Birmingham ‘Truth Be Told’ Protest 14th January 2023

The Truth Be Told protests are focused on drawing attention to the horrific injuries some people have suffered after taking the Covid 19 ‘vaccine’.

The speakers were people who had been injured by these experimental injections, but most of them were unable to attend in person due to the severity of their injuries.

Listening to the speakers it was more than obvious that these ‘vaccines’ are a horror beyond comprehension. They are capable of the complete destruction of a human being not just via physical death.

The AstraZeneca Covid ‘vaccine’ was the culprit in the injuries outlined in the videos – all four speakers specified that they had AstraZeneca. The story behind the AstraZeneca jab is an interesting one in itself given that it has essentially disappeared from the market. While all of the Covid ‘vaccines’ are dangerous, all of the dangers were pinned on AstraZeneca (and in the US, J&J) despite Pfizer and Moderna causing the same effects. But there is no explicit acknowledgement that this product has been de facto pulled, and therefore no explicit acknowledgement that these individuals harmed were given a dangerous product.

After the speakers there was a march around town with leaflets being given out. There were other protests, a stall run by supporters of the official narrative on Ukraine and people who oppose the Iranian government. There was leafleting and handing out The Light Paper, not that many people wanted a leaflet unfortunately.

You can listen to the stories of the ‘vaccine’ injured on my Odysee channel.

Anti Covid Measures Protest Leicester 29 October 2022

Before we get into this, the content I took of this protest is my first censorship on YouTube. This is for breaching the ‘medical misinformation’ policy, i.e. speakers suggesting that individuals have died from the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’. For the record, I have 19 subscribers on there, so apparently that is a threat to their narrative:

While the video called ‘Vaccine’ Deaths was about people ‘dying suddenly’ and other related things, the Debbie Hicks video was not primarily about the jabs, but about the NHS denying people care under the pretext of ‘Covid’, which I have experienced myself so know for a fact did happen. She only mentioned jab deaths as an aside from the main argument, so I am not sure if it is the aside on the jabs or the questioning of Our NHS(TM) that got the video censored.

Needless to say, I will no longer upload any Covid-related videos to YouTube and all footage from the Leicester protest on there has been deleted. I don’t want my account banned purely because I don’t want to make a new account to have to follow people on there. My Covid protest footage will now be only available on Odysee, Bitchute and Rumble.

The Tribe of Leicester are a group that run weekly events outside the Clock Tower in Leicester city centre. Here’s a selection of some of the protest signs that they use at events:

I’m sure this Muslim woman is a white supremacist according to our media.
Covid ‘Vaccine’ victims.

Today they had a couple of outside speakers at the event. Debbie Hicks (the woman who filmed an empty hospital in Gloustershire) and Piers Corbyn. Dr. Mohammad Adil was due to speak but was advised not to by his lawyers (for the unaware, Dr. Adil was suspended from the NHS early on in the ‘pandemic’ as he doubts the existence of the sars-cov-2 virus). I knew Hicks was due to speak but I did not know Corbyn was.

I have a lot of footage from the protest uploaded. The main themes were the deaths and injuries caused by the ‘vaccination’ program and the ‘died suddenly’ cases, the importance of cash and fighting back against digital currency and the World Economic Forum. Piers Corbyn spoke about several different topics, climate change, covid-19, Just Stop Oil and the RMT strikes.

Video footage is available on my channels, just don’t go to YouTube.

Anti-Vax Mandate/Covid Tyranny Protest Birmingham 22nd January 2022

I had a prior appointment so unfortunately was not able to stay to hear all the speakers at the rally but I did want to attend anyway to show my support for the opposition to vaccine mandates etc. I was thus only there between 12.10 and 1.10 so anything that happened outside of those times I didn’t get to see. I still got some pictures and footage to share though from the protest.

The protest was in Chamberlain Square this time and I must say the vibe of the protest was great. I felt a lot of positive energy from the protest in general. Here was the crowd at the time of arrival 12.10:

The crowd did get quite a bit bigger than this.

Around 12.25 a group of NHS workers supporting #NHS100K walked into the rally and you can see the footage below:

Here’s some footage showing the crowd around 12.35 to give an indication of how many were at the protest. While it’s difficult to compare due to the fact that previous protests have taken place in different squares, I think this one was bigger than the previous ones I have attended in Birmingham.

The crowd can be seen in this photo, obviously there were also some people behind me and to the side on the square:

I stayed for the first few speeches. There was quite a few mentions of this Mark Sexton legal case that is being heavily discussed in covid sceptic circles. There was also a press release regarding the case handed out, which said that:

Hugely significant allegations have been made of serious crimes being committed by a number of UK government ministers, civil servants, heads of news networks etc.

[…] The UK’s biggest criminal investigation is now live.

Personally I am a bit sceptical of this, although I will say I have not done a lot of research into the case itself. I am not convinced by the idea that the police, who are part of the corrupt system enforcing the lockdown etc. measures would be willing to investigate that corrupt system.

There was also discussion of NHS100K and the jab mandates. There was also a member of NHS staff who spoke out opposing the mandate:

Interestingly unlike previous anti-lockdown protests there were a few traditional left winger types there. There were two blokes with some Workers’ Party of Britain flags. Previously their party has claimed to attend anti-lockdown actions – I did question this but the tweet seems to have disappeared. Anyway I never saw any of their flags etc. at any previous events I attended. There was also one guy with a placard saying ‘Pro-vaccine, anti-mandatory vaccine’ with a Unison logo.

There is more footage of this event on my Bitchute channel.

Anti Vax Pass/Lockdown/Tyranny March 18th December 2021

I had some problems getting to this event. I had aimed for 12 o clock arrival but did not get there until 10 to 1 due to a Birmingham train delay and then Underground chaos due to a strike action. Most of the underground lines were off or severely delayed.

I have no idea how many people were at this event. Parliament Square was very full in contrast to the previous week where it was mostly empty.

I watched as the crowd went past at Parliament Square and tagged on near the back. It took about 20 minutes for the crowd to go past me and more people seemed to keep appearing from nowhere. Anyway it was a large number of people.

My London geography is not very good but having attended several protests there I have an idea of some places. The route was Parliament Square > Hyde Park > Marble Arch > Oxford Circus > Piccadilly Circus > Trafalgar Square > Downing Street (although I stopped at Piccadilly).

I will post some footage below from the event:

Quick clip below from early on (not sure where this is):

After about an hour (you can hear the cars beeping at the protesters in this one):

Here is Hyde Park, I tried to show some of the scale of the march in this video:

Here is Oxford Street:

Here’s Piccadilly Circus. Note I had cut through to Regent Street so I was nearer the front but I still don’t know where the front was. Note although it looks like it may have finished at the end of this clip, more people appeared after I stopped the video.

Here’s more people going past Piccadilly Circus, from a different spot:

Unite for Freedom March 28th August 2021

So I finally, after months of saying I was going to go to one of the big anti-medical tyranny protests in London, actually went to one.

I arrived at Hyde Park about 1 o’clock, so most of the crowd had already gathered at this point. I don’t want to hazard a guess as to the size. Later on, I filmed some of it walking past but I don’t think I got close to the actual size.

The approach taken by the organisers this time was a march throughout London (a long one at that). There was criticism of the last event for having speakers not likely to appeal to ordinary people (such as Gareth Icke) and having the same line up as a year ago. It was also criticised for bringing up issues that don’t seem obviously related to medical tyranny to the ordinary person.

I don’t know the organisers, but I would guess that they took this criticism into account when organising this protest. There were no speakers this time, just a march that lasted from 1.15 until 4.00. The advertising also seemed a bit more focussed on specifically vaccine passports and medical tyranny. Before the march, there were also people handing out free t-shirts stating ‘Against Vaccine Passports’ (this is the website). Quite a few people had them on. It did make the message a bit more focussed, although the signs still varied.

I ended up near the front of the march because I arrived near dead last.

The walking route from Hyde Park to Clapham Common is quite long anyway, over an hour apparently. The route taken by the march was not the most direct one, as it went via The Oval and Brixton.

The march started off going through Wellington Arch.

I don’t exactly know what route the march took, all I can say is that I wasn’t familiar with the landmarks. Which doesn’t mean much as I’m not a Londoner.

Instead I will offer some reflections on the march.

The mainstream media like to portray people who are sceptical of the Official Covid Narrative as fitting into a particular box – generally middle-aged white people sympathetic to Brexit (or ‘Gammons’ as they are mocked by the woke brigade). Having attended this march, and other previous anti-lockdown events in Birmingham, this is not true. The mix of people was pretty broad, including all ages and races and different religions.

As far as I could tell there were also different political ideologies at the march – though of course you cannot tell political ideologies by looking at people. Right wing people were more prominent in the symbols displayed. There were a couple of pro-Trump flags and the Heritage Party – led by David Kurten – were also in attendance. There were also a few signs referring to medical tyranny as ‘communism’ – though also some (more accurately) analogising medical tyranny to Nazism.* The established left wing groups – as I have pointed out in previous articles – are supporters of medical tyranny making any left wing presence there much less obvious. But there were a few indications of anarchist presense there as well. Independent media – such as UK Column and 21 Wire – were also represented in the tshirts. Most people did not seem to be promoting a specific ideology.

The second impression that mainstream media likes to give of people sceptical of the Official Covid Narrative is that they are a crazy mob of people that are full of hatred and want people to die. Again, this is not true. I saw no examples of violence or any aggression towards police or bystanders. There were a few examples of a random person from the march telling people to take off the mask, that is the most ‘aggressive’ that it got.

The third impression the mainstream media likes to give is that people who question the narrative are an extreme lunatic fringe. Again, this is not true. Of course there were people there who believe in ‘conspiracy theories’ that the general public reject (or even that I personally reject).

However, most passersby seemed either neutral towards the march or supportive of it. There were several examples of bystanders cheering the march that I saw, however I saw no examples of hostility such as people calling us covidiots, anti-vaxxers, or any other slurs used by the mainstream media. Now, of course, individuals could have thought that privately and not expressed that view.

In terms of the approach to the protest, I think that a march may have helped to get the anti-vaccine passport message out to more people. It would have been helpful, however, for the organisers to have announced where the march was going to end up beforehand. I did not know where I was going, which is why I stayed relatively near the front, and the only plan I had to get home was hoping that I ended up by a Tube station. Fortunately Clapham Common is on the Northern Charing Cross route so it was okay in the end, but it would have been much more convienient to know, especially for people with disabilities.

To close I will state that footage of the march is available on my Bitchute account.

[*End note: I know that someone will try to strawman this argument and claim that I am saying that Boris Johnson is Hitler, or disrespecting the Holocaust by stating this opinion. What I mean specifically by stating that this analogy is more accurate is that both Nazi Germany and modern medical tyranny demonise a group of people as unclean disease spreaders that infect the body politic with their mere presense.]

‘Wait Two Weeks’: The Reasons Behind this Constant Refrain

Believers in the Official Covid Narrative – the idea that Sars-Cov-2 is a uniquely deadly virus that means lockdowns, mandatory masks, and mass vaccinations are necessary to prevent mass death – often revel in predictions of doom and gloom. We can call this the ‘Wait Two Weeks’ phenomena, as any time that a mass gathering has happened in the UK, a Covid Narrative believer pops up in the comments making the argument that in two weeks there will be a massive spike in Covid-19 cases.

The Argument

This argument began to emerge around 9 May 2020, with the celebrations of the 75th Anniversary of V.E. Day. It increased in frequency near the end of May and beginning of June 2020, with people flocking to beaches to enjoy the warm weather and the Black Lives Matter protests following the death of George Floyd. (Though, of course, the big dollop of hypocrisy from many on the BLM issue should be noted, as some defended BLM protests while condemning everyone else as ‘spreading Covid’.)

The argument has continued to be posted underneath every Twitter image that showed people ‘breaking the Covid rules’. It has particularly been employed as an argument against every single anti-lockdown protest, with narrative supporters claiming that this would lead to a huge spike in Covid cases and probably another lockdown.

The Reasons Behind The Argument

Needless to say, none of the people who make this claim have provided any evidence of a Covid spike caused by these events. Indeed, the very large anti-lockdown protest in London in April was a month ago, but zero evidence exists that this event caused a spike in Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations, or deaths. So why do people keep making this argument, when the argument has failed every single time to be substantiated by evidence two weeks later?

The first reason for the continuing repetition of this argument is that it has become a mantra of faith in the Covid Cult. Similarly to all other mantras, such as ‘Stay Safe’, it is repeated as a sign of loyalty to the cult.

Secondly, there is a sense of superiority when it comes to this mantra. The author of the post saying ‘wait two weeks’ is signalling that they would never be so devoid of virtue as to break the government’s regulations. There is also a large element of snobbery to this argument as well. It isn’t the virtuous middle class – who the author is part of – that is breaking the rules, it is those nationalist, Brexit-voting proles that want to celebrate V.E. Day. It is those ignorant working-class people who flood the beaches when there is nice weather, rather than staying at home in their non-existent garden.

We also see a perverse craving for the prediction to come true in these statements. They almost want the mass deaths from Covid to happen in order to validate their narrative. They long to say ‘I told you so’ to narrative critics, even though it would be much better for people if the narrative critics are correct. This desire comes from the denial of death. According to the Official Covid Narrative, death is preventable so long as we all follow ‘the rules’. This is what Covid narrative believers want: death to be preventable.  If death is contingent on the rules, it allows the speaker to deny their own death (as they do not ‘break the rules’) while at the same time perversely obsessing over the deaths of other people. This ‘death denial while obsessing over death’ phenomena is at the heart of the contradictory nature of the Official Covid Narrative.


It has never been demonstrated by Covid Narrative believers that Covid spikes occur after outdoor mass gatherings. However, they repeat the claim that mass gatherings mean mass death constantly. This is because they have other psychological reasons to believe in this claim rather than its truth.