Welcome to Cassandra’s Box, independent media and commentary from the cursed prophetess of Troy.

The articles on Cassandra’s Box draw upon insights from the broad independent & alternative media milieu, left wing political, economic and anti-imperialist theory, gender critical feminism, and natural spirituality, in order to create a perspective that is truly radical, that is, to the root of the problems in society.

I do not believe in being offensive for the sake of being offensive, but at the same time I refuse to practice self-censorship to spare people’s feelings.

Twitter: cassandrasbox

Facebook: cassandrasboxmedia

Key Beliefs and Interests:

  • Supporter of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange & believe he should be freed from prison/not extradited to the US. Reject CIA lies about him.
  • Support Whistleblowers and defend them from state persecution, supportive of exposing all state abuses.
  • Scepticism of the Covid 19 Narrative and the lockdowns brought in off the back of that narrative.
  • Reject technocratic ‘New Normal’ and the Surveillance State, Immunity Passports and all other aspects of this agenda.
  • Anti-War, reject wars of choice and the lies behind them, eg. Syria, Libya, Iraq.
  • Anti-Intervention, reject CIA coups and the lies behind them.
  • Reject elite distraction narratives such as Russiagate.
  • Anti-Israeli Apartheid.
  • Supportive of Women’s Rights and Lesbians.
  • Protect Children, expose pedophiles.
  • Critical of obsessive Virtue Signalling rather than real action.
  • Critical of postmodernist attempts to redefine basic language.
  • Support working together to get things done and achieve positive results even if you have some disagreements.

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