Birmingham Anti Covid Measures Protest 19th November 2022

This was a walk round the city centre with some protest signs and flags. There were no speeches to record today.

The route of the march started outside the Art museum, went through the German Market and round to Pigeon Park and from there back down towards the Bull Ring. The group stopped in several places so this very short distance walk took maybe 45 minutes.

Pro Cash Messages

Now that the Covid insanity has receded somewhat (though not entirely) there is a large amount of messaging on the importance of cash – which is extremely important to combat the digital identity/social credit score matrix the elite want to build. We mustn’t forget that Covid per se is not the point, the point is to build this control matrix and Covid is merely the means.

Perhaps ‘the left’ could’ve considered the above.

The nature of the toxic covid injections was also a theme as well as the large amount of people who have ‘died suddenly’.

And also the theme of Matt Hancock, now he is an ‘I’m a Celebrity’ contestant, and his purchases of large amounts of Midazolam.

There is video footage on my Odysee account. This is the video where someone starts playing Uprising by Muse on the speakers.

One thought on “Birmingham Anti Covid Measures Protest 19th November 2022

  1. Warwick Vegan

    Belated thanks for posting this. My conscience told me that I ought to have been there, but I’ll admit that weariness had set in. It now seems an awful long time ago since August 2020 and the first such protest that I participated in, in Victoria Square, Birmingham.

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