The Sacraments of the Covid Cult and Their Connection to Transhumanism


One of the main aims of the Covid Narrative is to normalise a transhumanist agenda. This is evident from several aspects of the official Covid narrative, including the mRNA nature of the Covid jabs and the promotion of ‘biosensors’ (as discussed in my previous 2 part series on The Covid Narrative destroying our links to the natural world). This article will focus more specifically on the cult sacraments as practised by ordinary adherents and how they feed into the transhumanist logic being relentlessly pushed by individuals such as Klaus Schwab.

The Target of Worship: ‘The Science’

Every cult needs an object of worship in order to function, and the Covid Cult is no exception. In this case, the object of worship is known as ‘The Science’.

While cults can have a belief in a deity, the object of worship is generally a leader who is said to represent that deity, or a noble sounding construct that is channeled through a leader. In the Covid Cult, the object of veneration is the concept of ‘The Science’ itself, rather than specific leaders that represent the concept of ‘The Science’ through their utterings. As Covid is a political cult, the elites want to keep individual actors within the system disposable and so cannot encourage them as objects of veneration in themselves (for example, Matt Hancock was removed from the British Health Secretary position as soon as he became too unpopular, and some American observers think Anthony Fauci is being prepared for ‘sacrifice’ in a similar way).

‘The Science’ is a very convenient object of worship for those who desire to push transhumanist ideologies. As an object of cult worship, it cannot be questioned. Any scientific evidence – even peer reviewed studies – that go against ‘The Science’ are dismissed, as it is not the point of ‘The Science’ to be questioned, but to be obeyed.

Transhumanists can use this unquestioning view of ‘science’. Transhumanism itself is an anti-biology cult that embraces science as the solution to human problems and the path to ‘utopia’: the complete destruction of the human in favour of the transhuman. This means that, while worshipping ‘The Science’ in the context of Covid, adherents are being psychologically prepared to accept scientific advances that the would not have done before – ones that bolster a transhumanist agenda.

The Cult Symbology: The Mask

The mask plays a vital role in the entire Covid Narrative. From the point of view of the government imposing the mask on its citizens, it serves the purpose of reinforcing the narrative: invoking the image of a disease ward where everyone is at risk.

The mask also serves an important psychological function for those who wear it. It serves as a clear visual symbol distinguishing cult believers from non-believers and makes cult believers clearly identifiable to each other. It allows believers to signal their belief publically and easily.

It also serves important functions in the normalisation of transhumanism. Firstly, the presence of masks across human faces has the effect of reducing their humanity. I have talked about how covering the mouth of an individual indicates silence or submission, and inculcating these is certainly one aim of masking. However, they also serve to make us look less human by covering our faces and removing from view the natural range of human expression. This by extension helps to normalise sleek AI robots and other aspects of the transhumanist agenda, who are beyond aspects of human expression.

The mask also helps to inclucate and normalise the fear of nature and biology – a key precursor for the success of transhumanist ideology. Masks send the message that all other human beings are diseased and need to be avoided, in case they cause the other person to get sick. It normalises the idea that our biology cannot be trusted and that our immune system is not sufficient to protect us from disease, lumped in with a large amount of death denial: ‘if I wear my mask I’ll be safe from death’. All this lays the groundwork for the new ‘improved’ human being of the transhumanist project.

The Baptism: The Injection

The sign of full commitment to the Covid Cult is the reciept of the Covid 19 vaccine: the holy baptism of the injection.

Recievers of the Covid injections are able to signal their virtue and belief in the cult through receiving the injection. They also serve an out group function, allowing the believer to demonise non recipients as the evil Unvaccinated who are the reason that we have not ascended to Covid Zero Utopia.

The injections serve some of the same purposes as the mask in terms of normalising the transhumanist agenda. Again, the human body is not considered to be sufficient, but defective, and it needs to be ‘improved’ by mRNA injections, which involve genetic engineering. This genetic engineering is promoted by certain scientists as an inherently positive thing, and once normalised, will allow for more genetic engineering and AI integration.


The Covid Cult sacraments, while also being designed to promote authoritarian control, help to normalise transhumanism in themselves.

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