This is the Cassandra’s Box FAQ, in order to give more insight into who I am and what my motivations are to speak out on these topics.

About My Beliefs and Motivations

Why did you start this website?

The first time I realised that the government and media lies was the Iraq war. I never believed that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. (I was a teenager at the time.) I became more and more aware of the lies regarding imperialist wars and interventions when I was at university and that was when I became a socialist (that is, someone who believes in the collective ownership of the means of production as the only way forward to solve humanity’s problems).

I first started following independent media in 2016 during the lead up to the American election. I was ill at the time and found Youtube videos to be a good distraction. My initial introduction to this world was Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk. Over time I shifted to getting more into Jimmy Dore, Niko House and Gordon Dimmack, and for written communication Caitlin Johnstone. I also started following anti-imperialist journalists like Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley.

Since March 2020 and the beginning of the Official Covid Narrative, I became disillusioned with a large part of independent media. Most people on the left leaning side of independent media provided little criticism of the despotism of lockdowns, instead believing that government lockdowns were necessary. At this point I began exploring more ‘conspiracy’ minded media such as the Last American Vagabond and the Corbett Report.

I have also more recently become further disillusioned with the indie left milieu due to their failure to consider radical feminist/gender critical arguments relating to transgenderism and trans activism, even though there are clear profit motives for big pharma involved. Many trans activists will say outright homophobic and misogynist things but this is ignored by the left.

However, while many on the right have been much better when it comes to the question of opposing lockdowns, and even protecting women’s rights from trans-identified males, I do not agree with right wing economic theories such as libertarianism. I also believe the only way to stop imperialist wars is via socialism as capitalists will always desire to exploit foreign countries.

I started this website to offer a different perspective on the world, and also to tell the truth, because I believe that that is the most important and necessary thing in this world at the moment.

Why did you become a Socialist?

In short because I believe that capitalism cannot provide a decent standard of living for all human beings. While it can appear that way from the Western point of view, that if we do reforms in those countries everyone will have a good standard of living, this ignores imperialist exploitation.

Because the Western countries exploit other countries they prevent those countries’ development. The only choice for these countries is to attempt to opt out of the system of exploitation through their state policy. This then leads them to be targets for regime change and imperialist war.

Why did you come to support Julian Assange?

I slowly became more and more of an Assange supporter since the obviously fabricated Russiagate narrative. I began writing letters to people in 2019 about Assange and started real world actions in 2020. For more on this see my article about this topic.

Why did you become Gender Critical?

The abuse aimed at JK Rowling for writing a moderate criticism of extreme trans activism. The criticism of Keira Bell for attempting to protect children through suing the Tavistock for prescribing puberty blockers made me extremely angry.

I started reading more and more gender critical content after the JKR abuse and I realised that the idea of ‘gender identity’ is a fundamentally flawed concept that is not based on reality. While gender dysphoria (discomfort with people’s birth sex) is real, that does not equate to gender identity being a real concept. Big Pharma has a massive incentive to get as many people on puberty blockers and cross sex hormones as possible, but this is ignored by the Left.

Why do you disagree with the Official Covid Narrative?

Covid is being used as a means to create a biosecurity state with full capitalist control over the population. Lockdowns impoverish working class people through destroying their jobs and create full control over them through the implementation of vaccine passports. The ‘health’ narrative is a distraction. Transhumanism is also a driving motive here, through the extremely dangerous mRNA injections.

Left wingers who support the Covid Narrative are supporting mass impoverishment of the working class and the enrichment of the likes of Bezos, Gates and Musk.

What About Conspiracy Theories?

Many so-called ‘Conspiracy Theories’ are evidence based. For example, the fact that the leader of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, wants to use Covid-19 as an excuse to create the ‘Great Reset’.

Of course, there are ‘conspiracy’ based ideas that I do not believe, such as that Assange is really a CIA or Mossad asset.

The only way to look at ‘Conspiracy Theories’ is to examine the evidence for each theory and decide whether or not you think it is fact based.

What do you mean when you refer to alternative spirituality?

Primarily I mean pagan, nature-based, & Goddess spirituality.

Who are your Main Inspirations?

Whitney Webb: for her brilliant work exposing Jeffrey Epstein and the likes of Robert Kadlec

Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett: For amazing on the ground reporting of the truth that the MSM won’t cover.

Ryan Cristian: For his persistence, releasing massive volumes of high-quality content, and his objectivity and willingness to consider different sides of an argument.

Jennifer Bilek: For the courage to go where most won’t go in her investigations of transgenderism and transhumanism, not caring if even the majority of gender critical people think she is going too far or is a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

Other people of who I am a particular fan include: Toby Rogers, Jo Bartosch, Del Bigtree, Mark Crispin Miller, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Igor Chudov, Dr. Christopher Exley, Steve Kirsch, Genevieve Gluck, Karen Davis, Exulansic, Brittany Rouxx

About the Website

Why is your website called Cassandra’s Box?

Cassandra, as most people are probably aware, is a figure in Greek Myth who was cursed to tell the truth but never be believed.

The name Cassandra’s Box comes form combining this with another Greek Myth, that of Pandora’s Box. Pandora, in the legend, let everything bad out of the box, but also let out Hope.

Cassandra instead lets her truth out of the box, and maybe Hope.

So and so who you linked is actually controlled opposition.

Maybe, maybe not. I cannot speak on every individual case. The approach taken by this website (and specifically, Cassandra’s Library) is that individual articles and videos are linked based on the quality of the article or video. I may have scepticism towards the individual elsewhere, or may feel they are limited in their approach (most of the left on the Covid issue). I do not endorse everything just because I link one article.