New Year Reflections

So, let’s reflect on 2022.

The Good News

I stated at the end of 2021, that:

2021 has been the year in which human beings have been subjected to the most intensive, most obsessive, and most outright nonsensical propaganda campaign in human history.

Cassandra’s Christmas Extravaganza

So how has that propaganda campaign held up in 2022? Fortunately, it has has been forced onto the back foot, at least to a degree. There have been victories against the narrative here in the UK, such as the NHS ‘vaccine’ mandate being rejected, the care home worker mandate being repealed, and no more lockdowns. Over here at least, there is only a small percentage of people still wearing a mask, and although the media does its best to fearmonger about Covid, people aren’t buying it any more.

On December 19, the most recent date for which reliable figures are available, just 14 Stoke-on-Trent residents were vaccinated – with one person receiving a first dose, three getting second doses and 10 booster or third doses.

Article on Covid Vaccine Centres in Stoke

There are, of course, still covid fanatics out there but they are becoming a minority.

The Bad News

There are however, new threats on the horizon. As I have said before, the point of the Official Covid Narrative is not the narrative itself. The point is to use the narrative to drive in an authoritarian, technocratic, transhumanist mass surveillance dystopia via digital IDs, Smart Cities, and Central Bank Digital Currencies. They can do this without Covid, for example, through narratives of ‘saving the planet’ or terrorism (the main narrative used to push mass surveillance prior to the Covid scam).

One of these threats is currently being pushed in Oxford:

Road blocks stopping most motorists from driving through Oxford city centre will divide the city into six “15-minute” neighbourhoods, a county council travel chief has said.

Swindon Advertiser

While this will be promoted as ‘saving the planet’ it is actually a form of controlling people’s movements, and will be used to normalise checkpoints through which you cannot pass if you are not the ‘right’ kind of person (whether that’s to do with ‘carbon credits’, ‘vaccination’ status, or political opinion) no doubt connected to one’s digital identity.

But there is something even more important that is worthy of discussion. The horror from this year can be summed up in two words:

Died Suddenly.

Those two words used to normalise mass deaths from the mRNA injections.

So let’s talk about died suddenly. ‘Died Suddenly’ is, in a large percentage of cases, a media euphemism for mRNA injection induced death. This largely but not entirely replaces its previous role as a euphemism for the manner of death for those that have killed themselves.

All the sources of evidence that we have match up on this. The first source of evidence we have is the excess death data from multiple countries, as analysed by Joel Smalley on his substack page. Those deaths strongly correlate with the jab rollout in multiple countries. Igor Chudov has run regressions and found booster uptake strongly correlates with excess death, he has done this analysis for both different regions of Germany and for different countries, achieving the same result.

A more recent analysis by Chudov showed that more excess death can be explained by ‘vaccination’ over time, showing the ‘slow kill’ effects of these injections.

We have plausible mechanisms of mRNA ‘vaccine’ induced death. Even governments have admitted that these injections can damage the heart. Blood clots are another harm admitted by the establishment. There is significant evidence of myocarditis, pericarditis, stroke, blood clots, cardiac arrest, and heart attacks being caused by the injections – and these can lead to death.

So we have our deaths, our correlations, our mechanisms. But what I wanted to get to was the tsunami of news stories about those who ‘died suddenly’.

For the last few months, I have been working on the ‘In Memoriam of those who ‘died suddenly” project as started by Mark Crispin Miller. The project is a long compilation of deaths all around the world, posted every week, of those who ‘died suddenly’, often with no cause of death listed, or from the above listed causes that often indicate that ‘vaccination’ was involved in the death. As a result, every day I am searching for evidence of people who ‘died suddenly’ for this project.

I have my reasons for taking on this burden of death – to document this crime-in-progress of mRNA ‘vaccine’ mass murder, and other reasons and motivations I won’t get into. My experience doing this project is that it is everywhere. I focus mainly on countries with Russian-language media and Asian countries as well as the UK to a degree, but cases of people dying suddenly pop up from all over the world – either with no cause of death, or the telltale ‘cardiac arrest’, ‘blood clots’ or ‘stroke’ listed.

While the cases of young people dying of these conditions – which rarely affect them normally – are the most striking evidence of mRNA murder – we should not lose sight of the fact that this is a truly universal phenomenon. Male, female, black, white, Asian, old, young, middle aged, Western, Eastern – none of this matters. There are people in all these categories who have been killed.

People who aren’t watching this as closely as I am may not grasp the full implications of what we are witnessing. I’d like to offer some observations based on the reports I have found over the last four months:

  • Heart Attacks and Cardiac Arrest seem to be rampant in the 40-65 age demographic. Perhaps a slightly overlooked fact, given the more shocking cases among under 30s and sometimes teenagers.
  • There are a large amount of videos of people just dropping dead. Particularly from India. They are doing a normal activity like dancing and just drop.
  • There’s also a large amount of testimony of people just collapsing, having been fine the moment before, for example, I have found Russians dropping dead at bus stops.
  • I don’t believe we are getting anywhere near close to the death toll with the ‘Died Suddenly’ project. Obviously, a large number of cases are never reported anywhere. But even on top of that, there must be news articles that are never found that belong in the project. Most of the Russian ones are reported on local news media websites, for example. If one had the time to check Russian-language local news media across the whole country I reckon a lot more deaths would crop up. But no-one can feasibly manage that. Plus there’s cases excluded from the project due to ambiguity about the cause of death that may have been ‘vaccine’ related.
  • None of the media in any of the countries I have researched acknowledge there is even a problem, with the exception of India. Indian articles will sometimes state ‘There have been a large number of heart attacks recently’, or, ‘There have been a lot of people dying suddenly dancing at weddings, etc.’ In most cases they don’t blame the ‘vaccine’ but I have seen a couple of examples where the journalist, or who the journalist is quoting, question the ‘vaccine’.
  • The media is trying to blame anything but the ‘vaccine’ for these deaths, when it does acknowledge that the death was unusual more specifically. Blaming Covid is one strategy, blaming cold weather (or other random factors) for heart attacks instead of the ‘vaccine’ is another strategy. The nebulous ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’ is another one.
  • When this fails the media accuses ‘anti-vaxxers’ of ‘weaponising’ the deaths of famous people by asking questions. I remember reading one comment that referred to us as ‘grave robbers’, showing disrespect to the deceased. Of course the true disrespect to the deceased is to refuse to ask these questions about what may have killed them.

Being honest, I don’t think this situation is going to improve, I think it will continue or get worse. Even if all ‘vaccination’ stops now, too many people have been damaged, as Dr. Peter McCullough has outlined, with subclinical heart damage that will lead to sudden death. This is where they have led us, where they watch the people that trusted them die. Us dissenters who did not take the injections – unless they resort to more extreme methods – are going to live, but what are we going to live with?

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