Zombie Russians Part 3: In Which Bond Villain Putin Invades Ukraine

The Russia narrative is one of the most important ‘victims’ of the Official Covid Narrative. Prior to 2020, the Russia narrative was being sold non-stop, with endless theatre about Russia hacking the election and freezing people to death. Not to mention ridiculous nonsense about Russia smearing deadly nerve agent on door handles because the mastermind behind Donald Trump cannot assassinate people properly.

Now of course, if the Russian threat was so important and we were all at risk of being frozen out of house and home, it wouldn’t have been dropped in about 2 minutes when the next official narrative came along. However, despite the Corona fanaticism that has taken over the entirety of Western politics and society, the Russia narrative occasionally sputters out of its dead state to rise again. And then I take the piss out of it.

In part 1 of Zombie Russians, I documented the return of Boshirov and Petrov from a nice cathedral in Salisbury as a temporary distraction, the story that they blew up an Czech arsenal to disappear as soon as it arrived on the scene. In part 2, I documented the return of Christopher Steele to talk about his piss (poor) dossier on Trump.

And now we get the revival from the dead of another Russia narrative: The ‘Putin wants to invade every former Soviet country’ narrative.

Most of all this narrative focusses on Ukraine. Western commentators have been pretty obsessed with the idea that Russia is gonna go all out on Ukraine for a while. Because Putin is the one who just invades countries willy nilly to get what he wants…oops, I got Russia mixed up with the US there.

Tobias Ellwood MP has been promoting this narrative, saying Russia is going to invade Ukraine in weeks. This guy is a reservist in the 77th brigade – no I am not making this up, you can check for yourself – so you know he’s gotta be trustworthy.

He’s also promoting a particularly hilarious view of foreign policy:

We did a defence select committee visit to the United States and we were shocked by just how distracted they are from international events other than China,” he said.


There’s a 1930 to feel to the world, authoritarianism on the rise, a lack of Western leadership, weak international institutions unable to hold errant nations to account.

So the US isn’t doing enough bombing (as if), so authoritarianism is on the rise. Well yeah, I agree with that last bit. That’s what Ellwood himself has been promoting, complaining about people at Christmas seeing each other. But yeah, we keep pretending literally banning social interaction isn’t authoritarian. Because reasons.

And we also have the US government claiming that Russia is going to do a false flag to justify invading Ukraine. You couldn’t make it up. This is the best example of projection I have ever seen. And they are also complaining about Russia having troops within its own territory. I’d like to see Russia complain about Americans sticking troops in Texas and see how far they get. (Or maybe on the border with Canada, given the insane Corona fanaticism going on over there.)

Meanwhile, in the UK:

So the solution to Russian troops doing some war games in Belarus is to send some troops into Ukraine. Yeah, because it’s not like the West has ever aggravated the situation by war gaming with Ukraine, right? Right next to this thing called ‘the Russian border’?

There is zero context with any of these arguments in the mainstream media. Yeah yeah, so so what if the 2014 democratically elected Ukrainian government was overthrown with the help of some Nazis? So what if the West wanted to get Ukraine in NATO-by-proxy through the Association Agreement, which stipulates agreement on issues of security? Eh, Putin bad. Though it’s funny that Putin is still the ‘enemy’ despite his obvious compliance with the Covid narrative.

The serious discussion here is about competition versus co-operation in the clearly global Biosecurity State agenda, and what balance of those factors currently exists between the West, Russia and China. The classic imperialist European powers competed over colonies while all agreeing about the importance of the maintenance of the colonial domination over Africa, Latin America and Asia, and indeed sometimes agreed on the division of colonies between themselves for mutual benefits. We are observing the same dynamic today, in which Russia, China and the West have colluded with the Covid narrative in order to increase domestic control over their populations while the West continues its imperialist adventures abroad (often opposed by Russia/China for their own reasons).

But nah. Putin is stroking his white cat so get distracted folks!

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