Night Carnival for Assange

The Julian Assange case is currently sitting where the establishment wants, that is, where literally nothing is happening. The purpose of the persecution of Julian Assange is not so much to convict him of anything, but to keep him in prison as an example to everyone else not to reveal the government’s malfeasance.

The Don’t Extradite Assange campaign has taken the wise decision to organise events outside of the court calendar. The previous event – outside/around Parliament on the 8th October 2022 – showed that the Assange movement is able to attract more supporters than throughout the period of 2020 and 2021, where the only people who turned up outside court were mostly hard-core supporters.

At first it did not look as if there was going to be a large turnout. Just before 4pm there were not a massive amount of people there.

It did grow to become a reasonably sized march.

There were some people with great costumes.

It took quite a while for the march to actually start, probably because they were waiting for it to get darker for the full effect. The event had hand made lanterns with ‘Free Assange’ messages for people to carry.

When it did get started, it went through well known areas of London like Strand through to in front of Parliament.

In terms of optics, I would give this protest 10/10. A lot of people paid attention to it, it got more attention from passers by than any other protest I have been to whether it was an Assange event or another issue. It’s a bad quality image but this can be seen below on the right:

Footage is available on my Odysee channel.

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