Welcome to Cassandra’s Box, independent media and commentary from the UK.

This website operates on the principle of radical truth, that is, no self censorship and no concern with what people think is worthy of ‘cancelling’. It is generally written from the point of view of someone who has always been on the left but does not identify with modern left wing movements.

Twitter: cassandrasbox

Facebook: cassandrasboxmedia

Key Beliefs and Interests:

  • Supporter of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange & believe he should be freed from prison/not extradited to the US. Reject CIA lies about him.
  • Support Whistleblowers and defend them from state persecution, supportive of exposing all state abuses.
  • Scepticism of the Covid 19 Narrative and the lockdowns brought in off the back of that narrative.
  • Reject technocratic ‘New Normal’ and the Surveillance State, Immunity Passports and all other aspects of this agenda.
  • Anti-War, reject wars of choice and the lies behind them, eg. Syria, Libya, Iraq.
  • Anti-Intervention, reject CIA coups and the lies behind them.
  • Reject elite distraction narratives such as Russiagate.
  • Anti-Israeli Apartheid.
  • Supportive of Women’s Rights and Lesbians.
  • Protect Children, expose pedophiles.
  • Critical of obsessive Virtue Signalling rather than real action.
  • Critical of postmodernist attempts to redefine basic language.
  • Support working together to get things done and achieve positive results even if you have some disagreements.