Leicester Protest With John O’Looney: 4th June 2022

I saw this protest advertised on the Stand Up X website and thought I’d go being as Leicester isn’t far away and there were actually trains running. The main focus of this protest was a 20 minute or so speech from John O’Looney.

For anyone who is not familiar with John O’Looney, though I assume most readers are, he is an undertaker who came to question the Covid Narrative through his work. Basically, his main observations are as such:

  • O’Looney states he observed no increase in overall death in 2020 while we were allegedly ‘in the middle of a deadly pandemic’;
  • He also states he saw a massive increase in death for the first 12 weeks of 2021 (i.e. during the beginning of the Covid 19 jab rollout).

He did an interview which was posted on Bitchute and got a large amount of views which outlined his perspective as an undertaker. It was originally published in September 2021.

It was a small protest in Leicester city centre, at the ‘Clock Tower’. 100-150 people standing around in a circle in the square. I recognised some attendees from Birmingham protests I have been to before.

This was the only anti-covid narrative protest I have been to where there was quite a lot of people disagreeing with the protesters. There were quite a few people who shouted stuff like ‘follow the science’ and ‘you want to kill people’ at the protest. Yes those literal actual tropes. Some guy even ripped up a copy of ‘The Light’ Paper. There were some other people who were more willing to take the leaflets and papers. Someone else engaged one of the protesters on the topic of collapsing athletes, due to the below sign:

There were some overlap in attendees and speakers with the Birmingham and Wolverhampton protests I previously attended.

If you want to watch footage from the protest, it is uploaded on my Youtube and Bitchute accounts, including the full speech by John O’Looney.

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