Mass Murder in the Covid Era: The Continuation of Imperialism in ‘The Middle of a Deadly Pandemic’

[Image from the Army recruitment office in Birmingham City Centre]


Western governments have been obsessively pushing the narrative that Covid-19 is an extremely dangerous pathogen that is killing millions of people worldwide. People who do not agree with this official narrative have been demonised as murderers. However, Western governments’ policies of killing innocent people abroad have continued unabated despite the alleged ‘deadly pandemic’. Destruction of vital infrastructure such as hospitals and the creation of refugees could only inflame a real pandemic. This continuing imperialist murder in itself thus belies the entire Covid Narrative.


There are multiple countries in which the US and their allies are continuing a murderous foreign policy. I will start, however, by addressing Afghanistan, as according to the official narrative, the US government ‘ended the war in Afghanistan’ by withdrawing and allowing the Taliban to take over from the US backed government in Kabul.

Even on the official narrative, however, this withdrawal did not take place until mid-2021. In other words, over a year into the alleged ‘deadliest pandemic in a century’. Even according to the official logic, killing people in Afghanistan was fine while people in the West were under lockdowns to ‘save lives’.

And yes, the US government was continuing to murder civilians. On August 29 the US government carried out a drone strike in which 10 civilians were killed. This included a 3-year-old girl.


The mass murder of civilians in Yemen has been policy for several years. Saudi Arabia is waging war on the country, with assistance (such as selling weapons and being part of Saudi control centres) from the US and UK governments.

In fact, certain actions taken during the Yemen war have been designed to spread pathogens. According to a study published by the NIH:

The Yemen cholera outbreak has been driven by years of conflict and has now [December 2018] become the largest in epidemiologically recorded history with more than 1.2 million cases since the beginning of the outbreak in April, 2017. 

This hasn’t stopped the coalition bombing cholera treatment centres, however:

A military coalition formally led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and supported by the United States and Britain, bombed a newly constructed cholera treatment in Yemen on Monday, June 11.

The bombing of Yemen has continued throughout the Covid 19 ‘pandemic’. There are multiple examples of this continuing warfare.

This article from November 2021, for example:

This week, dozens of people were killed and injured near the Yemen-Saudi border when U.S.-made warplanes and French-made howitzer cannons fired unabated on many populated border areas in Sadaa and Hajjah — including the Monabeh, Sahar, alSafra, al-Dhaher and Sheda areas. Samer Manea Ali Hussein, a 15-year-old Yemeni boy, was killed along with others on Monday when a French-made howitzer cannon hit a village in the Monabeh region, one of Yemen’s border areas that are subjected to daily bombardment.

Whereas this article highlights the fact that the US is still supporting Saudi bombing campaigns in 2021:

“The United States continues to provide maintenance support to Saudi Arabia’s Air Force given the critical role it plays in Saudi air defense and our longstanding security partnership,” a Pentagon spokesperson told Vox over the weekend.

The maintenance is done through the Pentagon’s Foreign Military Sales program, which means Saudi Arabia pays the US to provide contractors that can maintain the warplanes.


Another conflict that is still ongoing is that in Syria. The US government has been trying for 10 years to remove Assad from power using proxy forces in Syria. These forces are Islamist extremists who want to impose a Islamist society on secular Syria.

The terrorist forces in Syria have inflicted terrible suffering on Syrian civilians, and Western governments have imposed sanctions which have inflicted further suffering. Many of these sanctions have affected the medical system and the health of the population:

Sanctions have, as I wrote last December, impacted Syria’s ability to import medicines or the raw materials needed to manufacture them, medical equipment, and machines and materials needed to manufacture prosthetic limbs, among other things.

Syria reports that the latest sanctions are already preventing civilians from acquiring “imported drugs, especially antibiotics, as some companies have withdrawn their licenses granted to drug factories,” due to the sanctions.

US troops have continued to maintain an illegal presence in Syria despite the clear opposition of the Assad government and Syrian people to this occupation.

In 2018, Whitney Webb wrote that:

Currently, the U.S. occupies nearly a third of Syrian territory — around 30 percent — including much of the area east of the Euphrates River, encompassing large swaths of the Deir Ezzor, Al-Hasakah and Raqqa regions.

According to this article at least 900 troops remain in Syria as of July 2021. According to the official narrative this is to support the Syrian Democratic Forces fighting ISIS. (In reality the SDF is simply another US proxy designed to weaken and Balkanise Syria). These troops have been accused of plundering resources by the Syrian government (as they happen to be conveniently occupying the areas of Syria that have the most oil).

Israel has also been repeatedly bombing Syria, for example this airstrike in Homs that killed 2 civilians and injured 6 members of the Syrian Arab Army. They are also continuing their presence in the Golan Heights which they have been illegally occupying since 1967.


The criminal actions against the Palestinian people by the US backed Israeli government have been happening for decades and are continuing to happen during the alleged pandemic.

For example, in July 2021, the Israeli armed forces attacked Al-Aqsa mosque, an extremely significant site in Islam:

Heavily armed Israeli occupation police forces, making way for illegal settler extremists to storm the site, violently removed Palestinian worshippers from the al-Aqsa mosque compound. The Israeli forces shot tear gas and rubber bullets, as well as other munitions, at elderly worshippers during prayer and proceeded to violently assault unarmed women.

Israeli settler violence has continued, as well as the expansion of settlements.

So What Does This Mean for the Official Covid Narrative?

The continuation of mass murder abroad fatally undermines the Official Covid Narrative. The elite reasons for lockdown were allegedly to keep the population ‘safe from a deadly virus’. Now, the elites are clearly not very concerned about the deaths from a deadly virus among those in Yemen, Afghanistan, and other countries they have continued to bomb and sanction. The Western countries – despite claiming to be spending all their efforts and resources upon ‘fighting Covid-19’ – clearly still have a large amount of resources left over to bomb and kill people abroad.

It goes further than this, however. Their narrative that ‘no-one is safe until all of us are safe’ – referring to the necessity for the whole population of the world to be ‘vaccinated’ against Covid-19 – is in complete contradiction to their actions in places such as Yemen. Destruction of hospital infrastructure and sanctions make it much for difficult to carry out the (in the eyes of the establishment) necessary ‘vaccination’ programs to ensure that we are all ‘safe from the deadly pandemic’. And the fact that Yemen or Syria are far away countries isn’t relevant either – what with the racist fearmongering about ‘variants emerging in India/Africa where people aren’t vaccinated’. If ‘no one is safe until everyone is safe’ why is medical infrastructure in Yemen being destroyed?

The imperialist wars in the Middle East (as well as the previous destruction of Libya) also fuel migration crises. While the governments of the West were putting their populations under house arrest because going out ‘spreads the virus’ they were forcing people to flee their homes due to bombings, thus, on their own narrative, spreading the virus.


There have been no significant changes to the murderous imperialist foreign policy due to the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’. The Covid-19 narrative has been used as a shield to hide these foreign policy decisions by distracting the public. The continuing bombings and sanctions, however, are clear evidence that the elite does not care about the health of the population.

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