World Wide Rally For Freedom 4.0: Birmingham

The World Wide Rally for Freedom event returned this weekend for the fourth time. While the big monthly protests are in London only (there is another ‘Medical Freedom March’ on the 25th September) the World Wide Rallies focus more on regional events, including London. This time, events were advertised on the Stand Up X website as occurring in Birmingham, Cardiff, Dublin, Leeds, London, Manchester and Norwich.

The Birmingham event took place at 12 o’clock at Centenary Square. Apparently some people thought it was 1pm at Victoria Square, as the organisers mentioned to people there to get the correct location out on social media, so I’m assuming there was some confusion. (For those who don’t know the geography, these two places are only a couple of minutes away from each other.)

Here is the advertisement with the list of speakers that were present.

Here is a photo of the square early on in the event:

I would say about 500-600 people total at the event – the crowd got a bit bigger after this photo was taken.

Unfortunately during the second speaker a man collapsed on the floor. I didn’t see what went on exactly. One of the protesters got the police officers to come over and call an ambulance for the man. The protest was delayed until the ambulance arrived. Hopefully the man was okay though I haven’t heard anything else regarding the situation.

The speakers at the protest were a bit scattergun in their approach and I don’t think the message felt that focused. A couple of themes did seem to run through all of the speakers though. One was the idea of what could broadly be called ‘spiritual warfare’: the idea of good versus evil and the divine being on the side of the protesters. The second one was protecting the children from the vaccine and making sure your children do not get injected.

Other than that the speakers seemed to have some conflicting opinions regarding the police and other issues, with some praising the West Midlands police for being restrained and helping with the collapse of the man in the crowd while others seeming to be more anarchistic. There also seemed to be some criticism of previous actions from the speakers as well. One speaker was insistent that attendees exchange numbers and liaise outside of the protests and criticising Telegram, while others gave out Telegram links.

The signs people had tended to focus on the vaccine – such as ‘Say No to the Sajid JABid variant’ and listing the deaths and adverse events reported to Yellow Card and VAERS. There was one person in a Grim Reaper costume with a large needle milling around the protest.

A few of the people near the back seemed to have a decent success rate engaging with members of the public. Several copies of ‘The Light’ paper were given out. There was one man who yelled ‘Bullshit’ at one of the speeches (interestingly, not wearing a mask).

I have uploaded some clips of the event to my Youtube channel and Bitchute channel. I will embed the clips on Youtube below but will also link to the Bitchute video for anyone avoiding Youtube due to YT censorship.

Firstly, a man speaking about opposing the Primark jab program:

Bitchute alternative.

Secondly, about the importance of Sovereignty:

Bitchute Alternative.

Charlotte Wright speaks out about her husband’s death from vaccine induced thrombocytopenia.

[Bitchute seems to not want to process this – I’m guessing because of the length, will add link later]

Jacelyn Dunn – Homeschool your children, schools are not safe:

Bitchute equivalent

I think Charlotte Wright deserves credit for speaking out in particular given the vilification people receive if they even mildly criticise these injections.

I feel better about the protest after the fact than I did while I was there. I do think it is important to have regional actions and not just London.

The big test (as one of the speakers said in the context of the police) will be in a month or two when the inevitable return to lockdown happens, as well as the inevitable vaccine passport. How we get out of this mess is a very difficult question to answer.

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