Birmingham ‘Truth Be Told’ Protest 14th January 2023

The Truth Be Told protests are focused on drawing attention to the horrific injuries some people have suffered after taking the Covid 19 ‘vaccine’.

The speakers were people who had been injured by these experimental injections, but most of them were unable to attend in person due to the severity of their injuries.

Listening to the speakers it was more than obvious that these ‘vaccines’ are a horror beyond comprehension. They are capable of the complete destruction of a human being not just via physical death.

The AstraZeneca Covid ‘vaccine’ was the culprit in the injuries outlined in the videos – all four speakers specified that they had AstraZeneca. The story behind the AstraZeneca jab is an interesting one in itself given that it has essentially disappeared from the market. While all of the Covid ‘vaccines’ are dangerous, all of the dangers were pinned on AstraZeneca (and in the US, J&J) despite Pfizer and Moderna causing the same effects. But there is no explicit acknowledgement that this product has been de facto pulled, and therefore no explicit acknowledgement that these individuals harmed were given a dangerous product.

After the speakers there was a march around town with leaflets being given out. There were other protests, a stall run by supporters of the official narrative on Ukraine and people who oppose the Iranian government. There was leafleting and handing out The Light Paper, not that many people wanted a leaflet unfortunately.

You can listen to the stories of the ‘vaccine’ injured on my Odysee channel.

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