Welcome to Cassandra’s Box, independent media and commentary from the cursed prophetess of Troy.

The articles on Cassandra’s Box draw upon insights from the broad independent & alternative media milieu, left wing political, economic and anti-imperialist theory, gender critical feminism, and natural spirituality, in order to create a perspective that is truly radical, that is, to the root of the problems in society.

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I am always interested in uploading to multiple platforms to circumvent any possible censorship.

Key Beliefs and Interests:

  • Opposition to the Covid 19 narrative, including lockdowns, Covid ‘vaccines’, and masks. I do not believe the official story about a deadly virus killing us all; what we are actually witnessing is a mass psychological operation for power, control and other nefarious motives.
  • Opposition to Transhumanism, one of the ultimate goals of the Covid narrative.
  • Opposition to the reality denying agenda and Big Pharma driven idea of ‘transgenderism’ which is designed to make masses of money for Big Pharma and dissociate people from biological reality as a wedge to drive in transhumanism.
  • Supporter of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
  • Support Whistleblowers and defend them from state persecution, supportive of exposing all state abuses.
  • Anti-Imperialist, reject wars of choice and the lies behind them, eg. Syria, Libya, Iraq & Anti-Intervention, reject CIA coups and the lies behind them, and anti-Israeli Apartheid
  • Reject elite distraction narratives such as Russiagate.
  • I support vaccination abolition and believe that vaccine-injury is a much broader category than has been previously acknowledged.

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