Anti Vax Pass/Lockdown/Tyranny March 18th December 2021

I had some problems getting to this event. I had aimed for 12 o clock arrival but did not get there until 10 to 1 due to a Birmingham train delay and then Underground chaos due to a strike action. Most of the underground lines were off or severely delayed.

I have no idea how many people were at this event. Parliament Square was very full in contrast to the previous week where it was mostly empty.

I watched as the crowd went past at Parliament Square and tagged on near the back. It took about 20 minutes for the crowd to go past me and more people seemed to keep appearing from nowhere. Anyway it was a large number of people.

My London geography is not very good but having attended several protests there I have an idea of some places. The route was Parliament Square > Hyde Park > Marble Arch > Oxford Circus > Piccadilly Circus > Trafalgar Square > Downing Street (although I stopped at Piccadilly).

I will post some footage below from the event:

Quick clip below from early on (not sure where this is):

After about an hour (you can hear the cars beeping at the protesters in this one):

Here is Hyde Park, I tried to show some of the scale of the march in this video:

Here is Oxford Street:

Here’s Piccadilly Circus. Note I had cut through to Regent Street so I was nearer the front but I still don’t know where the front was. Note although it looks like it may have finished at the end of this clip, more people appeared after I stopped the video.

Here’s more people going past Piccadilly Circus, from a different spot:

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