Cassandra’s Christmas Extravaganza

Welcome to Cassandra’s Uncancelled Christmas. This post will be going ahead on Christmas Day regardless of any restrictions announced by the Psychopath in Chief Boris Johnson.

The Year in Review: The Covid Scam

So 2021 has been shit. That’s really all I have to say about that.

Oh, okay then.

2021 has been the year in which human beings have been subjected to the most intensive, most obsessive, and most outright nonsensical propaganda campaign in human history. Seriously, it makes the war propaganda we’ve been bombarded with since, well, forever, look like amateur hour.

This bastard child of a narrative isn’t even barely coherent at this point, instead it’s running around pissing on the floor and scribbling on the walls in crayon. It has been contradicted by every ‘official’ source: from government statistics to the British Medical Journal. Yet the government and the media, in complete lockstep, tells us we have to believe it otherwise we’re all gonna die of the Moronic Variant. Despite the fact that they have no evidence that, uh, anyone has actually died of the Moronic Variant.

Rewind to the beginning of 2021. As widely predicted by the ‘Crazy Conspiracy Theorists’ the British government put us in a lockdown in January. As even more specifically predicted by that batshit insane anti-vaxxer Neil Clark, we didn’t get rid of the bloody restrictions until July.

And on top of that, 2021 was the year in which we had the ‘miracle jab’ campaign. Yes the injection that will save us all from the evil Covid-19, at least up until the point when the Moronic Variant appears and then we need another lockdown (which was in no way predicted by the crazy conspiracy theorists).

But of course, the suggestion that we need to wear masks and lockdown again in no way suggests the injections are ineffective (even though it obviously means the injections are ineffective – if you believe their narrative at all). This is what I mean when I say the narrative is just pissing on itself at this point – they claim that the Moronic Variant might be immune to the miracle injection but then claim you need another booster based on the Wuhan strain to protect you from the Moronic Variant. And people swallow it. You couldn’t make this shit up.

And yes, despite the best efforts of the remotely sane individuals in our society, these fanatics do swallow it. Observing them in the wild is an exercise in utter frustration, so I usually just tell them to fuck off at this point and go get their 56th booster shot while praising the Holy God of Pfizer.

Talking of the injections, we are now being subjected to the most blatant round of gaslighting I have ever seen in my life. When the media and government lie about a foreign country, we know it’s bullshit, but we can’t go over there and check. It’s not like we have access to Saddam’s secret bunker that had the non existent WMDs in it. With the injections, we are literally being asked to deny things that are happening directly in front of our faces.

Most of all this applies to the collapsing athletes discussion. I mean the media can’t deny that the athletes are collapsing with heart issues (you can’t exactly say an event in front of thousands of spectators ‘didn’t happen’), and they have no other plausible explanation except for the injection. And ex pros like Trevor Sinclair and Matt le Tissier are pointing to it, and they would be in a good position to know what’s normal given they’ve played hundreds of games and watched thousands. Yet according to the media it’s a ‘coincidence’. Yes they do think you are that stupid.

The entire year has been a clusterfuck of fraudulent claims, ignored evidence, and screeching ‘safe and effective’ until we can’t hear the people injured by the injections any more. And 2022 is probably going to be even worse, as they ramp up the vaccine passports and the persecution of ‘The Unvaccinated’, while having to cover up for the mounting injuries caused by the endless round of boosters by inventing the ‘i kratkoe’ variant (they ran out of Greek letters and had to move on to Cyrillic).

Has there been any good news to come out of this insanity? The only good thing is that, well, people are pissed. And it isn’t even just the French at this point. The other good thing is that the frauds have been well and truly exposed: and by this I mean the fraud that is the UK ‘Left’. Most of the ‘Left’ in the UK has been spending their time demonising those who don’t want to take a Big Pharma injection that’s making them billions as well as those who critique the lockdowns that impoverish the working class and enrich Jeff Bezos.

The Year in Review: Everything that’s Not The Covid Scam

There’s no good news here either. Literally nothing. They are still pursuing every single war in the Middle East and every single regime change that they were pursuing prior to the Covid scamdemic. And no, they didn’t ‘end the war in Afghanistan’. They just created a new bullshit narrative to pile on top of the old bullshit narrative, and if there’s inconsistencies it’s all smeared bullshit anyway, so how are you gonna tell? Are you going to have a memory or something and check what they said at the time or something crazy like that? You’re definitely an insane conspiracy theorist if that’s the case.

The war in Yemen is another one that’s going on, except unlike with Afghanistan, the media simply pretends that it does not exist. I doubt our media could point to Yemen on a map or anything ridiculous like that. We don’t need to know where it is to support bombing the fuck out of it, do we?

On top of that we had the assault on truth tellers being amped up by the government with the extradition ruling in the Julian Assange case. I don’t have any jokes about that one, sorry. And this was also the year that Craig Murray was jailed for blowing the whistle on the UK government’s complicity in torture in Uzbekistan, attending and reporting on the Julian Assange show trial, some crap do do with Alex Salmond.

And even when we did get a bit of sanity in 2020 with the ruling in the Bell vs. Tavistock case barring under 16s from consenting to puberty blockers they had to overturn it. Probably because it made it easier for them to jab children.

So basically, that’s my year in review. I would say good riddance but 2022 will almost certainly be worse unless more people start kicking off.

Conclusion: The Left on The Covid Scam

Republished twitter thread from November 2021

The left 2019: Boris Johnson is a fascist & a racist

The left 2020/1: Lock us down harder! Lock us down longer Boris! We beg you!

The left 2019: Austerity kills people, look at the suffering of people on universal credit

The left 2020/1: Lock us down and trash the economy! The economy isn’t as important as people’s lives! Who cares if millions end up on Universal Credit!

The left 2019: Big Pharma is corrupt, look at the opioid crisis and dodgy clinical trials, the experiments on people, particularly ethnic minorities


The left 2019: Apartheid is a bad thing, Support BDS, look how those disgusting Tory racists supported apartheid in South Africa

The left 2021: Stop complaining about vaccine passports. If they disproportionally exclude black people it’s their own fault

The left 2019: The media is a bunch of liars, look at how the BBC lie about foreign policy in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela etc.

The left 2020/1: The BBC tells me to be scared of the virus so I’m terrified.

The left 2019: The NHS is understaffed and there aren’t enough nurses and doctors and this is harming patients

The left 2021: If nurses and doctors won’t take the vaccine they deserve the sack. Who cares if this negatively affects patients?!

The left 2019: The police are racist

The left 2020/1: Give the police massive amounts of power to enforce lockdown rules, I’m sure the police won’t target ethnic minorities!

Bonus Examples:

The left 2019: Plastic pollution is awful for the planet, stop plastic

The left 2020/1: *Using 20 disposable facemasks a day*

The left 2019: Support disabled people who are being treated like shit by Universal Credit

The left 2020/1: If you can’t wear a mask because of your disability you shouldn’t go in shops! Who cares if this is blatant discrimination? Those disabled people are killing grandma!

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