits this description perfectly. The narrative is subject to both massive internal contradictions and contradicts reality. It also has that ‘We have always been at war with Eastasia’ quality, where adherents must change what they believe along with the whiplash in the official narrative.

A few examples:

Internal contradictions: a notable example involves the vaccine. On the one hand, narrative adherents believe that the vaccine is safe and effective. On the other hand, they believe we need to remain under lockdown despite the fact that vulnerable people have had the vaccine. This of course, implies that the vaccine does not work since if it did work and hospitalisations are reduced why the need for continued lockdown?

Contradicted by evidence: The effectiveness of masks is contradicted by a multitude of peer reviewed studies that show they do not stop the spread of viruses, and the idea that masks are safe is contradicted by the evidence that they cause headaches and reduce oxygen level, as well as causing bacterial pneumonia. The effectiveness of lockdowns is contradicted by the evidence from countries that didn’t lock down being no worse off than other countries.

Narrative Whiplash: Endless. One significant example is the government changing its position from doing lockdown to ‘flatten the curve’ for 3 weeks (i.e. not to actually prevent severe cases but just stagger them out over a longer period of time) to lockdowns being used to allegedly actually prevent death. This was so long ago that people have forgotten the narrative shift.

People’s minds have been completely debased by this official narrative, and they have short circuited. They believe in the narrative with a fanatical passion, arguing in nonsensical contortions to maintain their belief. This is because the Official Covid Narrative is more akin to a cult narrative than a political disagreement – it is designed to control its adherents.

A ‘pandemic’ narrative is an extremely effective way to control a population. This is known as ‘Parasite Stress Theory’ which has been outlined in this article by Derrick Broze:

What they discovered was that when the threat of infectious disease was prominent the population expressed “greater liking for people with conformist traits and exhibited higher levels of behavioral conformity.” However, there was no comparable increase in conformist attitudes as a result of a temporary threats that were not related to disease.

Disturbingly, the study found that an individual’s perception of vulnerability to infection does not necessarily need to be rooted in reality to produce a profound psychological effect. If an individual perceives they are vulnerable to infection they tend to prefer conformity and accept authoritarian measures, even if they are not actually under threat. “Our experimental manipulation focused on perception, not reality,” the researchers note.

Johnson’s War on The Public

These two concepts – the cult narrative and parasite stress theory – explain very well why people have been duped by the government’s relentless propaganda. The parasite stress theory explains why populations are particularly vulnerable to a ‘deadly disease’ narrative, whereas perceiving the narrative as that of a cult explains why believers are impervious to reason or evidence.

How has Boris Johnson employed this manipulation in practice? James Lindsay, in an article for New Discourses, talks about the creation of parareality, or an alternative matrix of ideas that is not based in reality that initiates its adherents into an alternative world that can only sustain itself through avoiding contact with reality due to the inherent contradictions and the nonsensical nature of the ideology. Johnson and the mainstream media have constructed a Covid 19 parareality and ensnared their victims.

In order to successfully maintain the parareality – and this is a parareality inflicted on an entire society, not just in a small cult setting – the creators of the reality (Johnson, Hancock, mainstream media pundits like Piers Morgan, ‘scientists’ like Neil Ferguson) must successfully get around 35% of the population to uncritically believe the cult narrative. This – combined with compliance from those who do not want to rock the boat or who sit between cult adherents and dissidents from the official narrative – will give the impression of complete submission to those islands of people who reject the cult reality.

The first step is to initiate as many people into the cult as possible.

The media was used to whip up a massive amount of fear. The idea of a new deadly disease that we were all going to die from, of course, had a profound effect on the public. Our leaders are aware of the studies on things like parasite stress theory, meaning that they knew a virus narrative would be particularly likely to inculcate submissive behaviour. The idea of the virus being from China – a foreign country with a very different culture to Britain and an ‘enemy’ country – likely enhanced the effect, due to the historic associations between foreigners and disease that have often been used by opportunistic leaders.

Having defined the ‘enemy’ – the invisible virus that has come to kill us all – the cult must then define the ‘saviour’. Of course, in charismatic cults, this is generally the leader of the cult who is often considered a spokesperson for the divine. Boris Johnson, however, was intelligent enough to realise that he could not set up the Covid Cult by appealing to himself due to the fact that he is a polarising leader. Many liberals and left leaning people despise Boris Johnson because they are passionate EU supporters and disagree with Johnson’s Brexit deal. The left generally thinks Johnson is a homophobic and racist buffoon. (Johnson played the fool and pretended not to want a lockdown in order to get these people to support lockdowns.)

Instead, Boris Johnson turned the NHS from a healthcare institution designed to treat sick people into ‘Our NHS’, a quasi-divine institution that must be ‘protected’ from having to provide healthcare to non-Covid patients. Doctors and nurses have been turned into the saints of the new Covid Cult, and constant stories of their self-sacrifice were put forward in the media. And then of course there was ‘Clap for the NHS’. The NHS is a convenient prop for a cult due to many people appreciating the NHS from all sides of the political spectrum. This allows the widest possible group of people to be initiated into the cult.

Having initiated a certain part of the population into the cult, the government must now give the impression to dissenters that they are completely and utterly outnumbered. This is why the mandatory mask is so important. Even if people are only wearing the mask out of avoidance of getting fined or confronted, it creates an impression of cult conformism. Members of a cult often have certain dress codes and the mask serves this role perfectly. Of course, covering one’s face has other aspects which induce herd mentality. Covering someone’s mouth generally means they have been silenced (hence, for example, the Free Assange movement using imagery that shows Assange with his mouth covered by a US flag indicating his gagging by US authorities). Masks make everyone look similar and also single out those who refuse to genuflect to the cult demands. It would have been much more difficult for the government to maintain the fear without the mask as it invokes the idea of disease and hospital wards by its very nature.

Those that do not believe in the invented parareality of Johnson and Hancock are psychologically demotivated by mass compliance to the narrative. But Johnson also seeks to psychologically destroy dissenters through his demonstrations of control – and that is where the ‘Roadmap out of Lockdown’ comes in.

The point of announcements like the ‘Roadmap out of Lockdown’ is to inspire hope in the public that soon things will be ‘back to normal’. This is aimed to reduce expressions of direct dissent (we are ‘going back to normal’ soon so why kick up a fuss?) but also to psychologically damage the population through inculcating hope and then deliberately taking it away, through refusing to lift restrictions or through announcing another lockdown. They have done this already with the Christmas manipulation – when they claimed we needed a November lockdown to ‘save Christmas’ and then cancelled Christmas anyway.

Every single person in Britain is now aware that the government can destroy their life at any time. They only have to utter a few magic words. “New Variant” or “R Number” or “Imperial College Model” for example. This inculcates a constant sense of anxiety in the public, and helps to blackmail compliance (‘if you don’t wear your mask we will do another lockdown’). Of course, this very same compliance leads to more restrictions because the government knows that they can get away with it.


Boris Johnson’s ‘Roadmap out of Lockdown’ is merely another manipulation tactic in the psychological warfare that he is inflicting on the British public. The aim of this psychological warfare is the creation of a biosecurity state, with mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports. Reject the false hope dangled by Johnson, and ignore everything he says. Compliance with a biosecurity state agenda will never set you free. Instead, tell Johnson he can stick his vaccine passport where the sun doesn’t shine.

Mandatory Masks are Disability Discrimination

Mandatory masks have been introduced in indoor spaces and public transport in the UK for the alleged reason of ‘fighting the Covid-19 pandemic’. Many people have been critical of the mask mandates on various grounds, including civil liberties and the poor evidence base that they stop the transmission of viruses. This article will discuss an underacknowledged aspect of the mask mandate: that it amounts to discrimination against those who cannot wear masks because of disabilities.

The obvious objection to this position is that the law does state that there are exemptions on disability grounds. The ‘Health Protection (Coronavirus, Wearing of Face Coverings on Public Transport) (England) Regulations 2020‘ states that:

For the purposes of regulation 3(1), the circumstances in which a person (“P”) has a reasonable excuse include those where—
(a)P cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering—
(i)because of any physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability (within the meaning of section 6 of the Equality Act 2010(1)), or
(ii)without severe distress;
(b)P is travelling with, or providing assistance to, another person (“B”) and B relies on lip reading to communicate with P.

The argument would follow, that because the law recognises exemptions, it is not discrimination. However, in practice this is not the case. In reality the law forces disabled people to make unfair choices, all of which can be plausibly argued to amount to discrimination. As a disabled person (autism) I have tried all of these choices and all of them make me feel like a second class citizen.

Choice 1: Don’t wear a mask

The media and the government have worked up the public into a lather about the alleged ‘pandemic’, all but claiming that if you walk past someone not wearing a mask in a supermarket that you are going to drop dead. The government has also done everything in its power to promote the idea that mask wearers are virtuous and good people and that by implication people who don’t wear masks are horrible and selfish. The British police chief, Cressida Dick, even stated that people who aren’t wearing masks in shops should be shamed:

My hope is that the vast majority of people will comply, and that people who are not complying will be shamed into complying or shamed to leave the store by the store keepers or by other members of the public.

All of this opens up disabled people for abuse and police harrassment. There have been cases where this has happened. Even if abuse does not take place, disabled people are forced to worry about the possibility every time they do in a shop.

Choice 2: Wear a Sunflower Lanyard

The next suggestion would be to wear a ‘Sunflower Lanyard’, which is a card designed for people with hidden disabilities to signal that they have a disability. There are versions that can be bought which say ‘Face Covering Exempt’.

Putting disabled people in a position where they feel pressured to reveal a hidden disability to everyone through the use of a lanyard or else risk abuse cannot be considered a solution. Most people don’t want to go around declaring they have health conditions to random members of the public and that also applies to people with hidden disabilities. It makes many people feel embarrassed, ashamed, awkward and self-conscious. That’s because health data is generally considered to be private information that we only feel comfortable revealing to a doctor (and sometimes not even then!).

Choice 3: Avoid Public Spaces

The mandating of masks can become a barrier to the participation of disabled people in society. I have heard many individuals say something along the lines of ‘If you can’t wear a mask in a shop, you should stay at home’. This is arguing for the exclusion of disabled people from society.

Many disabled people are already avoiding shops over masks. I have avoided going into shops when I otherwise would have because of the mask mandates and not wanting to deal with questions, dirty looks or abuse.

Choice 4: Wear a mask

The option of trying to wear a mask anyway in order to avoid the three scenarios outlined above is also discriminatory. Someone with asthma for example, may struggle to breathe through a mask and put themselves at a higher risk of an attack. Sensory issues can mean people with autism suffer from significant anxiety from wearing a mask. Masks can have a negative effect on a number of different medical conditions so pressure on disabled people to wear them regardless – putting people in a position where they are forced to possibly harm their health to avoid confrontation – is discriminatory.

Whichever option you want to choose, then, you are faced with discrimination.

But maybe you want to object that we are ‘in the middle of a deadly pandemic’ and disabled people should just suck it up. If you want to do make this argument, at least be honest about what you are arguing for.