That Bullshit in The Atlantic

I wasn’t going to do another post so soon, but the Atlantic posted an article on declaring ‘a pandemic amnesty’. Or, to put it in simpler terms, that the people who were right about everything – the anti-lockdown, anti-‘vaccine’, anti-mask, anti-coercion people – need to forgive those poor souls who were screaming at us that we were granny killers for the last two-and-a-half years.

Yeah? How about no.

So, let’s break this down. Yeah, I know every anti-scamdemic substack is doing one of these but you’re getting another one from me anyway.

The author starts by talking about hikes they went on in April 2020 because they were bloody bored shitless because of the lockdown. This I can understand, because I was also bored shitless because of the lockdown and went on walks purely because the government said that that’s what I shouldn’t be doing. That said, I doubt the author wanted to kill themselves because of these totalitarian lockdowns, and I did, so you know, I’m already losing sympathy. Anyway, she brainwashed her kid to scream at strangers about social distancing and to shove a mask over their face if anyone got too close.

Outdoor transmission was vanishingly rare. Our cloth masks made out of old bandanas wouldn’t have done anything, anyway. But the thing is: We didn’t know.

Ah, yes, the ‘I was just ignorant’ defense. Except, this person is meant to be a University Lecturer, so I am sure that they are capable of finding a scientific study. Unless I am seriously overestimating the intelligence of university lecturers, that is, which wouldn’t surprise me since most of them these days can’t define the word ‘woman’.

So, what does the scientific literature on cloth masks actually say?

This study is the first RCT of cloth masks, and the results caution against the use of cloth masks. This is an important finding to inform occupational health and safety. Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection. 

I thought we were supposed to be listening to ‘THE SCIENCE‘. But the main point is, if Ryan Cristian could find this study, I’m pretty certain some University Lecturer can find it.

We’ve spent several lectures reliving the first year of the pandemic, discussing the many important choices we had to make under conditions of tremendous uncertainty.

Uncertainty? Uncertainty? There was zero uncertainty on my part because I knew it was bullshit. And I didn’t get to make any choices because I was locked in my house by decree of these assholes.

She then goes on to talk about schools:

But in spring and summer 2020, we had only glimmers of information. Reasonable people—people who cared about children and teachers—advocated on both sides of the reopening debate.

Anyone with a brain knew that a) children don’t die from Covid-19 unless they are already severely ill, and b) that shutting schools would be an absolute disaster for the children, would stunt their social growth, and would affect poorer kids the worst due to lack of support and technology and c) that shutting down schools locked children with abusive parents in with those parents 24/7 with no one to perform any safeguarding functions. It wasn’t some secret.

And of course, the people arguing for ‘shut the schools’ were far from reasonable. And they did not care about children, they cared about themselves, and were willing to throw children under the bus to get what they want, i.e. sitting at home and doing fuck all and being paid by the state to do fuck all. While wearing 10 masks and dunking their head periodically in a bucket of hand san in between the Game of Thrones binge watch sessions, of course.

And now we come to the most insane claim in the article:

Another example: When the vaccines came out, we lacked definitive data on the relative efficacies of the Johnson & Johnson shot versus the mRNA options from Pfizer and Moderna. The mRNA vaccines have won out. But at the time, many people in public health were either neutral or expressed a J&J preference. This misstep wasn’t nefarious. It was the result of uncertainty.

This is how this article chooses to address the topic of the ‘vaccines’. This. Where do I even start with this?

Note what the author does not do here. They do not bring up any of the side effects of the jabs, not even the ones that are admitted to by the government and media, such as myocarditis or blood clots. Not even in some sort of bullshitty way that you might expect, such as ‘We didn’t know there were super-super-super-super rare side effects like myocarditis and a few people got harmed by this’.

No, they choose to frame it as the question of whether J&J is better than mRNA. When ‘Died Suddenly’ cases are through the roof. When excess death is skyrocketing in heavily ‘vaccinated’ countries and it clearly isn’t Covid. As I said in a previous article, ‘Vaccine’ Side Effect Narrative Management and the Mainstream Media:

[T]he extreme danger of these injections was clear to anyone paying attention very quickly. Testimony quickly popped up online alleging mass death in care homes after the jabs. Vaccine injury stories began to pop up on TikTok, Facebook and Twitter from January 2021, for example testimony from Shawn Skelton, Angelia Desselle and Kristi Simmonds, interviewed by Del Bigtree back in April 2021. Death and injury reports in the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) began to skyrocket early on in the rollout. In other words, anyone paying attention could figure out these jabs were extremely dangerous by February 2021.

Of course, this barely even qualifies as ‘narrative management’ at this point since they aren’t even trying to ‘manage’ the death reports, they are just pretending that they don’t exist.

Even on its own limited terms I’m not convinced this is even true, since the mRNA seemed preferred from the start.

Obviously some people intended to mislead and made wildly irresponsible claims.

But not our government and our media and saints like Our St Anthony Fauci, no, not those people. Just ‘conspiracy theorists’ online and maybe Trump.

The people who got it right, for whatever reason, may want to gloat.

Damn right I do.

Those who got it wrong, for whatever reason, may feel defensive and retrench into a position that doesn’t accord with the facts. All of this gloating and defensiveness continues to gobble up a lot of social energy and to drive the culture wars, especially on the internet. 

These people called us scum. They called us plague rats. They called us granny killers. They wished death on us for not taking the ‘vaccine’. They wanted to sack us for not taking the ‘vaccine’. They wanted to exclude us from society for not taking the ‘vaccine’. They wanted to strap us down and forcibly inject us with their poison ‘vaccine’. And then they complain that we gloat when we are vindicated.

And they dare complain about culture wars? They created the damn ‘culture war’. Most of us ‘vaccine’ sceptics tried to convince our families not to take it, but we couldn’t stop them. If people want to kill themselves with these jabs, there’s nothing we can do. We weren’t the ones cutting people out of our families for taking the jab. We weren’t the ones threatening employees with the sack for taking the jab. We were defending ourselves.

In the face of so much uncertainty, getting something right had a hefty element of luck. And, similarly, getting something wrong wasn’t a moral failing. 

There was absolutely no luck involved in predicting that lockdowns would destroy the economy and massively increase poverty. Anyone with two brain cells could predict that. There was also no luck involved in predicting that a novel product with rushed safety testing may have negative side effects. Common sense is not luck. And no, being incorrect about the jabs because you were duped by the MSM isn’t really a moral failing per se. But it is a moral failing to support forced jabs against medical ethics and bodily autonomy which this author has glossed over in her article.

Treating pandemic choices as a scorecard on which some people racked up more points than others is preventing us from moving forward.

Yes, it’s those ‘evil anti-vaxxers’ who are the problem. We are just too obnoxious about being right and we should shut up. We need to ‘move forward’ by forgetting the ‘vaccine’-injured, the dead from ‘vaccines’ and the dead from lockdowns. No. Now there is a moral failing for you.

Many people have neglected their health care over the past several years.

No. Many people were denied healthcare by lockdowns. But that is the individuals’ fault and not the fault of the psychopaths who denied them the healthcare according to the author. Just watch those Tik Tok dances and shut up.

Notably, routine vaccination rates for children (for measles, pertussis, etc.) are way down. Rather than debating the role that messaging about COVID vaccines had in this decline, we need to put all our energy into bringing these rates back up. Pediatricians and public-health officials will need to work together on community outreach, and politicians will need to consider school mandates.

Yes, you read that correctly. The author’s suggestion for ending the ‘culture war’ about forced jabs is forced jabs for your children.

This makes it clear that the author has no remorse for promoting forcing the covid injections. As such, they are promoting this idea as a way of avoiding accountability for being involved in the covid scam as an MSM stooge, which paid an important role in promoting the official narrative.

Now, my unvaxxed arse is gonna go gloat some more, see you later.

The Psychological Quirks of Complicity Theorists

R. M. Allen, 2022


Given the high level of compliance with official narratives advocated by the state and the mainstream media, it is worth analysing the psychological basis for such beliefs. There are several reasons why people may be psychologically prone to believing in these complicity theories. These fall under the categories of economic motivations, a desire to avoid cognitive dissonance, and high levels of mainstream media consumption.


According to polling data, 25% of Americans believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman in the assassination of President Kennedy (Jensen, 2013). Furthermore, 16% of Americans believe that elite pedophile Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide (Shamsian, 2019). These are examples of complicity theories – “a theory that unquestionably accepts the standard explanation for an event offered by the political, religious, social or economic apparatus of the time or the main stream media” (Urban Dictionary, 2020). This article will examine the psychological basis of these beliefs. Many articles – both popular and academic – have been written regarding psychological motivations for belief in so called ‘conspiracy theories’ (for example, Cichocka, Douglas, and Sutton 2017). However, much less critical work has been done analysing complicity theories. Nevertheless, there are important hints in the literature on conspiracy theories that elucidate the psychology of complicity theorists.

Economic Reasons

Economic and educational factors are a key driver in complicity theory belief. Evidence indicates that more highly educated and economically well off people are more likely to be complicity theorists (Zitelman, 2020; Pierre, 2019). There are important psychological reasons for this. Being economically well off discourages criticism of the current political and economic system, as one is not inclined to criticise a system one is personally benefiting from. This drives those better off financially to be more accepting of the latest narrative from the government and mainstream media. Economic gain can also drive some groups – particularly those such as journalists, politicians and bureaucrats – to believe complicity theories. For example, journalists who bring forward evidence of conspiracy are much less likely to be published in the mainstream media, meaning that they will lose out financially. Higher levels of education also predispose one to complicity theories, partly for the economic reasons outlined above, but also because it gives one a longer period of exposure to official government narratives, therefore ingraining those narratives more closely into the individual psyche.

Levels of Mainstream Media Consumption

The mainstream media is the main disseminator of complicity theories in Western societies. The function of the mainstream media in Western society is to provide effective ‘narrative control’ for the current rulers (Johnstone, 2022). Furthermore, mainstream media serves as an effective echo chamber, with only a very narrow range of debate allowed. For example, in March 2020, questioning of lockdowns was practically non existent in the mainstream media. High levels of consumption of this complicity theory content will have the psychological effect of reinforcing belief in complicity theories, as well as the belief that everyone else believes in complicity theories (Seong, 2021).

A Need to Believe

A need to believe in the fundamental goodness and worthiness of the state and nation that they have been taught to believe in is a key influence on the complicity theorist. Entertaining the notion of conspiracy – such as, for example, that the CIA had John F. Kennedy assassinated – causes cognitive dissonance in the complicity theorist (Cherry, 2022). The complicity theorist cannot both hold that the American state is democratic and free and that a deep state exists that is capable of murdering the President. The underlying needs of the complicity theorist to both maintain their belief in the generally good (if imperfect) nature of the current state of affairs and to avoid cognitive dissonance causes them to unfairly dismiss evidence of conspiracy.

When do Complicity Theorists Become Conspiracy Theorists?

Nevertheless, there are certain conditions under which a complicity theorist will consider an explanation that could be classed as a conspiracy theory by any reasonable definition. These cases usually occur when the complicity theory supports one side of the ‘two party illusion’, that is, one side of the false paradigm that has been set up within the extremely limited debate allowed within the mainstream media (Cristian, 2020). Another circumstance under which conspiracy may be considered is when it involves another country constructed as an ‘enemy nation’ by the mainstream media – for example Russia, Iran, or Venezuela. For example, the idea that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to get elected in 2016 is an excellent example of these phenomena. By definition, this claim, if true, involved a conspiracy. Yet a large number of people who are usually complicity theorists believed in this conspiracy wholeheartedly, despite the fact that many other conspiracies they reject are backed by far more evidence.


The topic of complicity theories and the kind of individuals that believe them requires much more research to draw substantive conclusions. Nevertheless some preliminary conclusions can be drawn from the literature which suggest important reasons for beliefs in complicity theories separate from their truth.

Declaration of Conflicts of Interest

The author received no pay for this article and therefore has no conflicts of interest to declare.


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Zombie Russians Part 3: In Which Bond Villain Putin Invades Ukraine

The Russia narrative is one of the most important ‘victims’ of the Official Covid Narrative. Prior to 2020, the Russia narrative was being sold non-stop, with endless theatre about Russia hacking the election and freezing people to death. Not to mention ridiculous nonsense about Russia smearing deadly nerve agent on door handles because the mastermind behind Donald Trump cannot assassinate people properly.

Now of course, if the Russian threat was so important and we were all at risk of being frozen out of house and home, it wouldn’t have been dropped in about 2 minutes when the next official narrative came along. However, despite the Corona fanaticism that has taken over the entirety of Western politics and society, the Russia narrative occasionally sputters out of its dead state to rise again. And then I take the piss out of it.

In part 1 of Zombie Russians, I documented the return of Boshirov and Petrov from a nice cathedral in Salisbury as a temporary distraction, the story that they blew up an Czech arsenal to disappear as soon as it arrived on the scene. In part 2, I documented the return of Christopher Steele to talk about his piss (poor) dossier on Trump.

And now we get the revival from the dead of another Russia narrative: The ‘Putin wants to invade every former Soviet country’ narrative.

Most of all this narrative focusses on Ukraine. Western commentators have been pretty obsessed with the idea that Russia is gonna go all out on Ukraine for a while. Because Putin is the one who just invades countries willy nilly to get what he wants…oops, I got Russia mixed up with the US there.

Tobias Ellwood MP has been promoting this narrative, saying Russia is going to invade Ukraine in weeks. This guy is a reservist in the 77th brigade – no I am not making this up, you can check for yourself – so you know he’s gotta be trustworthy.

He’s also promoting a particularly hilarious view of foreign policy:

We did a defence select committee visit to the United States and we were shocked by just how distracted they are from international events other than China,” he said.


There’s a 1930 to feel to the world, authoritarianism on the rise, a lack of Western leadership, weak international institutions unable to hold errant nations to account.

So the US isn’t doing enough bombing (as if), so authoritarianism is on the rise. Well yeah, I agree with that last bit. That’s what Ellwood himself has been promoting, complaining about people at Christmas seeing each other. But yeah, we keep pretending literally banning social interaction isn’t authoritarian. Because reasons.

And we also have the US government claiming that Russia is going to do a false flag to justify invading Ukraine. You couldn’t make it up. This is the best example of projection I have ever seen. And they are also complaining about Russia having troops within its own territory. I’d like to see Russia complain about Americans sticking troops in Texas and see how far they get. (Or maybe on the border with Canada, given the insane Corona fanaticism going on over there.)

Meanwhile, in the UK:

So the solution to Russian troops doing some war games in Belarus is to send some troops into Ukraine. Yeah, because it’s not like the West has ever aggravated the situation by war gaming with Ukraine, right? Right next to this thing called ‘the Russian border’?

There is zero context with any of these arguments in the mainstream media. Yeah yeah, so so what if the 2014 democratically elected Ukrainian government was overthrown with the help of some Nazis? So what if the West wanted to get Ukraine in NATO-by-proxy through the Association Agreement, which stipulates agreement on issues of security? Eh, Putin bad. Though it’s funny that Putin is still the ‘enemy’ despite his obvious compliance with the Covid narrative.

The serious discussion here is about competition versus co-operation in the clearly global Biosecurity State agenda, and what balance of those factors currently exists between the West, Russia and China. The classic imperialist European powers competed over colonies while all agreeing about the importance of the maintenance of the colonial domination over Africa, Latin America and Asia, and indeed sometimes agreed on the division of colonies between themselves for mutual benefits. We are observing the same dynamic today, in which Russia, China and the West have colluded with the Covid narrative in order to increase domestic control over their populations while the West continues its imperialist adventures abroad (often opposed by Russia/China for their own reasons).

But nah. Putin is stroking his white cat so get distracted folks!

Cassandra’s Christmas Extravaganza

Welcome to Cassandra’s Uncancelled Christmas. This post will be going ahead on Christmas Day regardless of any restrictions announced by the Psychopath in Chief Boris Johnson.

The Year in Review: The Covid Scam

So 2021 has been shit. That’s really all I have to say about that.

Oh, okay then.

2021 has been the year in which human beings have been subjected to the most intensive, most obsessive, and most outright nonsensical propaganda campaign in human history. Seriously, it makes the war propaganda we’ve been bombarded with since, well, forever, look like amateur hour.

This bastard child of a narrative isn’t even barely coherent at this point, instead it’s running around pissing on the floor and scribbling on the walls in crayon. It has been contradicted by every ‘official’ source: from government statistics to the British Medical Journal. Yet the government and the media, in complete lockstep, tells us we have to believe it otherwise we’re all gonna die of the Moronic Variant. Despite the fact that they have no evidence that, uh, anyone has actually died of the Moronic Variant.

Rewind to the beginning of 2021. As widely predicted by the ‘Crazy Conspiracy Theorists’ the British government put us in a lockdown in January. As even more specifically predicted by that batshit insane anti-vaxxer Neil Clark, we didn’t get rid of the bloody restrictions until July.

And on top of that, 2021 was the year in which we had the ‘miracle jab’ campaign. Yes the injection that will save us all from the evil Covid-19, at least up until the point when the Moronic Variant appears and then we need another lockdown (which was in no way predicted by the crazy conspiracy theorists).

But of course, the suggestion that we need to wear masks and lockdown again in no way suggests the injections are ineffective (even though it obviously means the injections are ineffective – if you believe their narrative at all). This is what I mean when I say the narrative is just pissing on itself at this point – they claim that the Moronic Variant might be immune to the miracle injection but then claim you need another booster based on the Wuhan strain to protect you from the Moronic Variant. And people swallow it. You couldn’t make this shit up.

And yes, despite the best efforts of the remotely sane individuals in our society, these fanatics do swallow it. Observing them in the wild is an exercise in utter frustration, so I usually just tell them to fuck off at this point and go get their 56th booster shot while praising the Holy God of Pfizer.

Talking of the injections, we are now being subjected to the most blatant round of gaslighting I have ever seen in my life. When the media and government lie about a foreign country, we know it’s bullshit, but we can’t go over there and check. It’s not like we have access to Saddam’s secret bunker that had the non existent WMDs in it. With the injections, we are literally being asked to deny things that are happening directly in front of our faces.

Most of all this applies to the collapsing athletes discussion. I mean the media can’t deny that the athletes are collapsing with heart issues (you can’t exactly say an event in front of thousands of spectators ‘didn’t happen’), and they have no other plausible explanation except for the injection. And ex pros like Trevor Sinclair and Matt le Tissier are pointing to it, and they would be in a good position to know what’s normal given they’ve played hundreds of games and watched thousands. Yet according to the media it’s a ‘coincidence’. Yes they do think you are that stupid.

The entire year has been a clusterfuck of fraudulent claims, ignored evidence, and screeching ‘safe and effective’ until we can’t hear the people injured by the injections any more. And 2022 is probably going to be even worse, as they ramp up the vaccine passports and the persecution of ‘The Unvaccinated’, while having to cover up for the mounting injuries caused by the endless round of boosters by inventing the ‘i kratkoe’ variant (they ran out of Greek letters and had to move on to Cyrillic).

Has there been any good news to come out of this insanity? The only good thing is that, well, people are pissed. And it isn’t even just the French at this point. The other good thing is that the frauds have been well and truly exposed: and by this I mean the fraud that is the UK ‘Left’. Most of the ‘Left’ in the UK has been spending their time demonising those who don’t want to take a Big Pharma injection that’s making them billions as well as those who critique the lockdowns that impoverish the working class and enrich Jeff Bezos.

The Year in Review: Everything that’s Not The Covid Scam

There’s no good news here either. Literally nothing. They are still pursuing every single war in the Middle East and every single regime change that they were pursuing prior to the Covid scamdemic. And no, they didn’t ‘end the war in Afghanistan’. They just created a new bullshit narrative to pile on top of the old bullshit narrative, and if there’s inconsistencies it’s all smeared bullshit anyway, so how are you gonna tell? Are you going to have a memory or something and check what they said at the time or something crazy like that? You’re definitely an insane conspiracy theorist if that’s the case.

The war in Yemen is another one that’s going on, except unlike with Afghanistan, the media simply pretends that it does not exist. I doubt our media could point to Yemen on a map or anything ridiculous like that. We don’t need to know where it is to support bombing the fuck out of it, do we?

On top of that we had the assault on truth tellers being amped up by the government with the extradition ruling in the Julian Assange case. I don’t have any jokes about that one, sorry. And this was also the year that Craig Murray was jailed for blowing the whistle on the UK government’s complicity in torture in Uzbekistan, attending and reporting on the Julian Assange show trial, some crap do do with Alex Salmond.

And even when we did get a bit of sanity in 2020 with the ruling in the Bell vs. Tavistock case barring under 16s from consenting to puberty blockers they had to overturn it. Probably because it made it easier for them to jab children.

So basically, that’s my year in review. I would say good riddance but 2022 will almost certainly be worse unless more people start kicking off.

Conclusion: The Left on The Covid Scam

Republished twitter thread from November 2021

The left 2019: Boris Johnson is a fascist & a racist

The left 2020/1: Lock us down harder! Lock us down longer Boris! We beg you!

The left 2019: Austerity kills people, look at the suffering of people on universal credit

The left 2020/1: Lock us down and trash the economy! The economy isn’t as important as people’s lives! Who cares if millions end up on Universal Credit!

The left 2019: Big Pharma is corrupt, look at the opioid crisis and dodgy clinical trials, the experiments on people, particularly ethnic minorities


The left 2019: Apartheid is a bad thing, Support BDS, look how those disgusting Tory racists supported apartheid in South Africa

The left 2021: Stop complaining about vaccine passports. If they disproportionally exclude black people it’s their own fault

The left 2019: The media is a bunch of liars, look at how the BBC lie about foreign policy in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela etc.

The left 2020/1: The BBC tells me to be scared of the virus so I’m terrified.

The left 2019: The NHS is understaffed and there aren’t enough nurses and doctors and this is harming patients

The left 2021: If nurses and doctors won’t take the vaccine they deserve the sack. Who cares if this negatively affects patients?!

The left 2019: The police are racist

The left 2020/1: Give the police massive amounts of power to enforce lockdown rules, I’m sure the police won’t target ethnic minorities!

Bonus Examples:

The left 2019: Plastic pollution is awful for the planet, stop plastic

The left 2020/1: *Using 20 disposable facemasks a day*

The left 2019: Support disabled people who are being treated like shit by Universal Credit

The left 2020/1: If you can’t wear a mask because of your disability you shouldn’t go in shops! Who cares if this is blatant discrimination? Those disabled people are killing grandma!

Zombie Russians Part 2: Steele Beats a Dead Steed

Many people have observed that every other narrative in the world just got dropped as soon as Covid came along. ISIS terrorists and Russian spies magically disappeared the moment the deadliest pandemic in a century narrative became the most convienent one.

However, this doesn’t seem to stop the occassional half hearted flaying of a dead narrative. As I pointed out in my previous piece, Zombie Russians, our old friends Petrov and Boshirov were (briefly) brought out of retirement when the government needed a distraction from the US attempt to have anti-lockdown Belarussian president Alexander Lukashenko murdered.

Christopher Steele, the infamous author of the ‘Trump pee tape’ dossier, is back and being given uncritical coverage by Sky News. A 13 minute video put out by the news corporation asks Steele to defend his dossier and how he feels about the current situation with Russia. I couldn’t think of someone less qualified to talk about Russia than this muppet, but whatever.

If you’d like to laugh at it for yourself, it’s embedded below.

Sky News, of course, jazzes up the interview with some dramatic music and shots of Steele’s safe where he supposedly kept all his ‘research’. This is to make it seem like something out of James Bond when it’s really something out of Steele’s fever dreams.

The interview starts with the dramatic. “There are serious people at the top of Russia who regard themselves at war with us.” At the top of Russia? So there’s people standing on Mount Elbrus screaming about how we really need to bomb the Brits? It’s also rather funny how this ‘war’ with Russia has been on hold for 18 months because of ‘Covid’. You’d think if those pesky Russians were so dangerous the mainstream media would have stopped talking about the flu for more than two minutes over the past 18 months.

The next clip shows Steele agreeing to the idea that Russia has done hostile intelligence ops against the UK (after taking an extremely dramatic sip of tea.) Yeah, because Russia is like every other country in the world and has spies. They always act so shocked at the fact that Russia has spies, it’s hilarious.

The footage then flips to Steele’s Orbis Business Intelligence office, Steele’s hand on a chair, all very dramatic. (Pablo Miller, the guy who worked at Orbis Business Intelligence and just happened by some coincidence to be Sergei Skripal’s handler is not mentioned).

The ‘investigation’ by Steele into Trump and Russia is then launched into. “It was in this safe here that the bomb ticked,” Steele claims, bigging himself up as though the idea of Trump having sex with prostitutes is the most shocking and unexpected claim in the universe. Interestingly though, he implicitly distances himself from his work, talking about how ‘it was produced’ rather than ‘I produced it’. Probably because deep down he knows its bollocks.

Our sycophant for hire ‘journalist’ then asks him how much of his nonsense is true. Of course he says he ‘thinks’ it’s mostly true (allowing me to think it’s a load of nonsense). She then asks him about the reliability of his sources and he says ‘we were pretty confident that the majority of the sources were highly reliable’. (Who’s ‘we’ Mr. Steele? She asked you for your opinion.)

The narrator then says that Russia was accused of hacking the Clinton emails by the US government. One thing is not mentioned though is the name of the journalist (Julian Assange) or publisher (Wikileaks) which printed the emails. Can’t have our viewers searching ‘Julian Assange’ and inadvertently getting a bit of truth, now can we? (Or the protest footage from the march for Assange that happened in London yesterday for that matter.)

It then says that no evidence was found to corroborate the pee claim (although it doesn’t call it that, just calls it Trump with prostitutes and ‘sex tapes’ without mentioning any urination). Then Steele is asked his level of confidence in the ‘sex tape’ claim. He says it’s ‘pretty high’.

She then asks him if he is a fraud. He says ‘no’ but then adds ‘of course I’m not.’ He them talks about all the security clearances he’s been issued over the years as if that somehow proves something.

He then comes up with a bizarre claim that the Russians put some wedding rings in his wife’s sponge bag. Apparently this is the new Novichok.

We’re informed a Putin spokesperson declined to comment. Probably because he was too busy laughing.

The interview then moves on to the Brexit referendum, saying there was ‘potential attempts to fund parts of the Brexit campaign.’ So Russia didn’t fund the Brexit campaign, they only ‘attempted’ to? (There’s a serious point here; lingustically, the use of the words ‘potential attempts’ shows Steele is not committed to his own words. If he was, he would have just said ‘Russia funded the Leave campaign’.)

She then asks for evidence and he says that he doesn’t have it to hand. No shit. A lot of other things aimed at Russia are mentioned including that they tried to hack the Covid vaccine research, so if you thought we were gonna get through a mainstream media piece without them mentioning the scamdemic, well, you were wrong.

According to Steele, Russia also threatens unity among EU member states. Because the vast historical, lingustic, cultural and political differences between 27 separate countries are obviously caused by Putin.

Right at the end of the interview, Steele quotes Putin in the original Russian. I always find it so amusing that they think it somehow improves their argument if they are a capable of using a Russian word.

I probably know at least 2000 Russian words so my argument has got to be pretty good.

I’ve had enough of Steele now, so do svidaniya!

Zombie Russians

It is easy to forget about official narratives. Even completely bizarre official narratives, such as the Skripal affair. There is just such a tirade of nonsense from governments in the Western world that it becomes difficult to keep track of everything. Especially in the era of the most all-consuming official narrative I have seen in my lifetime: the story of the ‘worst pandemic in a century’ that will kill us all.

The onslaught of this nonsense has been so all consuming that everything else has been forgotten. Reported Missing: Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, have not been seen since February 2020, please contact Theresa May if you happen to see them doing anything a bit dodgy.

Switch on the news on the 18th April, however, and you were met with the famous photographs of the two men. Two surly Russian looking, well, Russians back on the nation’s media screens. Makes a change from the ubiquitous “deaths for any reason within 28 days of a positive test” figures, I grant you.

You may remember these two blokes from an incident known as ‘The Skripal Affair’ in which the incredibly ruthless, bloodthirsty mastermind Vladimir Putin of The Evil Empire sent in two extremely incompetent assassins to get rid of Sergei Skripal. Putin wanted to do this because he is, well, Putin and possesses more inherent evil than Satan encouraging 12-year-old kids to take heroin.

Being Putin, of course, he was above mundane methods of assassinating people such as shooting them in the head, and instead flaunted his Evil Credentials by employing the uber-Russian sounding Novichok so that everyone would know it was him just from the name. (Fun fact: the word Novichok means ‘newcomer’ in Russian.) Hoping to get extra points for style in the Beelzebub Rankings, he had his assassins smear this substance – also known as the World’s Deadliest Nerve Agent – on the door handle of Sergei Skripal’s house.

Our two assassins, having carried this out, then did a spot of window shopping in Salisbury. Sure, that might sound implausible – you would think assassins would like to leave the scene of the crime as soon as possible – but this is Putin we’re talking about. He likes to make sure his murders have the full effect by really rubbing it in. And what could be better for that purpose than looking in the window of a stamp and coin shop? Assassin Bargain Hunt: What could be better?

Meanwhile, the Skripals were able to wander around without collapsing for several hours, including a dinner at Zizzi’s, despite the fact they had been exposed to Novichok. But maybe the most important point is that our mastermind, playing chess when everyone else is playing Tiddlywinks, failed to assassinate Skripal at all.

Well, why are these two men back on our screens? Well, allegedly because they were involved in an ammunition dump in the Czech Republic exploding all the way back in 2014.

US government funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty puts it this way:

The explosion October 16, 2014, blast in Vrbetice set off 50 metric tons of stored ammunition. Two months later, another blast of 13 tons of ammunition occurred at the same site.

The two alleged suspects have “various passports, including Russian documents in the names of Aleksandr Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov.”

Apparently, Russia only has two blokes to send in there regardless of the job, so that these two lucky chaps have to multitask as both explosion experts and World’s Deadliest Nerve Agent experts. I mean, I thought with that oil money Putin could afford a few more secret agents. Preferably some that don’t smoke pot the night before handling Novichok.

I wonder what they’ve been up to while we’ve all been distracted by the Deadliest Plague in a Century that Requires us to Change our Way of Life Forever? Or maybe the claims about the Wuhan Lab are all nonsense, and in fact it was Boshirov and Petrov that came up with Sars-Cov-2 in a Russian lab and then blamed it on the Chinese. Just remember, when the mainstream media comes out with this one, that you heard it here first.