Infertility and Toxins (Part 1): The Inculcation of Infertility


Infertility is a significant issue in Western societies. This two part article will explore the issue of how modern life causes infertility among both men and women, and then how actors concerned with profit, such as Big Pharma, seek to exploit this inculcated infertility. It will also discuss how this increased reliance on Pharma for a natural function drives into other agendas such as transhumanism.

The Decline In Human Fertility

In this article I will be focusing on the Western world as people there would be the main consumers of fertility based big pharma products, such as IVF or surrogacy. This should not be construed as believing that the fertility issues faced by women in developing countries – such as those deliberately invoked by the WHO – are unimportant.

There is significant evidence of birth rate decline in the Western world. Some of this can be put down to social factors (access to contraception for example). However, there are also physical factors at work. According to the CDC, 12% of women in America have issues conceiving. Sperm counts have also been on the decline for years with a total decline of 50-60% since 1973.

Does Aluminium Cause Infertility?

Aluminium has no productive role within the human body, and because the aluminium on Earth was bound up with silica compounds for our entire history, the human body does not have defense mechanisms against it. Human activity as unleashed aluminium on the environment, and so we suffer from every day exposures from air, food, water, cosmetics, and vaccination. Any amount of aluminium harms the body. Aluminium has inflammatory effects as well as causing neurological injury and cancer. But can it also cause infertility?

Aluminium is present in high quantities in human sperm. A study ‘Aluminium Content of Human Semen‘ found that the levels of aluminium in the sperm were on average 339 μg/L. Men with a low sperm count in the study also had higher levels of aluminium suggesting possible causation.

Do Phthalates Cause Infertility?

Phthalates are a product that are in a large number of plastics:

Phthalates are a group of chemicals used to make plastics more durable. Phthalates are in hundreds of products, such as vinyl flooring, lubricating oils, and personal-care products (soaps, shampoos, hair sprays).


Their effects on fertility come from the fact that they can mimic estrogen in the human body. In terms of fertility, this can negatively affect men and there have been several studies on this topic. The below review lists some of these studies.

Recent studies have showed that exposure to some phthalates results in profound and irreversible changes in the development of reproductive tract (Foster et al., 2001, Sharpe, 2001) especially in males, rising the possibility that phthalate exposures could be the leading cause of the reproductive disorders in humans (Ablake et al., 2004, Ema et al., 2003, Foster et al., 2000, Latini et al., 2004a, Latini et al., 2004b, Moore et al., 2001, Mylchreest et al., 1998, Parks et al., 2000, Wilson et al., 2004). In particular, prenatal exposure to these environmental chemicals, by interfering with the androgen signaling pathway seems to cause permanent adverse effects on reproductive development in male rats (Carruthers and Foster, 2005, Kai et al., 2005, Lehmann et al., 2004, Thompson et al., 2004).

Phthalate Exposure and Male Infertility

Regarding women’s fertility, a study looked at the effects of phthalates on success of IVF, and found to was less likely to be successful if the woman had a higher concentration of phthalates in the body.

Is Infertility Linked to Vaccination?

There is evidence that vaccination can negatively affect fertility. One vaccine where this issue has been examined is Gardasil, sold as a preventative for cervical cancer. There is a strong correlation between the introduction of the Gardasil vaccine and a decline in the fertility of the age groups exposed to that vaccine.

Clinical trial researchers for Merck, Gardasil’s manufacturer, reported an explosion of reproductive injuries among the 20,000 trial volunteers. An astronomical 15% – 17% of trial participants experienced a range of reproductive harms, including premature ovarian failure.

Is Gardasil Vaccine linked to Record Birth Rate Declines?

Gardasil contains extremely high levels of aluminium, but also many other ingredients that are negative for human health, such as L-histidine, polysorbate 80 and sodium borate. These substances are listed as possible causes of female infertility. There is also evidence that the Gardasil vaccine can cause anti-phospholipid syndrome, an autoimmune disease that can affect the reproductive organs.

Is Infertility Linked to Covid-19 ‘Vaccination’?

There have been many speculations early on in the Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ rollout that the jab would cause infertility. For example, Dr. Judy Mikovits was one of the first people to draw attention to this, especially the issue of possible autoimmune to a protein crucial in pregnancy, Syncytin-1. Unfortunately, more and more evidence is stacking up that the Covid-19 ‘vaccinations’ do indeed cause infertility.

Steve Kirsch’s analysis of VAERS shows that one of the most elevated adverse events after ‘vaccination’ in comparison with other injections is menstrual problems.

If a medical intervention can affect a woman’s menstruation, it can obviously affect the ability to conceive.

There have also been reports of an extremely high number of miscarriages, spontaneous abortion, and fetal demise post roll out of this experimental ‘vaccination’. Dr. Jessica Rose has pointed to the fact that there have been over 4,000 miscarriages reported to VAERS as of June 2022.

Meanwhile, an Israeli study showed some issues with male fertility after ‘vaccination’.

Post day 150, sperm concentration was -15.9% vs baseline, lower even than in the 75-120 day period. Average time post vaxx for T3 collection was 174 +/- 26.8 days so we’re talking about 6 months post vaxx with NO recovery in sperm concentration.

Pfizer Vaccine Effects on Total Motile Count in Sperm Donors

More recently, birth statistics have shown a significant decline in a large number of Western countries, and that decline is holding firm and not rebounding to pre-Covid levels. A good visual example is this decline in Sweden, from the El Gato Malo substack:

Synthetic Sex Identities and Sterilisation

No discussion of infertility would be complete without the discussion of the deliberate infliction of infertility via the use of puberty blockers, wrong-sex hormone dosage, and ‘transgender’ surgery. This inculcation of infertility affects a small but growing number of the population.

‘Puberty blockers’, medically known as GnRH agonists, stop the production of sex hormones. Since the ‘Dutch protocol’ began in 1996, the drugs have increasingly been used to facilitate ‘gender transition’ of children. The drugs prevent the child from going through puberty, meaning that there is no development of the gonads. This leads to infertility for obvious reasons, as the correct sex hormone is never present to lead to fertility. Incorrect hormones can also cause reproductive harms, for example, testosterone dosage in women who identify as men causes atrophy in the female reproductive organs. ‘Transgender’ surgery, such as hysterectomy, oophorectomy, and orchiectomy (castration) also create permanent sterilisation in those that receive these surgeries.


Multiple toxins, that are created by modern industrial society, reduce human fertility to a significant extent. This article merely covers some of the ways in which this happens. This opens up new markets for Big Pharma and other actors, which will be explored in Part 2.

The Fundamental Misogyny of Transhumanism


Transhumanist ideology has been growing in prominence over the past several years, as global elites (such as Klaus Schwab), businessmen (such as Elon Musk) and those who promote synthetic sex identities (such as Martine Rothblatt), publicly defend such a view. This ideology is the exultation of the anti-human and the unhuman over the human and nature. Transhumanism is at its root a misogynistic ideology that seeks to purge the female, associated with nature in male typologies of the world, from existence.

What is Transhumanism?

Transhumanism can be defined as an ideology that seeks to overcome humanity through augmentation: genetic engineering and a melding with technology. This is pushed by a wide spectrum of players within the elite. Klaus Schwab, the leader of the World Economic Forum, has openly said that he desires “a fusion of our physical, our digital, and our biological identities.” Elon Musk, a businessman who is admired even by some in the alternative media, founded ‘Neuralink’ to create human-brain interfaces. Martine Rothblatt, a man who pretends to be a woman, on the other hand, promotes synthetic sex identities and the creation of ‘billions of sexes’ as a method of overcoming human biology.

The concept is pushed by more than crank billionaires but also by governments. It is well known that the US Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is interested in genetic engineering. The mRNA ‘vaccines’ were another way for governments to advance this agenda, as it has meant that the category of vaccination has been redefined to include genetic engineering products that force the human body to produce the unnatural spike protein. Furthermore, the US government just announced a Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation Executive Order:

For biotechnology and biomanufacturing to help us achieve our societal goals, the United States needs to invest in foundational scientific capabilities. We need to develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers; unlock the power of biological data, including through computing tools and artificial intelligence; and advance the science of scale‑up production while reducing the obstacles for commercialization so that innovative technologies and products can reach markets faster.

White House

A Misogynist Driver of Transhumanism: Synthetic Sex Identities

In the transhumanist ideology/pathology, man conquers nature so extensively that he is able to subvert/overcome even his own nature. So how does transhumanism link to misogyny? At first, the link doesn’t seem obvious, as couldn’t woman adopt transhumanism just as much as men could? In fact, there are some female thinkers who have advocated aspects of transhumanism.

However, when we look under the hood of transhumanism, we see that it is in fact a deeply misogynist ideology. I will start by briefly outlining the fact that the concept of synthetic sex identities is being used to drive transhumanism, by psychopathic ideologists such as Martine Rothblatt. Rothblatt is a pharmaceutical CEO and cultist, who started his own religion, the Terasem movement, to push transhumanism. As detailed by Jennifer Bilek, Rothblatt is one of the key ideologists driving forward these two concepts. In his book From Transgender to Transhuman, Rothblatt claims that “choosing one’s gender is merely an important subset of choosing one’s form.The man even made a ‘robot’ of his wife, Bina48, the ultimate representation of Andrea Dworkin’s ‘Men Possessing Women‘.

This ideology – that biological sex is something to be muddied and ultimately transcended – is misogynistic because it seeks to destroy the category of woman. While it seeks to destroy sex categories altogether, there is much more emphasis on the driver of destroying the word woman and making it into a meaningless term that anyone can opt into or out of. For example, the mantra ‘trans women are women’ is repeated much more often than ‘trans men are men’. The inclusion of males in, for example, female sport, is driven much more intently than its opposite. This destruction of the concept of womanhood is then used to drive transhumanism.

Womb Envy and the War on Mother Nature

Death as part of what makes the regenerative process of life possible seems to have escaped these predominantly male transhumanists. They seem inordinately focused on colonizing the reproductive capacities of females for their own purposes, helping to institutionalize the reduction of our half of humanity to period havers, menstruators, chestfeedersbodies with vaginas, and non-men in an effort to dehumanize women toward this colonization process.

Jennifer Bilek

It is a basic fact of biological reality that only females can gestate life and give birth. This, of course, despite the attempts to muddy the waters, applies as much to human beings as all other species that reproduce sexually. This fact makes males inherently reliant on females to reproduce and create life. This fact has driven patriarchal regimes to control women, in order to exert power over their reproductive capacity and to ensure the preservation of their male lineage. Misogynist men seek to assert this control to this day, although the mechanisms of this control are more diffuse than when human beings were living under the Divine Right of Kings.

Now we have a new form of misogynist ideology: the idea of overcoming womanhood entirely via transhumanism. Patriarchal constructions of reality see man as associated with reason and woman as associated with nature. Transhumanist man seeks to use reason to create life, something previously only given by nature, and by this method finally defeat their reliance upon nature and thus upon woman.

This is the sort of insanity that Rothblatt envisages for his future world.

(1) A conscious analog of a person may be created by combining sufficiently detailed data about the person (a “mindfile”) using future consciousness software (“mindware”),


(2) that such a conscious analog can be downloaded into a biological or nanotechnological body to provide life experiences comparable to those of a typically birthed human.


Transhumanism considers the ideal person is one that has overcome biology. This means overcoming the biological reality that only women can create life, to allow men to be able to do so via artificial intelligence.

Roe vs Wade & Abortion Rights Protest 26th June 2022

There was a protest called at short notice after the overturning of the Roe vs. Wade ruling in the US. For clarity, the overturning of Roe vs. Wade doesn’t make abortion illegal, it means it isn’t a constitutional right. It will be banned in all the hardcore conservative states but will remain legal in the liberal states.

Bad Takes from Right Wing Men

In the wake of this ruling there have been a billion bad takes on Twitter from pro-life men, quite a few of whom I follow due to their anti-lockdown and anti-forced jab stance. Most of them are making the argument that it’s people’s fault (primarily women, obviously) for having constant promiscuous sex with a bunch of unknown partners.

This of course completely ignores the reality of rapists and abusive men who will use sabotaging birth control as a means of coercive control over their partners. It also ignores the fact that the ‘young people are going around shagging lots of different people’ is more of a media constructed reality than actual fact. The highly sexualised culture and 24/7 access to violent, misogynist pornography makes the current generations such as millennials look as if they are having loads of sex. Surveys however do not back up that contention, instead they show that millennials have less sex than previous generations. Of course I’m not claiming there is nobody doing this before someone steams in with the strawman.

Then of course, there is the classic of men going around calling pregnancy an inconvenience. Note guys: if it can literally kill you, it doesn’t qualify as an inconvenience.

Supporting or Opposing ‘The Great Reset’?

People are arguing whether this supports the current agenda which we could broadly called ‘The Great Reset’. I use this term for convenience, broadly meaning the pushing of digital identity and transhumanism. Some people are arguing that the ruling is against the great reset because it opposes the depopulation agenda, others because it leads to more decentralisation (as it allows states to decide on abortion and not the federal government).

I’m not really convinced by such arguments for a few reasons. I acknowledge that depopulation is a goal of some members of the elite and that there is elite interest in the topic. For example, Bill Gates’ famous claims:

If we do a really great job on new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health services, we could perhaps lower [projected population growth] by 10-15%…

Bill Gates

[Note: contrary to ‘fact checker’ claims, I am not making any claim in this particular argument other than that Bill Gates wants population growth to decrease and that he has an interest in these kinds of topics].

There are of course also examples of deliberate sterilisation policies that have been carried out by certain governments, examples of which are too numerous to list. However these efforts have generally been targeted at certain groups especially racial minorities and disabled people so they would not qualify as a full on depopulation plan.

There is also the new evidence coming out about sperm quality and the Covid 19 jabs which has been widely publicised on outlets such as Children’s Health Defense and Substack. Igor Chudov has also highlighted declines in birth rates after the jab rollout. However whether this is a depopulation plan is not proven. There are other explanations – for example that they were determined to push this product obsessively for other reasons (vaccine passports and other control measures) and because it wasn’t tested properly it had this effect.

The downsides to any depopulation argument occur when we look at things from a country based level. A country will be in a weak position if it has a low military/working age population compared to its elderly population. This has been a significant problem in countries such as Russia. Despite some claims to the contrary which completely dismiss the idea of geopolitics, different countries do have different interests despite agreement on the Covid Narrative. This can be seen in the current situation in Ukraine. This would provide an incentive for any country to avoid going along with a deliberate plan. (Depopulation arguments probably deserve their own post).

I can understand a ruling towards decentralisation being seen as a positive but there are difficulties here as well. I don’t know why we would consider state governments any less corrupt than federal to be honest.

It seems much more likely that this ruling will fit in well with what the psychopaths want to achieve. The actual original ruling in Roe vs. Wade used logic that is not intuitive:

the Court held that a set of Texas statutes criminalizing abortion in most instances violated a woman’s constitutional right of privacy, which it found to be implicit in the liberty guarantee of the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment

Overturning a privacy rights based ruling doesn’t seem like a good thing.

I am not a lawyer and I don’t have a particular expertise in assessing legal arguments but this article seems worthy of note.

The state in which Jessica lives prohibits and criminalizes abortion for any reason, defining a fertilized egg as a person. Jessica tells her friends and family that she had a miscarriage at 11 weeks of pregnancy. One of her roommates doesn’t believe her and reports her to the local police for having had an abortion.

The local police investigate Jessica for what they believe is a possible violation of the state’s law criminalizing abortion. Based on the initial investigation, police officers determine that Jessica wanted to terminate her pregnancy and was trying to find the “abortion drug.” They obtain a warrant to search her phone. On her phone, they discover evidence that she searched for information about abortion and purchased mifepristone and misoprostol. These drugs can cause an abortion, but they are also used to help women complete the process of miscarriage. They also find evidence of when she had her last period on a period-tracking app, which further substantiates that she was pregnant for 11 weeks. The evidence obtained from Jessica’s phone is used to prosecute her for violating the state’s law criminalizing abortion.

There is also the question of creating divisions within the country and trying to undermine any possible unity, which could be a motive. As well as a further pile on to the Covid/Ukraine/Monkeypox/God-knows-what narrative mixer we are currently part of in 2022.

Protest Footage

Footage is available from this protest on my Youtube and Bitchute accounts. The protest was a short event, about 45 minutes long, with a pretty good turnout for a short notice protest. I have footage of a few of the speeches on the channel about abortion rights in Latin America, disability and abortion and the strategy being pursued by anti-abortion activists.

Postscript: An Actual Solution

Youtube content producer A Slightly Twisted Female posted the below on her channel for a new project that she will be producing:

Roe v. Wade has been overturned.

As such, I will now turn my attention towards developing a menstrual extraction protocol which would allow women to safely, and inexpensively, extract menstrual contents of their uterus. This is an old midwifery technique that has been used to traditional caregivers since time immemorial, and it’s time to return this wisdom back to women, where it belongs.

I will be reaching out to my contacts of traditional midwives, particularly midwives who serve the Amish and Mennonite communities local to my area in order to develop a protocol for menstrual extraction that can be shared with women across the globe.

Please please consider helping to support my mission by sending a donation so I can develop this protocol for vulnerable women.

I am posting this here to give this project more amplification as it is the kind of solution that we should be supporting – reliance on ourselves and not big pharma and returning to these forms of traditional knowledge that have been taken away from women. In fact we need this kind of knowledge to spread for things other than just this one issue.