Tory Party Conference Protest 2 October 2022

This was a fun day.

Let’s start with who was there.

Save Our Rights

As promised, there was a small contingent of anti-lockdown/scamdemic protesters from the group Save Our Rights. They are now putting some of their focus on authoritarian bills being passed by the Tory government, and were out there to oppose that.

This guy won the sign of the day award.

The Anti-Brexit Liberals

Yes, the anti-Brexit liberals were there and they did some dancing around too.

A group of people opposing smart motorways.

Jewish people supporting Palestine.

This group was protesting the attempts by the Tories to prevent boycott of Israeli goods.

A group of people protesting against what is going on in Tigray.

The People’s Assembly.

Extinction Rebellion.

A whole cavalcade of left leaning political groups and unions.

There was also an anti-Iranian government protest in a completely different place that converged on Centenary Square later on.

…and me, there to represent the Free Julian Assange message.

The leftist groups were in Victoria Square, and the others were in Centenary Square. (For those who don’t know the geography these are 5min away from each other).

The left-wing protest in Victoria Square was due to kick off at 1pm. The other protesters in Centenary Square were there earlier. The left wingers also went for a march around the city centre before convening on Centenary Square about 3pm.

I was hanging around Centenary Square between about 11.20 and 12.30 (mostly) and was able to get film footage of many of the different groups and their causes. I went to Victoria Square to film there. Just before 1pm, Jacob Rees-Mogg walked right next to the protest where he predictably got heckled. I followed the hecklers round from Victoria Square to Centenary Square and the entrance to the Tory Party Conference. Lots of lovely messages got yelled at Rees-Mogg as you can see from these clips (he is visible in the second video, but not the first).

Rees Mogg Being Heckled.
More footage of Rees-Mogg being Heckled.

By the time I got back to Victoria Square some of the speeches had started. I didn’t bother filming all of these. It was a similar lineup to the Enough is Enough protest of activist trade union types. Instead I was able to get some footage of RMT boss Mick Lynch liaising with his supporters:

I also have lots of footage of the crowd at various different points, there are some bits and pieces of the speeches on them. I also have some footage of Mick Lynch speaking to the crowd, as he was the most high-profile person in attendance.

RIP NHS protesters.

Then there was the march, which went round the city centre and then looped back to Centenary Square.

It was the biggest protest in Birmingham I had seen in a while. For further footage of the events see my youtube/odysee/rumble/bitchute channels.

Anti-Nationality and Borders Bill Protest Birmingham 27th January 2022

A quick post on this protest with uploaded footage.

The Nationalities and Borders Bill is a new piece of legislation relating to issues such as citizenship and asylum put forward by the Tory government. As such, it has enraged the Modern (aka woke) Left due to their heavy emphasis on immigration.

This bill is of concern due to its authoritarian aspects – alongside other bills and acts opposed by the Modern Left – such as the Police Bill – and ones the Modern Left refuse to oppose – such as the Coronavirus Act. The key authoritarian aspect of concern is that the bill makes it possible for the government to strip people from immigrant backgrounds of citizenship without notification. The number of people calculated to be possibly affected is 6 million including dual nationals and people born in foreign countries.

Of course, while the government claims this will only be used against criminals, we cannot trust the government not to abuse these powers and go after activists or anyone they don’t like in general.

Unfortunately, as is in line with the left today, many protesters were clearly in alignment with the Official Covid Narrative.

Here is the protest crowd:

Some of the speakers are up on my Bitchute channel. Unfortunately the sound was not the best due to an arcade game being run very close to the protest site, which is the noise that you can hear in the background in some of the clips.