Anti Vaccine Passports Protest 11th December 2021

(Apologies for the delayed post. I have not had time to upload video/picture content and write/proofread.)

I went to the anti vaccine passport protest in London on the 11th December organised by primarily Big Brother Watch and some other liberty groups.

Unfortunately, the protest was not that large. Although it was announced at short notice I was hoping there would be a higher turnout. I know a lot of people are planning to go to the 18th event so stuck to that, but I wanted to come to this one because it was before the vote. I was hoping for a significant show of force before the vote, but unfortunately this did not happen.

I got to Parliament Square about 12 o’clock and stayed until 2.20 or so. By then it seemed like most people had dispersed. Initially the group were just milling about but then one of the organisers got everyone together to take photographs behind a banner.

There was someone speaking into a megaphone at a few points but it was not particularly well amplified (which is a problem I find at at lot of protests to be honest) so I don’t really have summaries of what was said. They weren’t particularly long speeches.

In terms of the crowd, there was a mixture. There were a few people with more stereotypically ‘conspiracy theorist’ signs against the injections themselves. However there were also some people supporting the injections but not the passports. There were two people – even wearing masks outside, something I’ll never understand – with signs saying ‘Anti pass is not anti vax’.

The main rally lasted from about 12pm to 1.45-2ish. There was no march or anything like that. Around 1.30-1.45 another group turned up and made some speeches. The group is called Vaccine Injured Voice and they made some speeches of their own off from the main protest near the Churchill statue (pictured below).

The Vaccine Injured Voice group appeared to be led by a woman called Julie who was injured by the Astra Zeneca jab. There is an interview with her from another event carried out by Willsy from Resistance GB. This group didn’t appear to be connected to the main protest, as the main protest groups involved in the action are not anti-vaccine per se, just anti vaccine passport.

They invited people to come forward if they had a vaccine injury, or if they just wanted to make a speech.

There is some video footage below:

I believe this man took the Astra Zeneca originally but had a reaction to the Pfizer booster shot.

A couple of interesting incidents to report.

Early on in the protest someone wanted to interview me. They didn’t have a camera and they didn’t write anything down so it was a bit odd. Anyway this person really didn’t like it when I questioned the injection and kept asking me about how so and so means its safe. I have got to be honest and say off the cuff is not my strong point as I ramble too much and miss out a lot of stuff I think of later so I probably didn’t make my point very well. I just thought it was interesting how she got defensive. She was also wearing a mask (who wears masks outside?).

I also overheard a conversation between two people, one of whom claimed to work for GB News. For non-UK based readers GB News is a mainstream media outlet that started up relatively recently as an alternative to the BBC et al. They have anti-woke right leanings and their coverage reflects this. Although they are pro-vaccine they have been questioning vaccine passports and lockdowns a fair bit, more than the other MSM outlets. It should be kept in mind though that they have the same limitations as other MSM.

However, they did have someone on, a Dr. Aseem Malhotra, to talk about the risks of the vaccine in terms of heart issues. The two people having the conversation got on to the topic of media regulation. The GB News staff member said that they got hammered by Ofcom (UK media regulator) for bringing on the doctor despite the fact that the doctor is a qualified expert. If true this is a good example of the type of censorship we’re up against. A qualified doctor being banned from talking about a paper in Circulation? Sure, but it’s about the science.

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