Zombie Russians Part 2: Steele Beats a Dead Steed

Many people have observed that every other narrative in the world just got dropped as soon as Covid came along. ISIS terrorists and Russian spies magically disappeared the moment the deadliest pandemic in a century narrative became the most convienent one.

However, this doesn’t seem to stop the occassional half hearted flaying of a dead narrative. As I pointed out in my previous piece, Zombie Russians, our old friends Petrov and Boshirov were (briefly) brought out of retirement when the government needed a distraction from the US attempt to have anti-lockdown Belarussian president Alexander Lukashenko murdered.

Christopher Steele, the infamous author of the ‘Trump pee tape’ dossier, is back and being given uncritical coverage by Sky News. A 13 minute video put out by the news corporation asks Steele to defend his dossier and how he feels about the current situation with Russia. I couldn’t think of someone less qualified to talk about Russia than this muppet, but whatever.

If you’d like to laugh at it for yourself, it’s embedded below.

Sky News, of course, jazzes up the interview with some dramatic music and shots of Steele’s safe where he supposedly kept all his ‘research’. This is to make it seem like something out of James Bond when it’s really something out of Steele’s fever dreams.

The interview starts with the dramatic. “There are serious people at the top of Russia who regard themselves at war with us.” At the top of Russia? So there’s people standing on Mount Elbrus screaming about how we really need to bomb the Brits? It’s also rather funny how this ‘war’ with Russia has been on hold for 18 months because of ‘Covid’. You’d think if those pesky Russians were so dangerous the mainstream media would have stopped talking about the flu for more than two minutes over the past 18 months.

The next clip shows Steele agreeing to the idea that Russia has done hostile intelligence ops against the UK (after taking an extremely dramatic sip of tea.) Yeah, because Russia is like every other country in the world and has spies. They always act so shocked at the fact that Russia has spies, it’s hilarious.

The footage then flips to Steele’s Orbis Business Intelligence office, Steele’s hand on a chair, all very dramatic. (Pablo Miller, the guy who worked at Orbis Business Intelligence and just happened by some coincidence to be Sergei Skripal’s handler is not mentioned).

The ‘investigation’ by Steele into Trump and Russia is then launched into. “It was in this safe here that the bomb ticked,” Steele claims, bigging himself up as though the idea of Trump having sex with prostitutes is the most shocking and unexpected claim in the universe. Interestingly though, he implicitly distances himself from his work, talking about how ‘it was produced’ rather than ‘I produced it’. Probably because deep down he knows its bollocks.

Our sycophant for hire ‘journalist’ then asks him how much of his nonsense is true. Of course he says he ‘thinks’ it’s mostly true (allowing me to think it’s a load of nonsense). She then asks him about the reliability of his sources and he says ‘we were pretty confident that the majority of the sources were highly reliable’. (Who’s ‘we’ Mr. Steele? She asked you for your opinion.)

The narrator then says that Russia was accused of hacking the Clinton emails by the US government. One thing is not mentioned though is the name of the journalist (Julian Assange) or publisher (Wikileaks) which printed the emails. Can’t have our viewers searching ‘Julian Assange’ and inadvertently getting a bit of truth, now can we? (Or the protest footage from the march for Assange that happened in London yesterday for that matter.)

It then says that no evidence was found to corroborate the pee claim (although it doesn’t call it that, just calls it Trump with prostitutes and ‘sex tapes’ without mentioning any urination). Then Steele is asked his level of confidence in the ‘sex tape’ claim. He says it’s ‘pretty high’.

She then asks him if he is a fraud. He says ‘no’ but then adds ‘of course I’m not.’ He them talks about all the security clearances he’s been issued over the years as if that somehow proves something.

He then comes up with a bizarre claim that the Russians put some wedding rings in his wife’s sponge bag. Apparently this is the new Novichok.

We’re informed a Putin spokesperson declined to comment. Probably because he was too busy laughing.

The interview then moves on to the Brexit referendum, saying there was ‘potential attempts to fund parts of the Brexit campaign.’ So Russia didn’t fund the Brexit campaign, they only ‘attempted’ to? (There’s a serious point here; lingustically, the use of the words ‘potential attempts’ shows Steele is not committed to his own words. If he was, he would have just said ‘Russia funded the Leave campaign’.)

She then asks for evidence and he says that he doesn’t have it to hand. No shit. A lot of other things aimed at Russia are mentioned including that they tried to hack the Covid vaccine research, so if you thought we were gonna get through a mainstream media piece without them mentioning the scamdemic, well, you were wrong.

According to Steele, Russia also threatens unity among EU member states. Because the vast historical, lingustic, cultural and political differences between 27 separate countries are obviously caused by Putin.

Right at the end of the interview, Steele quotes Putin in the original Russian. I always find it so amusing that they think it somehow improves their argument if they are a capable of using a Russian word.

I probably know at least 2000 Russian words so my argument has got to be pretty good.

I’ve had enough of Steele now, so do svidaniya!

Zombie Russians

It is easy to forget about official narratives. Even completely bizarre official narratives, such as the Skripal affair. There is just such a tirade of nonsense from governments in the Western world that it becomes difficult to keep track of everything. Especially in the era of the most all-consuming official narrative I have seen in my lifetime: the story of the ‘worst pandemic in a century’ that will kill us all.

The onslaught of this nonsense has been so all consuming that everything else has been forgotten. Reported Missing: Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, have not been seen since February 2020, please contact Theresa May if you happen to see them doing anything a bit dodgy.

Switch on the news on the 18th April, however, and you were met with the famous photographs of the two men. Two surly Russian looking, well, Russians back on the nation’s media screens. Makes a change from the ubiquitous “deaths for any reason within 28 days of a positive test” figures, I grant you.

You may remember these two blokes from an incident known as ‘The Skripal Affair’ in which the incredibly ruthless, bloodthirsty mastermind Vladimir Putin of The Evil Empire sent in two extremely incompetent assassins to get rid of Sergei Skripal. Putin wanted to do this because he is, well, Putin and possesses more inherent evil than Satan encouraging 12-year-old kids to take heroin.

Being Putin, of course, he was above mundane methods of assassinating people such as shooting them in the head, and instead flaunted his Evil Credentials by employing the uber-Russian sounding Novichok so that everyone would know it was him just from the name. (Fun fact: the word Novichok means ‘newcomer’ in Russian.) Hoping to get extra points for style in the Beelzebub Rankings, he had his assassins smear this substance – also known as the World’s Deadliest Nerve Agent – on the door handle of Sergei Skripal’s house.

Our two assassins, having carried this out, then did a spot of window shopping in Salisbury. Sure, that might sound implausible – you would think assassins would like to leave the scene of the crime as soon as possible – but this is Putin we’re talking about. He likes to make sure his murders have the full effect by really rubbing it in. And what could be better for that purpose than looking in the window of a stamp and coin shop? Assassin Bargain Hunt: What could be better?

Meanwhile, the Skripals were able to wander around without collapsing for several hours, including a dinner at Zizzi’s, despite the fact they had been exposed to Novichok. But maybe the most important point is that our mastermind, playing chess when everyone else is playing Tiddlywinks, failed to assassinate Skripal at all.

Well, why are these two men back on our screens? Well, allegedly because they were involved in an ammunition dump in the Czech Republic exploding all the way back in 2014.

US government funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty puts it this way:

The explosion October 16, 2014, blast in Vrbetice set off 50 metric tons of stored ammunition. Two months later, another blast of 13 tons of ammunition occurred at the same site.

The two alleged suspects have “various passports, including Russian documents in the names of Aleksandr Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov.”

Apparently, Russia only has two blokes to send in there regardless of the job, so that these two lucky chaps have to multitask as both explosion experts and World’s Deadliest Nerve Agent experts. I mean, I thought with that oil money Putin could afford a few more secret agents. Preferably some that don’t smoke pot the night before handling Novichok.

I wonder what they’ve been up to while we’ve all been distracted by the Deadliest Plague in a Century that Requires us to Change our Way of Life Forever? Or maybe the claims about the Wuhan Lab are all nonsense, and in fact it was Boshirov and Petrov that came up with Sars-Cov-2 in a Russian lab and then blamed it on the Chinese. Just remember, when the mainstream media comes out with this one, that you heard it here first.