Leicester Protest With John O’Looney: 4th June 2022

I saw this protest advertised on the Stand Up X website and thought I’d go being as Leicester isn’t far away and there were actually trains running. The main focus of this protest was a 20 minute or so speech from John O’Looney.

For anyone who is not familiar with John O’Looney, though I assume most readers are, he is an undertaker who came to question the Covid Narrative through his work. Basically, his main observations are as such:

  • O’Looney states he observed no increase in overall death in 2020 while we were allegedly ‘in the middle of a deadly pandemic’;
  • He also states he saw a massive increase in death for the first 12 weeks of 2021 (i.e. during the beginning of the Covid 19 jab rollout).

He did an interview which was posted on Bitchute and got a large amount of views which outlined his perspective as an undertaker. It was originally published in September 2021.

It was a small protest in Leicester city centre, at the ‘Clock Tower’. 100-150 people standing around in a circle in the square. I recognised some attendees from Birmingham protests I have been to before.

This was the only anti-covid narrative protest I have been to where there was quite a lot of people disagreeing with the protesters. There were quite a few people who shouted stuff like ‘follow the science’ and ‘you want to kill people’ at the protest. Yes those literal actual tropes. Some guy even ripped up a copy of ‘The Light’ Paper. There were some other people who were more willing to take the leaflets and papers. Someone else engaged one of the protesters on the topic of collapsing athletes, due to the below sign:

There were some overlap in attendees and speakers with the Birmingham and Wolverhampton protests I previously attended.

If you want to watch footage from the protest, it is uploaded on my Youtube and Bitchute accounts, including the full speech by John O’Looney.

The Snobbery of the Covid Narrative and Its Functions


The Official Covid Narrative, the idea that Covid-19 is an extremely dangerous disease that requires severe mitigation strategies such as lockdown, views human beings as simply disease carriers. However, some categories of people are viewed more as disease carriers than others by the official narrative, and specifically by the believers in that narrative. The narrative itself is inherently linked to certain middle and upper class attitudes about the working classes and their beliefs and pursuits. This is seen through the demonisation of working class people for carrying out ordinary everyday activities and for being sceptical of big pharma.

The Great Unwashed

From 23 March 2020, near the entirety of the country was compliant with Boris Johnson’s draconian lockdowns. As someone who was a sceptic of the narrative from the beginning, it was depressing and almost hopeless to see the state of the country at that time.

The first possible signs of actual social life came about through the suggestion of V.E. Day anniversary celebrations. 8th May 2020 marked the 75th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany, so at that point the British people had endured about 6 weeks of lockdown. This was the first sign of life in the country since the beginning of the tyranny.

This is when the middle class handwringing started. The idea of celebrating V.E. Day does not suit middle class Remainer sensibilities, as they consider it to be too nationalistic. They already had a negative conception of the ‘insular’ working class who largely voted for Brexit, so they were already psychologically primed for mass demonisation. And now the working class were to commit the mortal sin in the minds of middle class hypochondriacs: going outside to celebrate a holiday.

Furthermore, there were images of packed beaches from the late spring and summer of 2020. The media salivated over these images, mocking and cursing those who went to the beach. This article provides an example of such strategies, entitled ‘Bournemouth raises alarm as huge crowds ignore COVID advice and flock to the coast’. People having a good time in good weather is now considered to be a ‘major incident’.

The Great Unjabbed

Since the rollout of the Covid 19 injections to the population at large, the demonisation has been squarely aimed at the unjabbed. The official narrative had divided the population into two halves: the virtuous ‘fully vaccinated’ (and now ‘boosted’) populations, and the selfish, evil ‘unvaccinated’ who are subhuman vectors of disease.

Leaving the irrationality of this narrative aside for a moment, here is a large dose of snobbery behind the demonisation of the ‘unvaccinated’. The reality is, people from poorer communities and racial minorities are much less likely to have taken the jabs than middle class white people.

Official government data is contested when it comes to how many people have actually taken the jabs. The government likes to cite a figure of 5m ‘unvaccinated’, making the uninjected quite a small minority. The Expose has used another government document to contest this, claiming this document shows that in fact 15.3m eligible people have not taken a single dose.

Even according to the more official data, however, take up is lower in poorer and ethnic minority communities. The website OpenSafely.org gives data on vaccine coverage in the UK (and is linked and used as a source by the BBC, so it’s establishment approved). Their charts clearly show that ethnic minorities and more deprived areas have a lower vaccination take up. Even if the numbers themselves are overshot per The Expose above, I doubt that the trends themselves are inaccurate.

The demonisation of the ‘unvaccinated’ thus has a clear class element.

There is also another aspect to this which we saw strongly during the Brexit argument and that is the ‘working class are stupid’ aspect. The Guardian published an article called ‘Understanding, not judgment, should shape our response to those who remain unjabbed’ which is full of the kind of talking down beloved of middle class British liberals.

By way of getting to the heart of it all, a PowerPoint presentation she sent me made mention of “historic lack of trust in public institutions including health services within some groups and communities”. In some black communities, she said, people’s relationships with authority are so poor that that some have chosen to be vaccinated well away from where they live and work, “because they’re almost embarrassed to be vaccinated, thinking their community isn’t behind them.” She paused. “There’s no easy fix. We just keep on talking.”

The implication of this article is that we need some nice middle class liberals to go and talk to these ‘stupid’ black people who don’t trust authority. There’s no consideration here that people may have actually said no and mean no and have the agency to do so.

This is the flipside to the demonisation of the ‘unvaccinated’ as subhuman – they can either be maliciously subhuman, in that they are purposeful granny killers, or they can be stupidly subhuman, in that they require enlightenment by the evangelists of the Covid Cult.

Alongside this narrative, the traditional ‘working class activity’ snobbery continued, with people attending the Euro 2020(1) football tournament being demonised for their attendance. Meanwhile, Wimbledon – of more middle class interest happening at the same time – did not cause the same demonisation from the middle class dominated media.

The Covid Scam Is An Attack on Working People

There is a more serious point to all of this snobbery, which is that the Covid narrative is an attack on ordinary working people in a multitude of ways. This attack is justified through this snobbery in the minds of the petty middle class, who are already inclined to view the working class as ignorant Brexit voters who ruined their nice holidays in Marbella.

Lockdown is a war on the working class. Firstly, it is an attack on the rights of the working class to congregate and organise politically in order to represent their interests, as well as to protest against the governments and corporations imposing poor working conditions and wages on them.

Lockdown is also an economic war against the working class and a massive transfer of wealth upwards from ordinary people. Multiple sources have highlighted this massive growth in wealth, including many that are supporters of the Official Covid Narrative. According to inequality.org:

The world’s billionaires have seen their wealth surge by over $5.5 trillion since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, a gain of over 68 percent. The world’s 2,690 global billionaires saw their combined wealth rise from $8 trillion on March 20, 2020 to $13.5 trillion as of July 31, 2021, drawing on data from Forbes.

Global billionaire total wealth has increased more over the past 17 months of the pandemic than it did in the 15 years prior to the pandemic. Between 2006 and 2020, global billionaire wealth increased from $2.65 trillion to $8 trillion, a gain of $5.35 trillion.

Whereas Oxfam reports:

With unprecedented support from governments for their economies, the stock market has been booming, driving up billionaire wealth, even while the real economy faces the deepest recession in a century. In contrast, after the financial crisis in 2008, it took five years for billionaire wealth to return to its pre-crisis highs.

Worldwide, billionaires’ wealth increased by a staggering $3.9tn (trillion)
between 18 March and 31 December 2020.28 Their total wealth now stands
at $11.95tn, which is equivalent to what G20 governments have spent
in response to the pandemic. The world’s 10 richest billionaires have
collectively seen their wealth increase by $540bn over this period.

Working class wealth has nosedived due to the lockdowns. Workers have been forced to work from home and this has increased their exploitation according to Ted Reese:

Much of the workplace has been moved to the home, saving capital costs on office space; pushing running costs such as electricity and water bills onto workers; and making them work longer hours, all combining to deepen the rate of their exploitation. About 30% of remote workers in a UK survey said they were working more unpaid hours than before lockdown, with 18% reporting at least four additional unpaid hours a week. According to an ADP Research Institute study, employees globally are now working 9.2 hours per week of unpaid overtime on average, up from 7.3 hours in a year.

The terrible inflation we are currently observing – at least partially caused by the lockdowns – is another aspect of war on the working class. The middle classes can weather this inflation through higher wages and the money they accrued while getting paid free cash on furlough. This isn’t an option for the working class.

The mandatory Covid injections implemented by the establishment are also an attack on the bodily integrity of the working class. The government forced care home workers to take these injections or they would be fired. Care home workers are poorly paid members of the working class, with an average wage of £8.50 an hour. They are also primarily women. Care home workers were fired from their jobs for not taking these injections in December 2021, or were forced to leave and find other work. Although the mandate was later repealed the damage was done in terms of lost wages and jobs. Other countries are still implementing such policies.

Snobbery also allows for the demonisation of resistance to the authoritarian project launched in the name of ‘fighting Covid’. This has been seen most notably in the case of the ‘Freedom Convoy’. The Convoy emerged in Canada in response to Justin Trudeau’s particularly authoritarian Covid measures. In response other convoys have taken inspiration for their own movements including in the UK. Due to the fact that this movement is founded by working class people, it has been demonised by people in the media and their woke left allies. The movement has been smeared as ‘white supremacist’ (despite the clear participation of people of all races).

The portion of the left that hates the working classes has also been brought in to smear the convoys as ‘right wing’. One example is previously respected anti-imperialist commentator Ben Norton, who has been demonising people opposed to the injection mandates:

The same line is being parroted by the liberal media that the likes of Norton claim to oppose. The Conversation ran a hit piece on the truckers, claiming that because they aren’t virtue signalling about ‘transphobia’ they don’t care about freedom and that they want the freedom to kill people because they reject mandating an experimental injection. This demonisation helps to keep the middle classes in the Covid propaganda bubble.


One function of lockdowns was a massive transfer of wealth to the rich from the poor and working class. The political acceptability of such a project – in the UK in particular – was maintained through the demonisation of the working classes.

What’s Going on in Ukraine? Part 3: The Corona Connection (I)


The first two posts in these series discussed the current situation in Ukraine from the point of view of geopolitics and an anti-imperialist critique of Western actions. However, while the points made in those posts were based on factual evidence, there is one point that hasn’t been discussed so far. That is the fact that this Ukraine narrative swooped in and almost completely eclipsed the Corona nonsense that we have been dealing with for the past 2 years. This part will discuss the reality of Russia, Covid 19 and the Sputnik V ‘Vaccine’.

The Reality of Russia and Covid

In order to begin looking at this question, we need to start with Putin’s views on Corona and what policy positions he took during the ‘deadly pandemic’. Unfortunately it remains a fact that the Russian government supported the ‘deadly pandemic’ narrative. Here are some examples of the Russian policies towards Covid 19.

Russia used lockdowns as a means to ‘control the virus’ during the ‘first wave’ of Covid 19. These lockdowns – as well as a ban on foreign travelers to Russia – began to be introduced near the end of March 2020. This legislation, signed in April 2020 by Vladimir Putin, outlines fines of 300,000 to 700,000 roubles as a punishment for spreading false information regarding the situation regarding Covid 19. Violating quarantine is also a criminal offense according to this law if people become ill with Covid 19 due to the breach and can be punished with prison time.

Furthermore, Moscow introduced a ‘pass system’ for travel in April 2020, a draconian move that fits in well with later measures such as vaccine passports:

On April 11 [2020], Mayor Sergei Sobyanin signed a decree, introducing special digital passes to travel around Moscow and the Moscow Region using personal or public transport. This measure was imposed to curb the spread of coronavirus as much as possible.


The Russian lockdown did not last as long as in some other countries. There were also fewer lockdowns there than elsewhere but there was another regional lockdown in Moscow as late as October 2021, demonstrating that Russia has not given up on that policy position. This regional lockdown disputes any argument that Russia did a lockdown because it was ‘duped’ by other actors.

The Sputnik ‘Vaccine’, Vax Passports and Forced Jabs

As well as promoting a large number of Corona policy positions, Russia also developed their own ‘vaccine’ against Corona. According to the Sputnik Vaccine website:

Sputnik V is the world’s first registered vaccine based on a well-studied human adenovirus vector platform [similar to the Oxford/AstraZenena jab developed in the UK]. It has been approved for use in 71 countries with a total population of 4 billion people.

The vaccine’s efficacy is 97.6%, based on the analysis of data on the incidence of coronavirus among Russians vaccinated with both vaccine components between December 5, 2020 and March 31, 2021.

There hasn’t been a large amount of discussion about the Sputnik V ‘vaccine’ in the West. Most criticism of these jabs has focused on the Pfizer, followed by the Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen.

It would be off topic to perform a detailed analysis of the harms of the Sputnik V injections, and the lack of discussion and information coming out of Russia on these jabs makes it difficult to assess. Given the similarity between the Sputnik V and AstraZeneca, which has been admitted to cause blood clots (among other things), we cannot assume it is safe.

There are in fact some hints about the dangers of these Russian jabs. Mark Crispin Miller has been doing a series over the past couple of months where he documents people who ‘died suddenly’ with no cause of death or a cause in line with proven jab side effects. He also compiled one of these for Russia:

Those of us who’ve noticed the appalling toll of those “vaccines” worldwide have naturally been hoping that the jabs administered in Russia (and in China) aren’t so dangerous; but that’s evidently wishful thinking. Since Russia has no public database, like VAERS, we must rely on Russian press reports of “sudden deaths,” most of them with no cause noted, while two were due to strokes, and one to (what else?) COVID.

Riley Waggaman has also examined the risk of the Sputnik V injections as one of the few commentators to analyse Russia during the current Covid madness. He pointed out that the makers of the Sputnik jab were cooperating with Big Pharma entities such as Pfizer. He adds that there have been large numbers of safety signals indicating that Sputnik is not safe:

Data from other nations using Sputnik V suggests that while the drug is not the most dangerous COVID shot on the market, it’s still far from harmless.

A recent article that reviewed the adverse event tracking systems from Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay and the Philippines concluded that, in terms of the frequency of mild and severe side effects, Sputnik V is comparable to foreign vaccines.

Russians seem much more sceptical of the Covid jabs than in many other countries. The Our World in Data website indicates that as of April 23 2022 the Russian population is only 50% ‘fully vaccinated’. Furthermore take up rates were initially extremely slow. By May 2021, the amount of Russians that had taken at least one dose of a Corona ‘vaccine’ was only 9.52% of Russia’s population. (Compare this to high take-up in England for example where over half of the population had taken at least one jab by the end of May). A poll from Levada Center on ‘Vaccination’, printed on the 9th August 2021, showed a ‘vaccination’ rate for Russians of 24% in their sample. However, their polling over time shows a consistent 55% of the Russian population who have not taken the jabs and do not have any plans to take them (another 19% in this poll stated that they were planning on getting the injections).

In order to increase uptake among the population, the Russian government has used a wide range of strategies, many of which are coercive. In the above article on Russian jab take-up, the Mayor of Moscow, Sobyanin, complains that the measures taken to encourage Russians to get jabbed are failing:

What’s more, we are vaccinating in polyclinics, in shopping centres we are vaccinating, now in parks we are vaccinating, now even 1 thousand roubles will be paid to pensioners, in order that they can go shopping, only if they will be vaccinated – but there is no one.

Sergei Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow

In response to the weak take up, the government applied coercive pressure, forcing service sector workers to get jabbed. Moscow Times reports the following back in June 2021:

Moscow has rolled out one of the world’s most ambitious mandatory vaccination schemes, requiring 60% of all service sector workers — more than 2 million people — in the capital to be fully vaccinated within the next seven weeks. [..]

Several other Russian regions have followed suit and announced similar mandatory vaccination rules for service sector workers and civil servants. 

Businesses in the service sector must ensure 60% of their customer-facing staff get vaccinated with one of the four coronavirus vaccines approved for use in Russia. At least 60% must have received a first dose by July 15, and the same proportion must be fully vaccinated by Aug. 15.

Moscow Times

Furthermore, vaccine passports have been in operation in many Russian regions. The official St. Petersburg administration website gives an outline:

From November [2021] a new system will be introduced for residents and guests of the city. This is because of the seasonal rise in the quantity of people made ill by coronavirus infection. What kind of documents will be present? QR Code on previous infection (period of use – 6 months), QR Code on Vaccination (period of use – 1 year), medical exemption (for those who cannot be vaccinated). It will be necessary for you to have your passport!

On top of coercion, the Russian government has been involved in demonisation of those who are sceptical of the jabs.

Using such measures, the Russian government has been able to increase uptake, with another more recent Levada Centre poll showing that now only 36% of Russians have no plans to take the jabs [as this number was consistently above 50% before the above coercive measures were applied, it is a reasonable extrapolation to assume some of the 55% in previous polls were coerced into the jabs].

A Spoke in the Pro-Russia Narrative

Some commentators on the current Ukraine issue have offered a more pro-Russian narrative, in line with what Putin offered himself as an explanation for his actions (combating NATO aggression and protecting the people of Donbass – see Part 2). Certainly, as previously examined, this pro-Russia narrative is much closer to the truth than the pro-Western narrative, which holds that Putin invaded Ukraine because he is a madman bent on bringing back the Soviet Union.

However, the fact that the Russian state is willing to impose things like lockdowns and ‘vaccine’ passports on its population, as well as promoting and distributing a clearly unsafe injection to millions of Russians means that the Russian state and Putin are not benign actors.

Part 4 (hopefully the final part) will discuss the interconnections between Covid and Ukraine.

Cost of Living Protest Birmingham 12th February 2022

This was a protest organised by the usual suspects on the left, who to be honest I find generally tiresome at this point. This included the unions – Unite and the National Education Union – and the People’s Assembly. In other words, the lockdown fanatics that advocated for the situation we now find ourselves in regarding the economy – and those who mocked people like me for pointing out the devastation that lockdown would inflict on working people.

People’s Assembly even went so far as to refuse to protest alongside ‘anti-vaxxers’ against the draconian Policing Bill:

They later deleted this because of the backlash but here it is for posterity. As you can see it is a ratio’d tweet.

I primarily went to the protest in order to provide coverage of the event, rather than to take part. I have lost faith in the traditional and modern left to do anything useful due to their Corona fanaticism, advocacy for working class destroying lockdowns, harmful and useless (in terms of stopping viruses) face masks, and mocking and smearing anyone who even questions a dodgy Big Pharma product as an ‘anti-vaxxer’.

The framing that was present during the speeches is exactly what you would expect regarding Corona, complaining about the old staples such as ‘useless PPE’, ‘dodgy contracts’ etc., which does not get to the heart of the matter. The oblique framing of the ‘the Tories making us pay for the pandemic’ was present, but no mention of the horrific consequences of locking down and how it has harmed working class people. (The only speaker to use the word ‘lockdown’ was Nila from Stop the War coalition, from what I heard, which was not all of it due to wind noise).

Then we get the typical complaining about left wing bugbears such as Tommy Robinson (I believe he is only highlighting grooming gang victims to push a particular narrative, but the left has failed on this issue, see below), ‘The Tory government’ (as if Labour wouldn’t do the same thing), Brexit (as if this topic has any relevance to anything at this point and I say this as a Brexit/Lexit voter), etc. Though one of the speakers did call out Prince Andrew for being a pedophile and the royal family for protecting him, so maybe common sense hasn’t completely left the building.

I don’t want working class people to have to pay more money for energy bills etc., especially since they were the primary victims of lockdowns. I think that is fairly obvious. The question is how we tackle the problem. In general, even though I disagree with capitalist economics I have become a lot more sceptical of calling on the (capitalist) state to do anything about anything, since they will just use it to push more pain onto working people (a good example is the environment: while it’s clear that many things humans are doing are negatively affecting the environment, any state action is likely to be more authoritarian nonsense that will punish the working class like carbon based digital IDs). Unlike libertarians I believe that this authoritarianism is inherently interlinked with the capitalist system.

Alternative systems within the current one such as opting out as much as possible and doing other things within the freedom based community are a good idea. However, they are difficult to implement in practice given that people still have to survive within the current system (e.g. people have to go to work full time, leaving limited time and energy for alternatives). Such suggestions can come across as a bit naïve in some cases though I advocate them where realistically possible.

I have uploaded some of the footage onto my Bitchute channel of the speeches that were audible and not ruined by wind noise.

RE Tommy Robinson: Robinson wants to promote the idea that foreign or Muslim men are inherently a threat to women and girls, which is false (even though I do believe Islamic ideology to be misogynistic, it does not follow that all men from these backgrounds will rape children). However the left has ignored the grooming gang victims because they were victims of Asian men and that does not fit their own narrative of foreign/Muslim men not being a threat to women and girls. In reality a minority of men of all races are a violent threat to women and girls (which is one reason why we have separate spaces for women and men). Robinson ignores victims of white men, whereas the misogyny of the current left causes them to brush over the problem. The left also allows for more abuse of women and girls to take place by pushing transgender ideology, which states that any man is a woman if he declares himself to be so (including violent males). The women from Stand up to Racism claimed that their slogan involved justice for the victims, I wasn’t there so I can’t say, but there is no evidence of that in the signage.

Wolverhampton Anti-Vax Mandate Protest 29 Jan 2022

Stand Up Wolverhampton organised a protest outside New Cross Hospital against the NHS jab mandate. As of the time of the protest the deadline for the first dose of the jab for NHS staff was February 3. (Since the protest took place the mandate has been paused, and so unvaccinated staff will not be getting the sack after 3rd February.)

I haven’t been to Wolverhampton in years and I ended up being late for this protest because the bus takes way longer to get there than it says it does.

I ended up being there between 1:40-3.

I didn’t know what to expect. Both sides of the street were lined with people when I arrived and they had the yellow flash cards on display. Apparently there had been previous actions in the Wolverhampton/Black Country area involving the placards. I know that the yellow placards have been used in other areas as well through the Rebels on Roundabouts activist group who have been asking questions about the jabs.

There was a really nice vibe to this protest. The artist Jaigo K was there doing some songs for the crowd.

I turned up in the middle of a song. I will post the clip of Jaigo K performing a song about the jabs below:

There is further footage on my Bitchute channel. If you want to look into Jaigo K’s music here is his youtube channel.

The speeches given focused on the jabs and the mandate and advice on the Yellow Card system:

There was also discussion about the Workers of England Union who are opposing the jab mandate. There was also a couple who stood up and talked about an example of poor care in the NHS. The event took place near the beginning of lockdowns and involved the daughter of this couple being treated with inappropriate drugs after going to hospital for an asthma attack.

This is a video of the crowd after the speeches took place with ‘Get Up Stand Up’ playing in the background to give you an idea of attendances at the protest:

Anti-Vax Mandate/Covid Tyranny Protest Birmingham 22nd January 2022

I had a prior appointment so unfortunately was not able to stay to hear all the speakers at the rally but I did want to attend anyway to show my support for the opposition to vaccine mandates etc. I was thus only there between 12.10 and 1.10 so anything that happened outside of those times I didn’t get to see. I still got some pictures and footage to share though from the protest.

The protest was in Chamberlain Square this time and I must say the vibe of the protest was great. I felt a lot of positive energy from the protest in general. Here was the crowd at the time of arrival 12.10:

The crowd did get quite a bit bigger than this.

Around 12.25 a group of NHS workers supporting #NHS100K walked into the rally and you can see the footage below:

Here’s some footage showing the crowd around 12.35 to give an indication of how many were at the protest. While it’s difficult to compare due to the fact that previous protests have taken place in different squares, I think this one was bigger than the previous ones I have attended in Birmingham.

The crowd can be seen in this photo, obviously there were also some people behind me and to the side on the square:

I stayed for the first few speeches. There was quite a few mentions of this Mark Sexton legal case that is being heavily discussed in covid sceptic circles. There was also a press release regarding the case handed out, which said that:

Hugely significant allegations have been made of serious crimes being committed by a number of UK government ministers, civil servants, heads of news networks etc.

[…] The UK’s biggest criminal investigation is now live.

Personally I am a bit sceptical of this, although I will say I have not done a lot of research into the case itself. I am not convinced by the idea that the police, who are part of the corrupt system enforcing the lockdown etc. measures would be willing to investigate that corrupt system.

There was also discussion of NHS100K and the jab mandates. There was also a member of NHS staff who spoke out opposing the mandate:

Interestingly unlike previous anti-lockdown protests there were a few traditional left winger types there. There were two blokes with some Workers’ Party of Britain flags. Previously their party has claimed to attend anti-lockdown actions – I did question this but the tweet seems to have disappeared. Anyway I never saw any of their flags etc. at any previous events I attended. There was also one guy with a placard saying ‘Pro-vaccine, anti-mandatory vaccine’ with a Unison logo.

There is more footage of this event on my Bitchute channel.

2022 So Far: The Collapse of the Official Covid Narrative in the UK?


The Official Covid Narrative – the idea that Covid-19 is such a deadly disease that we all need to change our lives – has always been absurd to anyone who has been paying attention. However, a large number of people in Britain have agreed with the Covid Narrative (to differing degrees), supporting mandatory masks, lockdowns and (voluntary) Covid injections. This article will discuss to what degree the Official Covid Narrative has been stretched to breaking point in the UK and whether the idea of a ‘collapsing narrative’ is realistic.

The Boris Johnson Party Story

The first news story worthy of our attention in this discussion is the ‘scandal’ of Boris Johnson having a party during lockdown restrictions. This story has been simmering since December 2021. Mainstream coverage has put a lot of emphasis on this story over the past two months. For example, we can examine the coverage of the lockdown-loving middle class rag The Guardian on this issue.

In December 2021 they reported that:

Johnson’s appearance at PMQs on Wednesday was his first response to the video, uncovered by ITV, in which his then-press secretary, Allegra Stratton, and other No 10 staff talked jokingly on 22 December last year about a staff party four days earlier, and how media questions about it could be countered.

Another party later emerged, that took place on the eve of the funeral of Prince Philip. Boris Johnson has come out and ‘apologised’ for that party as well. Meanwhile the Guardian is running articles with analysis by “a member of the Sage subcommittee advising on behavioural science”. No, seriously.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it can be convincingly argued that is Boris Johnson incident heralds the collapse of the Covid Narrative. We have already seen this before, first with Dominic Cummings and Neil Ferguson and then with Matt Hancock. Furthermore, the media is still focusing on the same discredited angle with the Johnson story as they were with the Cummings story from over 18 months ago:

The press divided between the lockdown enthusiasts defending him, or the anti-lockdowners eagerly calling him a hypocrite.

Both, again, were missing the point.


We’re all meant to be “sheltering in place” and “protecting the NHS” and “saving lives” because there is a “deadly virus”. We’re being told this is for our own safety. Because the virus is allegedly dangerous.

When the people giving us these orders do not follow them themselves, they are not showing themselves to be “hypocrites”. They are showing themselves to be liars. They are admitting they don’t really believe what they’re saying.

This particularly vile example from the Labour Party is a good example of this mentality. I have screenshotted it below in case they try to backtrack later:

Labour is trying to portray this inhumane ‘NHS Nurse’ (whether the story is real or not is beside the point) as virtuous because she ‘followed the rules’ and this is meant to rebuke Boris Johnson for not ‘following the rules’. They didn’t get the response they were looking for in the comments, with multiple tweets calling them out for being even more fanatical lockdowners than the Tories.

We must not forget the moral of the ‘Matt Hancock affair’ story when discussing this case. Matt Hancock had become unpopular with the public and so it conveniently came out that he had been having an affair, with photos of him snogging his mistress being slapped all over The Sun. Hancock was a ‘sacrifice’ from within the narrative to save the narrative, by projecting all of the narrative failures on to him as designated scapegoat. Meanwhile his successor, Sajid Javid, has amped up the ‘vaccine’ program with the roll out of jabs to children and the forcing of jabs onto NHS staff.

Just because Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister does not mean that the same forces cannot be at work here, and indeed, this is the most plausible explanation for the ‘Party Scandal’.

The Dr. Steve James/Sajid Javid Story

But what about more substantive issues relating to the Official Covid Narrative? In particular, the forced jabs for NHS staff?

The government passed legislation in December 2021, and published it this month, stating that ‘frontline’ NHS staff (frontline being defined extremely broadly) have to have 2 Covid-19 jabs by April. There has been a campaign opposing this legislation from NHS100K, the Together Campaign and the Workers of England Union.

However, recently a video was released of a doctor, Steve James, directly challenging Sajid Javid on the jab mandate. The doctor himself is unvaccinated and has natural immunity against Sars-Cov-2 according to his own account:

Furthermore, he has been invited on to other news channels to discuss the reasons why he won’t be vaccinated in more depth:

I do find this story quite interesting, I must say. The initial video was released by Sky News, i.e. the mainstream media. Not some random undercover phone video. If the mainstream media released this video, rather than pretending none of the doctors challenged Javid, there must be some sort of function within the mainstream narrative for that to happen. (We could further ask why Javid was even in the earshot of an unvaccinated doctor as HR, etc. in the NHS know who is vaccinated).

So why has this video been released to the public?

I don’t have all the answers on this question. The most favourable interpretation for the anti-lockdown/vaxpass/mandate people is that the government knows that they cannot get away with the NHS mandate. On this interpretation, this is a soft walk back in the narrative, priming the public for when the mandate is dropped.

Personally I think they are more likely to try and go through with the mandate although I don’t think them dropping it is impossible if a large number of NHS staff remain uninjected (more likely some sort of fudge option will be taken rather than outright dropping it).

If they are not going to drop the mandate there are other possible reasons that could be considered for the release of this clip to the public. For example, the creation of a hate figure, represented by James himself as the ‘selfish unjabbed doctor’. The aim in this scenario (regardless of whether this strategy is effective) is to target the public’s ire at James to distract from the likely devastation to NHS services that will be inflicted by the mandate.

The Daily Mail, which is highly schizophrenic when it comes to the Covid Narrative, has published an article attacking Dr. Steve James. After having a dig at James’s religious beliefs, the article spouts claims about how he is ‘enabling anti-vaxxers’ (none of the media ever define the term ‘anti-vaxxer’). The article then goes on to attack him for mentioning NHS100K, with the usual assertions that James is citing a ‘conspiracy theorist’ organisation. This is achieved through the notion that both right wingers and NHS100K use Telegram.

They also state that the mandate is popular, without providing any evidence of that claim (not even a manipulated YouGov poll!) There is a bunch of other nonsense in the article that to address it all would get off topic.

The Scrapping Vaccine Passports Story

The UK government introduced vaccine passports at the same time that they passed the vote forcing NHS staff to be jabbed. The vaccine passport applies to (in England):

  • nightclubs
  • indoor unseated venues with more than 500 people
  • unseated outdoor venues with more than 4,000 people
  • any venue with more than 10,000 people

There has been speculation that Boris Johnson is to drop the requirement for vaccine passports from January 26th in the mainstream media. The original passports had a ‘review’ built in to them on this date where the extension can be rubber stamped – now the media is saying it will not be.

I am very sceptical of such a narrative for a number of reasons. The government now have the infrastructure for such a scheme in place. Even if it is scrapped due to the unpopularity of the passport, it can be brought back in at any time with the reactivation of the NHS Covid pass. Any event – such as a ‘spike in cases’ caused by false positives – can be used to either not scrap the legislation or bring it back in at any time.

We must also bear in mind that there have been multiple other times where the narrative has been temporarily weakened in order to drive it forward, such as the ‘scrapping’ of vaccine passports in September only to bring them back via ‘Plan B’.


Narrative weaknesses in the official Covid-19 account are becoming more obvious to the British public. Because of this, the government and media have been soft pedalling the narrative, but these are not unequivocal signs of victory. The Covid Narrative is far from defeated – and we must not forget that Covid itself is just the means to the end of digital identity and transhumanism.

Mass Murder in the Covid Era: The Continuation of Imperialism in ‘The Middle of a Deadly Pandemic’

[Image from the Army recruitment office in Birmingham City Centre]


Western governments have been obsessively pushing the narrative that Covid-19 is an extremely dangerous pathogen that is killing millions of people worldwide. People who do not agree with this official narrative have been demonised as murderers. However, Western governments’ policies of killing innocent people abroad have continued unabated despite the alleged ‘deadly pandemic’. Destruction of vital infrastructure such as hospitals and the creation of refugees could only inflame a real pandemic. This continuing imperialist murder in itself thus belies the entire Covid Narrative.


There are multiple countries in which the US and their allies are continuing a murderous foreign policy. I will start, however, by addressing Afghanistan, as according to the official narrative, the US government ‘ended the war in Afghanistan’ by withdrawing and allowing the Taliban to take over from the US backed government in Kabul.

Even on the official narrative, however, this withdrawal did not take place until mid-2021. In other words, over a year into the alleged ‘deadliest pandemic in a century’. Even according to the official logic, killing people in Afghanistan was fine while people in the West were under lockdowns to ‘save lives’.

And yes, the US government was continuing to murder civilians. On August 29 the US government carried out a drone strike in which 10 civilians were killed. This included a 3-year-old girl.


The mass murder of civilians in Yemen has been policy for several years. Saudi Arabia is waging war on the country, with assistance (such as selling weapons and being part of Saudi control centres) from the US and UK governments.

In fact, certain actions taken during the Yemen war have been designed to spread pathogens. According to a study published by the NIH:

The Yemen cholera outbreak has been driven by years of conflict and has now [December 2018] become the largest in epidemiologically recorded history with more than 1.2 million cases since the beginning of the outbreak in April, 2017. 

This hasn’t stopped the coalition bombing cholera treatment centres, however:

A military coalition formally led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and supported by the United States and Britain, bombed a newly constructed cholera treatment in Yemen on Monday, June 11.

The bombing of Yemen has continued throughout the Covid 19 ‘pandemic’. There are multiple examples of this continuing warfare.

This article from November 2021, for example:

This week, dozens of people were killed and injured near the Yemen-Saudi border when U.S.-made warplanes and French-made howitzer cannons fired unabated on many populated border areas in Sadaa and Hajjah — including the Monabeh, Sahar, alSafra, al-Dhaher and Sheda areas. Samer Manea Ali Hussein, a 15-year-old Yemeni boy, was killed along with others on Monday when a French-made howitzer cannon hit a village in the Monabeh region, one of Yemen’s border areas that are subjected to daily bombardment.

Whereas this article highlights the fact that the US is still supporting Saudi bombing campaigns in 2021:

“The United States continues to provide maintenance support to Saudi Arabia’s Air Force given the critical role it plays in Saudi air defense and our longstanding security partnership,” a Pentagon spokesperson told Vox over the weekend.

The maintenance is done through the Pentagon’s Foreign Military Sales program, which means Saudi Arabia pays the US to provide contractors that can maintain the warplanes.


Another conflict that is still ongoing is that in Syria. The US government has been trying for 10 years to remove Assad from power using proxy forces in Syria. These forces are Islamist extremists who want to impose a Islamist society on secular Syria.

The terrorist forces in Syria have inflicted terrible suffering on Syrian civilians, and Western governments have imposed sanctions which have inflicted further suffering. Many of these sanctions have affected the medical system and the health of the population:

Sanctions have, as I wrote last December, impacted Syria’s ability to import medicines or the raw materials needed to manufacture them, medical equipment, and machines and materials needed to manufacture prosthetic limbs, among other things.

Syria reports that the latest sanctions are already preventing civilians from acquiring “imported drugs, especially antibiotics, as some companies have withdrawn their licenses granted to drug factories,” due to the sanctions.

US troops have continued to maintain an illegal presence in Syria despite the clear opposition of the Assad government and Syrian people to this occupation.

In 2018, Whitney Webb wrote that:

Currently, the U.S. occupies nearly a third of Syrian territory — around 30 percent — including much of the area east of the Euphrates River, encompassing large swaths of the Deir Ezzor, Al-Hasakah and Raqqa regions.

According to this article at least 900 troops remain in Syria as of July 2021. According to the official narrative this is to support the Syrian Democratic Forces fighting ISIS. (In reality the SDF is simply another US proxy designed to weaken and Balkanise Syria). These troops have been accused of plundering resources by the Syrian government (as they happen to be conveniently occupying the areas of Syria that have the most oil).

Israel has also been repeatedly bombing Syria, for example this airstrike in Homs that killed 2 civilians and injured 6 members of the Syrian Arab Army. They are also continuing their presence in the Golan Heights which they have been illegally occupying since 1967.


The criminal actions against the Palestinian people by the US backed Israeli government have been happening for decades and are continuing to happen during the alleged pandemic.

For example, in July 2021, the Israeli armed forces attacked Al-Aqsa mosque, an extremely significant site in Islam:

Heavily armed Israeli occupation police forces, making way for illegal settler extremists to storm the site, violently removed Palestinian worshippers from the al-Aqsa mosque compound. The Israeli forces shot tear gas and rubber bullets, as well as other munitions, at elderly worshippers during prayer and proceeded to violently assault unarmed women.

Israeli settler violence has continued, as well as the expansion of settlements.

So What Does This Mean for the Official Covid Narrative?

The continuation of mass murder abroad fatally undermines the Official Covid Narrative. The elite reasons for lockdown were allegedly to keep the population ‘safe from a deadly virus’. Now, the elites are clearly not very concerned about the deaths from a deadly virus among those in Yemen, Afghanistan, and other countries they have continued to bomb and sanction. The Western countries – despite claiming to be spending all their efforts and resources upon ‘fighting Covid-19’ – clearly still have a large amount of resources left over to bomb and kill people abroad.

It goes further than this, however. Their narrative that ‘no-one is safe until all of us are safe’ – referring to the necessity for the whole population of the world to be ‘vaccinated’ against Covid-19 – is in complete contradiction to their actions in places such as Yemen. Destruction of hospital infrastructure and sanctions make it much for difficult to carry out the (in the eyes of the establishment) necessary ‘vaccination’ programs to ensure that we are all ‘safe from the deadly pandemic’. And the fact that Yemen or Syria are far away countries isn’t relevant either – what with the racist fearmongering about ‘variants emerging in India/Africa where people aren’t vaccinated’. If ‘no one is safe until everyone is safe’ why is medical infrastructure in Yemen being destroyed?

The imperialist wars in the Middle East (as well as the previous destruction of Libya) also fuel migration crises. While the governments of the West were putting their populations under house arrest because going out ‘spreads the virus’ they were forcing people to flee their homes due to bombings, thus, on their own narrative, spreading the virus.


There have been no significant changes to the murderous imperialist foreign policy due to the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’. The Covid-19 narrative has been used as a shield to hide these foreign policy decisions by distracting the public. The continuing bombings and sanctions, however, are clear evidence that the elite does not care about the health of the population.

Anti Vax Pass/Lockdown/Tyranny March 18th December 2021

I had some problems getting to this event. I had aimed for 12 o clock arrival but did not get there until 10 to 1 due to a Birmingham train delay and then Underground chaos due to a strike action. Most of the underground lines were off or severely delayed.

I have no idea how many people were at this event. Parliament Square was very full in contrast to the previous week where it was mostly empty.

I watched as the crowd went past at Parliament Square and tagged on near the back. It took about 20 minutes for the crowd to go past me and more people seemed to keep appearing from nowhere. Anyway it was a large number of people.

My London geography is not very good but having attended several protests there I have an idea of some places. The route was Parliament Square > Hyde Park > Marble Arch > Oxford Circus > Piccadilly Circus > Trafalgar Square > Downing Street (although I stopped at Piccadilly).

I will post some footage below from the event:

Quick clip below from early on (not sure where this is):

After about an hour (you can hear the cars beeping at the protesters in this one):

Here is Hyde Park, I tried to show some of the scale of the march in this video:

Here is Oxford Street:

Here’s Piccadilly Circus. Note I had cut through to Regent Street so I was nearer the front but I still don’t know where the front was. Note although it looks like it may have finished at the end of this clip, more people appeared after I stopped the video.

Here’s more people going past Piccadilly Circus, from a different spot:

Anti Vaccine Passports Protest 11th December 2021

(Apologies for the delayed post. I have not had time to upload video/picture content and write/proofread.)

I went to the anti vaccine passport protest in London on the 11th December organised by primarily Big Brother Watch and some other liberty groups.

Unfortunately, the protest was not that large. Although it was announced at short notice I was hoping there would be a higher turnout. I know a lot of people are planning to go to the 18th event so stuck to that, but I wanted to come to this one because it was before the vote. I was hoping for a significant show of force before the vote, but unfortunately this did not happen.

I got to Parliament Square about 12 o’clock and stayed until 2.20 or so. By then it seemed like most people had dispersed. Initially the group were just milling about but then one of the organisers got everyone together to take photographs behind a banner.

There was someone speaking into a megaphone at a few points but it was not particularly well amplified (which is a problem I find at at lot of protests to be honest) so I don’t really have summaries of what was said. They weren’t particularly long speeches.

In terms of the crowd, there was a mixture. There were a few people with more stereotypically ‘conspiracy theorist’ signs against the injections themselves. However there were also some people supporting the injections but not the passports. There were two people – even wearing masks outside, something I’ll never understand – with signs saying ‘Anti pass is not anti vax’.

The main rally lasted from about 12pm to 1.45-2ish. There was no march or anything like that. Around 1.30-1.45 another group turned up and made some speeches. The group is called Vaccine Injured Voice and they made some speeches of their own off from the main protest near the Churchill statue (pictured below).

The Vaccine Injured Voice group appeared to be led by a woman called Julie who was injured by the Astra Zeneca jab. There is an interview with her from another event carried out by Willsy from Resistance GB. This group didn’t appear to be connected to the main protest, as the main protest groups involved in the action are not anti-vaccine per se, just anti vaccine passport.

They invited people to come forward if they had a vaccine injury, or if they just wanted to make a speech.

There is some video footage below:

I believe this man took the Astra Zeneca originally but had a reaction to the Pfizer booster shot.

A couple of interesting incidents to report.

Early on in the protest someone wanted to interview me. They didn’t have a camera and they didn’t write anything down so it was a bit odd. Anyway this person really didn’t like it when I questioned the injection and kept asking me about how so and so means its safe. I have got to be honest and say off the cuff is not my strong point as I ramble too much and miss out a lot of stuff I think of later so I probably didn’t make my point very well. I just thought it was interesting how she got defensive. She was also wearing a mask (who wears masks outside?).

I also overheard a conversation between two people, one of whom claimed to work for GB News. For non-UK based readers GB News is a mainstream media outlet that started up relatively recently as an alternative to the BBC et al. They have anti-woke right leanings and their coverage reflects this. Although they are pro-vaccine they have been questioning vaccine passports and lockdowns a fair bit, more than the other MSM outlets. It should be kept in mind though that they have the same limitations as other MSM.

However, they did have someone on, a Dr. Aseem Malhotra, to talk about the risks of the vaccine in terms of heart issues. The two people having the conversation got on to the topic of media regulation. The GB News staff member said that they got hammered by Ofcom (UK media regulator) for bringing on the doctor despite the fact that the doctor is a qualified expert. If true this is a good example of the type of censorship we’re up against. A qualified doctor being banned from talking about a paper in Circulation? Sure, but it’s about the science.